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Chapter 48

Atreus had said almost nothing about his first mate. I didn’t pry either, somethings were too difficult to talk about and many of our kind die after their mate has, from the sheer pain and loss. I had left it too― if and when he wanted to talk, I would be there.

His eyes looked heavy and full of anguish and frustration.

I had only ever known small amounts of love; from the friends I had made over the years. Whatever I had with Nathaniel was unrequited and with Atreus it felt like an eternal kind of love something that would grow stronger every day.

Seeing this strong man be so forlorn worried me deeply, I could feel his pain and frustration and I wanted to comfort him, but I was also angry that he had shut me out, I decided that I was going to confront him here and now and not let these things fester between us.

“Atreus― I need to understand more what happened because I don’t get why that would make you shut me out.” I looked at him and he stared back his eyes jolting around the room like he was searching for something, though nothing left his lips only suffocating stench of frustration that was emanating of him more so.

He stood marching over to the wall and slamming his fist into the large ancient stones, making a large size hole in the spot where his fist landed.

I will be honest it scared me a little, though I knew he would never hurt me, and I could see the regret in his eyes when he gouged my reaction.

It was then that the door swung open with a slam and in came Elder Tsuki and Charlie. I was wondering what the hell they were doing here and why they just barged into our room at this early hour of the day.

The door shut behind them and it was only then that I noticed a small woman skulking behind Charlie.

I looked to Atreus, and he seemed unbothered by their intrusion, it made me wonder was he glad that he had escaped having to explain things to me anymore, so I asked the question that was on my mind.

“What are you two doing here, or sorry let me correct that you three?” I asked with a voice of annoyance.

Elder Tsuki put his finger to his mouth and waved the woman forward. She walked to the center of the room and looked around. She was young I’d say late teens with long black hair and intricate tattoos covering her arms, I could see the triple moon Goddess markings and many other knots covering her arms.

She smiles up at me with a genuine closed mouth smile and began to draw a pentagram on the floor, while chanting in a language unknown to me.

What is happening before my eyes?

I looked up at the Elder and he placed his finger on his closed mouth indicating me to keep quiet and nodded to the young woman, so I watched, and I waited while the girl did her incantations finally taking out a crystal and leaving it in the middle of the pentagram.

She began to chant again, and the crystal glowed brighter and brighter until she clapped her hands. A flash of blinding light travelled across the room and another crystal dropped from the ceiling.

Elder Tsuki smiled and said… “Ok, your free to speak now.”

I was in a little shock at what just occurred and then was lifted from behind bridal style and carried to our room. I yelped at the intrusion to my space not expecting to be whisked away and still in shock and confusion about what just happened.

Atreus kicked the door shut behind us and sat on the side of the bed wrapping me in his arms like I was the most precious thing he had ever found. I didn’t say or do anything still reeling from all the happenings around me.

Finally, Atreus began to speak.

“Forgive my sweet Paloma. I am so sorry for what happened and everything that I have said to you. I had to say and do all those things to protect you.” He said as his watery eyes looked into my own while one hand cupped my face and the other kept me held tightly against his solid body.

“I know I hurt you so badly with all that has been said but believe me it is not how it seems. After I left you in the Goddess Temple Gardens the Paramount has lost it.

Her temper got the better of her and I believe it was her who instigated the infiltration and takeover of all the packs that have been attacked. Something spooked her, I don’t know if she seen you enter the garden or not, but she definitely was so spooked she initiated her plan.

Charlie had returned to our suite this morning to collect some files I needed and seen a witch leave our room. It’s why the young witch was out there just now. She preformed a spell to bind any magical items in the room casting them to be inanimate objects once again. The Paramount had hidden a listening crystal.”

“Is that why you said all that stuff in there, because she was eavesdropping?” I asked, hoping that to be the case.

“Yes, my love. I needed her to think that her plan was working, that she had gotten the better of me. And I knew you would want to talk about what happened and if I told you the truth you would have been in danger. I couldn’t allow her to discover you are the true heir to those markings or get any of the information that you might have unearthed in the temple.

Can you imagine if she discovered you found evidence or more in the temple. She wouldn’t wait for any ceremony she would just find a way and take your life. The woman is vile and brutal. There would be no comeback and I could not risk it.

