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Chapter 49

Wrapped in Atreus arms, it didn’t take long for my weary eyes to shut, and I finally gave into slumber. Though I had only spent a few hours at rest my body came alive from the tumultuous sleep that wrapped me in its chaotic hold.

I couldn’t sleep any longer and shot up from another one of the haunting dreams that so loved to plague me.

This time though I felt my unrest was more to do with all that was happening around me. We were at war and our enemy was behind the lines hold the driving wheel in her hands.

When I finally rubbed away the sleep from my eyes, I came to see an empty bed beside me. No doubt the same woes were playing on Atreus mind. We would have very little sleep from this moment onwards…

After freshening up I found a very bustling living area in our little suite. Elder Tsuki and Atreus sat at the table and to my surprise in walked General Ignis. My cheeks flushed instantly upon making eye contact with the man, however I brushed it off and went to the small kitchen to pour myself a cup of steaming java. The bitter beverage giving me a little kickstart to my day.

I recognized some of the people bustling around the room, Alpha’s by the most part, and an elder or two.

Taking stock of all present and noted that the young witch was still here. She sat by the door fiddling with some artifacts or treasures that tossed around in her hands. Her eyes met my own and she smiled again, there was a freeness I could sense with her spirit, and I smiled back thankful for her intervention earlier that day. She had helped lift the burden off my shoulder when she freed Atreus from the Paramount’s choking hold.

After filling my stomach, I joined the men around the table. Noting the sullen looks upon their faces though I could understand that. These stressful moments before we take on this unknown enemy was a time for great unrest.

I took my seat beside Atreus, folding my hands across my legs. Atreus' hand reached over squeezing my hand in comfort and reassurance then pulled it over to his own lap, soothing me with the comfort of our mate bond. Though little to none could evaporate all the angst that was building inside of me.

“Thanks to everyone who has joined us here this morning. I know that this has been an exhausting and frustrating time for us all. Firstly, I would like to give my condolences to all who have lost someone in this fight that the Paramount has thrust upon us.” Elder Tsuki said with such impassioned fervor that I understood for the first time why the man held the position he did.

...The way he looked, held himself and how he spoke to the people in this room would inspire anyone― he certainly did me, just with those few words.

“There is no point whispering our thoughts anymore. Everyone here and present in this room is well aware now of the Paramount’s actions. Mark my words she has declared war.

She has held that seat for too long. Stolen that very seat from the woman who had sheltered and mentored her. Yet she behaves and acts nothing like the woman who she most probably murdered.” A few gasps were heard around the room, my head jolted around, curious to see how many people were shocked by this revelation.

However, what startled me more was that the majority of people were shaking their heads in agreement. Clearly it wasn’t just Elder Tsuki that suspected this.

“I am sorry to scare those of you who were unaware of this, but this very fact has tortured me over the past century. She was the only one with motive and a position close enough to the Seer to allow her to pull this off.

For over a century now we have not been able to access the Goddess Temple Gardens. We have slacked in our thanks to the Goddess.

Has anyone else realize how much our kind has suffered since the disappearance of the seer. She was our connection to our origins to the Goddess and I believe that the Paramount has been preparing this overtake of our packs for her very own sordid plans.

Her hunger for control is putting us all at risk. She is not just thirsting for the power she already holds she is clearly vying for supreme power over all Alphas and their packs. She wishes to crown herself Queen, for all others to lay at her feet.

I for one refuse to allow this farce to continue and hereby recommend that we once again take back what is ours. No more will we allow her to rule from the darkness. No more will I allow her to do her underhanded deeds and schemes.

The power she wields will be taken from her and I thank everyone of you for joining us here today." The small crowd hums in agreement stomping their feet on the floor.

"I would also ask if anyone here has any information that could benefit us, your time is now, please speak.” Elder Tsuki spoke eloquently giving the floor to all that had any information.

One after the other Elder's and Alpha's spoke out with evidence of the Paramount’s previous crimes and schemes. Mostly having been bribed or forced into co-operation with the feral woman.

The more I heard the angrier I felt for all of us and the temptation to revel that the Patria Luna was still alive and recovering now was brimming over. It would bring hope to all of us...

