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Chapter 40

Parting ways with Atreus rather swiftly, not wanting to spend too much time on my thoughts. What ifs and the idea that something bad could happen didn’t sit well with me. Making a big deal of the goodbye would only set an ominous tone to my journey and what I need is positive energy nothing else.

I tend to panic especially if I overthink a situation. So, my usual way to deal with things that could cause me to act this way is- to put them to the back of my mind and try and block them out until I am in dire need to face up to them.

Good idea right! Probably not but this is my way of dealing with shit.

So, I ran deep into the overgrowth of the garden. Now thankful of its presence so hopefully no one witnessed me enter.

I take one last look at Atreus, was about to send a salute to say goodbye when my hands came to a halt, frozen in movement.

“Atreus I am surprised to see you here.” The grating feminine voice of the paramount bellowed through the area and stunted me in my place. Thank Goddess I hadn’t spoke a word or made too much movement. My heart clenched with hope that she didn’t see me. I could feel myself begin to panic with the idea that she had caught onto our plan for exploration of the Goddess Temple grounds.

Atreus face remained stoic while the woman approached minions and all. Panic shot through me. had she discovered what we were here to do? I was frozen in situ. I could not risk moving an inch, any crack of sound could draw her attention towards me.

Thankfully, I was fully covered by the overgrowth of the gardens. My eyes were locked on the Paramount’s movements. She was too unpredictable to know what her next move was, but I could see the thoughts that were going through her head. She looked worried for once. And that gave me a little bit of satisfaction. I hope we have the bitch worried it would be the least she could suffer for the trouble and pain she has thrust upon others.

All I feel when I think of the woman now is anger. To think that she was once a trusted member of the Gaizka household, and that the Seer had trusted her to such a high degree only to then be betrayed by the woman. It causes venom to run within my veins for her. I feel so disgusted and appalled by the woman’s actions.

Goddess how must the Seer have felt to have such an atrocious thing done to her by one of her own. That must have been a bitter pill to swallow.

Atreus was facing away from the Paramount’s direction and remained in the same stance he was in, looking to the left of me, fixed on something in the distance towards the center of the gardens. I was about 9 or 10 meters away from them surrounded by trees, bushes, long grass and ferns.

Even from this distance I could hear the pounding of the Paramount’s footsteps as she walked with purpose towards my man.

“You choose to ignore your Elder, Alpha Atreus of the Dark Orb of Knights. How is it that you have become so insolent in the last number of days? Is it that rouge you have mated to?” She spat out with hatred though Atreus appeared to not be affected by her words they stung me every time when I was called that name. A name usually given to miscreants, criminals the worst of the worst.

And somehow, I had been labelled as such just because I was found in a human orphanage and nobody knew who my parents were. It sickens me that people can so easily label an innocent person without any provocation. Even if my parents were rouges, I was innocent. But lived a life of ridicule and verbal abuse because of that label.

I watched my mate ponder the words she said, then he turned and looked straight into the bitches’ eyes. His Alpha strength had erupted from within, the power so strong I was even struggling under it from this distance.

Taking a step towards the Paramount he locked onto those beady eyes of hers. Another step, and then another without uttering one word or sound. My heart pounded at the intense interaction, my breathing was fast and strained.

Looking from one to the other I couldn’t help but notice the cracks in the old hag’s armor. She wanted to come across powerful, to put down this beautiful strong man. To put him in place but she was sorely mistaken and fooling herself.

The scene was perfect, just as he took a step and landed shoulder to shoulder to her. Atreus turned his head towards her and smiled then moved on without saying a single word.

It was beautiful in its simplicity, he had all but dismissed her like an impudent pup. Not even dignifying her questions with an answer. The rage it caused her was so obvious. Even from this distance I could see her face almost explode in anger.

“HOW DARE YOU ALFA ATREUS, I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR.” She roared after him while turning to watch him walk away. Her fists were clenched by her side.

My heart lifted watching her have an almost breakdown from his disregarding her existence. I almost let out a loud laugh when she stomped her feet on the spot, it was quite something to see. This woman who was dignified and held such a powerful position be brought down to nothing more than a child having a tantrum. I could hardly believe my eyes; it was comical, and I nearly spat out an uncontrolled laugh when she roared in rage.

’Love go now when she is distracted. Be careful and… I love you my sweet little bunny.’ Atreus voice got me back on track when he mind-linked me.

’Yes babe, thank you and I will. Love you too.’ I replied saying a little prayer to the moon Goddess that she will give me the strength to get through this day.

Turning around, away from the sight of the Paramount, who was now watching enraged as Atreus strolled away. Looking carefully, scanning the ground below me to make sure I wouldn’t step on anything that would give my presence away.

It didn’t take long until I was deeply emerged in the overgrowth and far out of the Paramount’s visual range. I instantly felt lighter with that worry no longer over my head. I was anxious though.

She keeps showing up, was she more aware of our actions than we have thought, or was it pure coincidence?

The sounds of the city began to be muffled out by the flora and fauna that was abundant in life all around me.

The abandoned gardens were brimming with life, birds chirping and singing beautifully. The place was abuzz with the noises of stridulation, clicking and pulsing sounds. Life for those creatures did at least still go on, even after the Patria Luna’s disappearance.