Not only that, but that bitch the Paramount and fucking Caroline have done something really fucked up. We figured it out halfway through the day when I spoke to several of the Alphas who have had their pack lands overtaken. So don’t worry many of those present in the Convention center were in the know and understood what I did was a ruse. They know my loyalties lies with you.

It became clear who was on what side after the attacks had occurred. With the reports of the substantial power increase to the Beta’s who seized their pack lands. Furthermore, reports of family members recognizing the powers coming from them matched that of their dead family members or mates.

Just like with Caroline, I said I felt a connection to her. Though it wasn’t to her as such I could feel Tatiana my first mate’s wolf. She has been using the Necromancers for this very reason she kept them close. They somehow have been stealing the dead wolf’s essence or strength and absorbing it into these evolved wolves.” Atreus said in a disgusted tone and spoke with fervent hatred. I was shocked by the revelation, and I thought nothing would surprise me when I came to the paramount.

She is the epitome of evil, I thought and shuddered to think how many peoples lives she had destroyed. I hated her even more knowing she used the essence of his dead mate to lure him into a false bond and I wondered still was that what happened between myself and Nathaniel.

...Was it the essence of a mate that I had never known absorbed by Nathaniel. Was my first mate dead before I could even get to know them. It saddened me to think that Atreus and myself might have more things in common than we understood. Both possibly loosing our first mate to the hands of the Power-hungry evil bitch the Paramount.

Atreus was so angry now I could feel him shake, so I allowed him to hold me the soothing touch of our bond the only thing that was keeping him sated.

“It is fucking sick and twisted.” He went on to say…

“They are clearly behind the mass murder of many lycanthropes.

The only reason I said I cared for Caroline and acted the way I did was because the Paramount was watching. I wanted her to believe I was falling for her tricks; I couldn’t inform you because she has been blocking the mind-link all day. She has hidden crystals throughout the city. Her minions, those dark witches enchanted to block or disturb any signals going through.

I could not risk coming back here earlier, so I spent the night with Elder Tsuki fighting the urge to return.” Atreus explained vehemently, it was though a weight I didn’t realize I was carrying lifted off of me.

Maybe it’s selfish of me but Goddess am I glad he didn’t spend the night with that woman. The funny thing was I didn’t even think about it I knew what he was saying was the truth. I could feel it in his touch in the way he looked into my eyes, and I knew now what was bothering so much earlier.

It was a gift the markings had given; I don’t know how or when but I now know when someone is lying or falsifying the truth. One of the reasons my rage grew earlier was I could tell Atreus was lying to me about Caroline, now that I knew the truth it all made sense. It wasn’t that he was fighting the pull between two mates or the pain he felt for his lost first mate. It was not being able to tell me all this. I was killing him to have to say those words to me.

He loved me.

Fought for me in a way I wasn’t happy about, but to know now that what he had done for Caroline was not for her but for me made a massive step forward in the gap that the Paramount had forced between us.

“I won’t let her pull us apart my sweet Bunny. You are mine and I will love you till the day I die. No matter what the Paramount puts between us, I won’t let her win. I am just sorry you had to go through that.” Atreus promised me while stroking his fingers through my long hair.

“Is there anything else I should know…?” I asked hoping that was it, though I doubted it very much. My eyes began to get hooded as I relaxed for the first time in hours giving into the comfort of his touch.

“I wanted to put it off, but you need to know, the Paramount confronted me a few hours after I had left her at the temple, she wanted to know where your whereabouts were. Then she began telling me that the ceremony she has planned for you will be tomorrow night.” He seethed out the thought of the Paramount angering him still.

“It’s to be expected.” I said with acerbity. My chest heaved slightly knowing the Paramount still had me in her claws, but I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

She didn’t know what was coming for her and I wasn’t going to let her have her way. No there is me, Atreus, all the Betrayed Alphas and their warriors, Elder Tsuki, nobody could forget the unstoppable Quinn and of course my hidden surprise the Patria Luna wasn’t dead and us sisters were going to give the Paramount a ending she would never forget. What she started will be her demise…

The Paramount is going down and she doesn’t even know it!

Authors Note: Just wanted to say thank you to all my readers for your interest in the story, so I decided to do an early update. Enjoy

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