When the last Alpha spoke and the room went into a quite lull of contemplation Elder Tsuki took the floor again and asked one more time if there was anything more anyone would like to add. My feet began to dance below me tapping away with the knowledge that I had, I was antsy and worried.

Atreus looked to me and asked… “If there is anything you need to say do not hesitate.” He smiled back at me and I felt scared and elated that he had this striking confidence in me.

My eyes tracked the room my breathing became a little heavier as I stood up ready to say all that I could. It wasn’t much but it was something…

“Eh― it’s the Tenebris that are behind this.” I said in a shaky tone while holding my head high forcing myself to not buckle under the power that surrounded me.

Elder’s Tsuki’s chair went almost flying across the room as he stood from his seat and a few others rose in shock at my words. I looked around a little franticly eyeing up people’s reaction to my words.

“How did you get this information.” Elder Tsuki inquired while his fisted hands leaned into the table that held him up, he bent across the table from his standing position. Everyone’s eyes were on me now and if ever there was a time to crumble it was this very moment, but I powered through finding strength in myself and all that I had gone through over the past weeks.

“I visited the Goddess Temple yesterday and I discovered this fact.” I don’t know if it was the right thing to revel in front of all these people many of whom I am not acquainted. Though I found faith in Atreus and Elder Tsuki.

I knew somehow that I could trust the people here. Even if the Paramount did find out now, there was little she could do about it.

I took stock that General Ignis was also standing his gaze deepening upon hearing my admission. I looked down to Atreus then to see he was staring at me with a bundle of emotions.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He questioned and I gazed open mouth at his words they felt almost like an accusation.

“I don’t know maybe because you had left me for dust while you carried out a broken and beat Caroline.” I could see him visibly flinch at my words but did not give into any of this overbearing Alpha crap.

“Look I was intending on telling everyone, that fact is I discovered this, and I found the spot where that traitorous bitch Louise stabbed the Patria Luna all those years ago.” The room fell into a shocking silence as the people took in what I said.

"Louise?" Someone questioned and I turned my head in their direction shaking it.

"Yes Louise, or the Paramount as most of you know her by. Though I don't think she deserves to be called by that title." Everyone nodded in understanding. I could see a few faces that had a look of astonishment that this little Luna was actually not as stupid as they thought.

“I found her body.” I went on to say, not going into anymore detail. Leaving out the fact that she was now recovering.

I did not want to betray her trust, once again people gasped with this shocking information but this time it was a much greater amount.

Elder Tsuki fell to a chair his feet not able to hold him up from the shock. My instinct was to run and tell him that she was ok that he would once again speak to that friend that he had held up hope for, for so many years. But again, I couldn’t betray my sister’s trust.

I knew she had her reason’s, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Technically I was not lying I was just omitting the truth.

Atreus stood and wrapped me in his arms. His lips brushing over my ear sending the predictable tingles over my body. “I am sorry love.” He said and pulled me into him even tighter.

I know he didn’t mean anything by his words earlier, I just had a shorter fuse right now and couldn’t put up with any overbearing behavior, but his comforting hands allowed me to relax in his arms.

It wasn’t until the dominating voice of General Ignis filled the room that I was once again awakened to the room around me.

“You know this for a fact.” He questioned as he pinned me to the spot with his formidable gaze.

“I know that the Tenebris are power hungry, and this dates back all the way to Gaizka. I also know that the Paramount is a member. How high up the rung she is I have no idea.” I replied holding his gaze not wavering once.

“How did you enter the Goddess Temple grounds and how did you discover this info-“General Ignis tried to interrogate me but Elder Tsuki butted in not allowing him to further his questioning.

“Enough Ignis, the girl’s word is honest.” And he gave in nodding in respect to the Elder.

“This makes sense…” The Elder said and began to pace over and back. The whole room was enraptured by his words and stance.

“I don’t know why I never thought of this before.” He contemplated aloud while everyone watched on awaiting his next words. Finally, he looked up to see that everyone was curious.

“I have known about the Tenebris for many years but never genuinely believed they were still around.

As Luna Paloma said they are around since the beginning. Since the time of Gaizka. They are the enemies of the Patria Luna, the Seer if you don’t know her by this name. They have coveted the power that the Luna has held since the beginning of our kind.