In fact, they have thrived in this wild unfettered paradise. The shrubs and brush of the plant life that grows around me with abundance. It’s beautiful in the wildness of it all, even if it was once manicured and maintained before.

I like the way it is now.

Each step I have taken in has had purpose.

The morning dew-soaked grass and undergrowth sweep across my legs. Soaking my clothes, as the mulch of the earth below my feet squelches with each step. I am surrounded in the earthly smells, a sense of peace has conquered me, the further I walk into this area. It is as if the vegetation has wrapped me up in the comfort of its arms. I feel safe and home. The only other times I have felt anything close to this is when I was in the arms of Atreus.

Hopping over a few fallen branches I come to a moss-covered cobbled path. Persisting further to the center of the Garden where the temple should sit, I stay to the path now hoping it will lead me to where I need to go. Somehow, I know it will. Like an inbuilt automatic reaction, I feel a pull the more I walk urging me on to go further faster.

Quickening my pace when I hear the soothing sound of running water. I come to an opening and step through the foliage that surrounds me.

The Goddess Temple.

I see its walls in the distance. To the right of me a small natural lake. It takes my breath away when I catch a glimpse of it and recognize it.

The large trees of the Goddess Temple Gardens are obstructing any view to this magnificent spectacle from the city. To see this sight in person has brought me to my knees.

Literally! I fell to the ground, though my eyes never leave the view before them, to the center of the lake.

It is told- that the lake of life was where we all began. It was where the Goddess gifted Gaizka the power to shift. To become one with the wolf.

The beginning…

A tear escapes my eye. Stunned with the sight before me, I am overcome with emotions. To be in the presence of such a powerful and important place has knocked me for six. The significance of this location to our kind was immeasurable, it was treasured, priceless and to most it was intangible because most would never lay their eyes upon it.

It was our beginning where we were created.

The start.

And just as the thought entered my head the cogs began to turn, and a realization hit me.

“Return to the start.” Yi had said.

Was this it? Had I found the start?

The revelation caused a yelp of excitement to leave my lips, chuckling at my own reaction.

It made sense, it all made sense now. The more that I think about it I am convinced that this is it!

Thank the Goddess I am alone, because if anyone just saw me, they may question my sanity. I laugh even more thinking about this.

What really did me in though as I gazed over the body of water the power that was present here. I could feel it.

The Goddess had walked here.

She created here.

She left her mark here.

The lake was glistening in the mid-morning sun. Birds flew across the shore and landed close. Some fluttering their wings, washing their feathers. Getting to my feet, I began my walk closer to the water’s edge. The place was teeming with life. Small amphibians, insects were making avail of the water source. I even observed a few newts swim by in the shallow parts.

Yet still, the center of the lake was what kept drawing my attention. Right there, was a humongous rockface that jutted out of the water, though most of it was covered by the waterfall that fell all around it. It towered high above everything. Even the largest of the trees didn’t come close to the height that this is.

It is said- that at the top is where the Goddess created us. I stopped momentarily just to take in every aspect of this wonder. I wanted to imprint it in my thoughts and memories. I may never have the chance to step foot here again and I could not just let this opportunity pass me by.

My hand clasped the grass that surrounded me in fists, as I held on to the spot. I looked to the top cliff-face and wondered…

Did she stand there?

Did she look down and think this is what we would become?

Did she know?

Does she know now?

The Goddess was all knowing, did she anticipate this day?

Did she send me, a former Omega?

Yes, I am a Luna now, but I am still an Omega underneath it all. She could have given me the strength of a beta, or a warrior maybe even an Alpha. But she gave me an omega and I felt so confused by that.

I could have been born strong but was not and wondered why she would choose that for me when she knew that I was to be the Vegus Luna.

So many questions…

I couldn’t keep my eyes away from that waterfall. It was mesmerizing. What was puzzling was that the water appeared to spray upwards at the top. As if it was a fountain not a waterfall. Maybe this was because of what had transpired here. It would have to be.

Strange… and beautiful.

Finally turning away, I began my march along the water’s edge strolling toward the Goddess Temple. My Goddess markings began to heat up like the first time they burned into my skin. I assumed it was the proximity to all of this. After all this is where we are closest to The Moon Goddess. The heat simmered through my body, there was something stirring within me though it burned it didn’t hurt, like a cold burn would be the best way to describe it.

The temple Sat at the far end of the lake. It was a large building. With huge pillars that spanned the outer edge of the structure. Then stretched up to the huge red tiled roof, holding it in place and creating a veranda the whole way around the outer walls. At the center of the front was a large opening with no doors that I could see.

To The left and the right sat two carvings of a waxing and a waning moon, both cut out and sculpted from white Calacatta marble. A Vast gathering arena sat in front of the temple. I could see the semi-circular seating area was dug into the ground each layer of seating one step lower. A vision of how it would have look in all its glory filled my mind.

The Temple lit with candlelight; the arena filled to the brim. All here to thank the Goddess and show her their love.

Offerings would be made. It would have been awe inspiring.

A picture of serenity.

Yet it was dead, empty and barren…

Authors Note: There will be another update tomorrow, chapter 41. Enjoy...

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