They are... the first of our enemies the first Rouge’s." A bustling of chatter filled the room, everyone eager to discuss this new revelation.

"Everyone has been told or heard whispers of a Rouge Pack... well this is them. I just never put the pieces together before.” When he finished speaking everyone had agreed and it gave people hope.

We now had a name and a target. If we could take down the enemy from within just like the Paramount tried to do with us, then we would be on the right track.

Use the Paramount’s scheming ways against her.

The room went off in a flurry, we soon decided to make our way down to the Generals offices. Elder Tsuki had arranged another witch to clear out the barracks and the Generals quarters and offices so we could speak freely without worry or intrusion.

The afternoon was spent building a plan of action. A few Alphas had come to hear rumor of the whereabouts of the rouge pack-lands and a few scouting teams were sent out. They left in disguise claiming to be enroute to help the injured and uprooted pack members that were making their way here.

The next plan was to seize the power from the Paramount and imprison her. Though a little fear jumped up inside me when I thought about this…

Was it going to be soon enough, before tomorrow night when she planned this outlandish Ceremony that would no doubt kill or maim me for life?

Will we be able to stop her before then…?

She has so many people in her pocket we can’t make rash decisions and allow her any advantage.

Later on, as I was peering up at Atreus the question dancing at the back of my mind. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I questioned and he looked at me confused.

“About?” He replied.

“Your father.” I stated blankly raising my eyebrows and indicating to the General.

His eyes danced between me and his father finally coming to rest on me a little shock in them.

“I figured you knew. Most people are aware of me and my background many She-wolves know shockingly too much about me to be honest. I just― I’m sorry is all I can say. This…” he said and indicated to me and him. “It’s all new to me, I am so sorry… I keep fucking up. I promise I will make it up to you.” Atreus admitted fervently and I accepted his apology the truth was that all this relationship carry on was new to me as well and there was always going to be a few hurdles we need to hop over to keep on track.

If your not prepared to fight for your relationship... is it really worth it?

Without forgiveness there can be no love, not the truest, unselfish kind…

The door suddenly swung open, in coming another group of people. At the front stood a tall broad man wearing a Bellator warrior uniform. He searched the room stalking over to the General when he recognized him.

“Alpha General.” He said and bowed his head. The General acknowledged him and asked what the intrusion was about.

“Alpha sightings of the True Alpha have been reported. We investigated their accuracy, and I can say that the True Alpha has returned...

His behemoth wolf form roams the outer rims of the city walls and grounds." The look of shock on the people surrounding me makes me wonder who this True Alpha is and why everyone is so shook by his return.

I pulled Atreus aside and whispered in his ear… “Who’s the True Alpha they speak of?”

He slid an arm around me pulling me in to his strong body and sat down in a sofa that was lying up against the wall, pulling me onto his knee.

“It’s a sad story.” Atreus said as he spoke about the Alpha like he knew his pain.

“He was or I guess he still is the Alpha over this city. It is just that he hasn’t returned to his human form in over twenty years possibly longer.”

Leaning into my mate for comfort I wondered what could cause such a strong Alpha to become like this. And there was no doubt in my mind that this Alpha was powerful if he was alpha over this City and pack.

“Why?” I whispered out in a gravely tone.

“His mate died; many believe she was murdered. To be honest most thought that he would also die from the pain, the rumors of his reaction upon feeling the break in the bond was heartbreaking. His cries of agony rising the whole city from their slumber.

He shifted that night and never returned. He has been roaming the country ever since like a wraith.

Some say he is searching for something. Many say that it’s his pup but that was unfounded because the child if there was one was never acknowledged or registered in the hall of names.” Atreus looked off into the distance, I could feel that he was reliving his own mate’s loss relating to the story so much. So, I squeezed into him hoping he would find comfort in my arms.

“It’s just― heartbreaking… Do you think the Paramount was behind his mates’ demise as well?” I pondered. “It certainly left this city vulnerable without any Alpha to protect it and gave her free run also. Do you think that is why he returned, or is he on her side?” I questioned and then thought.

“Oh, my Goddess Atreus!

What if he is?

What if he is on her side?”

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