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Chapter 50

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The question was on the table now and I couldn’t take it back even if I wanted to.

…Was this True Alpha on the Paramount’s side?

I watch from the arms of Atreus as people close enough to hear take stock of the question also. A quiet lull came to the room. I jostled around putting my hand on Atreus face waiting for an answer, hoping that he would reassure me. But― what I saw in the depths of those beautiful deep blue eyes only made my cackles rise.

“That question is one we will all be asking, I am afraid I don’t have the answer. I can only hope that he still see’s this as his city to protect and the Goddess will give us this much.” Atreus replied with candor giving me another tight squeeze then placed me to the seat beside him while he stood up and joined the other Alpha’s in their discussions.

Feeling a little useless from this standpoint, toying with a small hunting knife that Atreus had given me earlier that day.

Passing it from hand to hand getting used to the weight and size of the weapon. I watched on as the other men and women began to make a strategic plan for what our next steps would be. Quinn her father, Levi and Lilly in the thick of planning. Giving their suggestions and ideas. It was a hub of activity and I sat useless in the corner.

I am supposed to be this Vegus Luna whatever that maybe!

However I couldn’t help them one bit. I’m a young teacher just out of college. I spent my last few years learning about child psychology and development and the core subjects to teach them.

...And yes, I did a course on planning but that was how to plan lessons and teach young children. Not Alpha training like my buddies here. They all knew battle strategies, the art of war.

The whole thing was so frustrating, if I had grown up with my mother, she would have taught me about my origins, taught me how to use these marking that are etched into my body and she would have taught me how to be the Luna that I was always meant to be.

I watched on at how Quinn and her father interacted. How he was teaching her, while giving her the reins to step out and take the stage while he lovingly watched from the side... Never had I felt more jealous.

I hated myself for thinking it, but when I looked around the room and witnessed other parents guiding their young Alpha children in the same way. To know I would never have this kind of relationship and guidance opened a wound I didn’t know was still there.

We all need and crave the care of parents when we are young children. I have known that want all my life. The thing was, as I grew older and more independent, I learned to rely on myself for those things.

Teaching myself and foraging forward in the world, I thought I had left behind those jealous feelings of missing out on parental guidance until I sat and watched onwards witnessing what I was always going to miss out on.

Then my line of sight was captivated, Atreus in all his Alpha glory, commanding the room with the same strength of his father and peers. As a matter of fact, I would say he superseded their strength tenfold and my heart warmed to know that one day this man would be the father to guide my children.

For the first time I was embracing our bond so much so I could see that future for us. One filled with children and family, bustling with life and love.

The thought alone gave rise to the need to stamp out the Paramount and this darkness that she brings… the Tenebris. I won’t allow her to take away a future that I so desire.

I was never more determined!

So, enraptured by Atreus that I didn’t notice Quinn approach until the seat beside me dipped with a thud as she unceremoniously dropped herself into the seat beside me wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

I leaned back giving her an appreciative smile.

“What’s going through that beautiful mind of yours?” She questioned with a tilt of her head.

“Just thinking about the future and all that entails.” I replied with a smirk.

“Oh like little pup’s running around our feet or long passionate nights with that hulk of a man!” she laughed out.

“A bit of both, but I can’t think about any of that until this situation is cleared up and that Paramount bitch and all her lackeys are brought to justice. That reminds me have you heard anything more about Caroline.” I inquired with a bad taste in my mouth.

“Oh, I am surprised you want to know after the fiasco of yesterday. It was hard to watch you know, I am sorry I should have been there for you. But seeing Atreus carry and hold that whore in his arms brought a little Alpha rage out in me.” She sardonically laughed. “I had to leave the arena I couldn’t keep the rage down, I wanted blood from the wench.”

I looked over at her shocked… “You were there! Wow I didn’t see you either. I guess the whole show on the stage had distracted me that much all I could focus on was that farce.

Pray I never have to live another day like that, or Atreus will be missing a ball or two.” Doing a little slashing move with the knife I held we both burst out laughing, I took a quick glance over at my mate to find him adjusting himself looking at little sheepishly at me. I guess Quinn seen that too because we laughed even harder.

“He doesn’t miss a thing does he.” She said and winked at him.

“Getting back to your question, that whore has been imprisoned underneath the barracks. They are holding her down there so she can recover while the Alba Witch can cast some spells. To try figure out what they have done to her so she could create this bond with Atreus. It's the key to the increase of power in the traitors.

To be honest I think she probably just a pawn in the Paramount’s greater plan. I don’t think she has the capability to anything more than that, especially after watching the torture she was put through yesterday.

The Paramount didn’t give her any leeway at all, I mean she really went for her. It was actually difficult to watch to be honest and I can’t stand the bitch, but I still did like seeing the brutality. It was fucking sick shit Paloma. The Paramount has a very twisted mind.

Everyone witnessed her depravity yesterday. I think we may have more allies than we thought after that shit show. She may well have signed her own death warrant.” Quinn laid it all out the stone-cold truth and I nodded thanking her for the info glad that Caroline was under arrest.

Then in walks the rest of our college crew.

My smile instantly dying when I see the grave sullen faces of Mia, George and David. My breath halted when I looked more closely to the despondent face of David. His usual bright and cheerful mocha complexion looked to be pallid, the whites of his weary eyes turned pink from the bloodshot through them. Then my heart ached even more when I took note of the black piece of silk wrapped around his arm.

He has lost someone!

Standing to my feet, I quickly stuck the hunting knife in my combat boots having dressed more military today. I walked with purpose to him and wrapped my arms around me dear friend. My head coming to lay on his upper chest as he towered above me.

David was a quiet man. Commanding in his stillness though always bright and cheery. His huge bright smile could even lift the soul of the darkest people. To see him in this state gave rise to the reality we are now living in, the one thrust upon us by the Paramount.

“Who?” I questioned when I looked to his deep russet eyes that held so much pain and anger.

“You’re looking at the new Alpha to the Lyca Creek pack.” He said with stilted anger. The implication was unwavering, he had lost his father.

My heart broke for his pain, and I squeezed him a little tighter hoping to convey my feeling through touch. Giving me a sad smile and a nod, he let me go and walked over to the other Alphas who were now laying out a plan of action, this was now the official war room.

“I need to get involved those bastards killed my father in cold blood. I won’t let them go.” He said with fervent hatred and determination.

I watched on, feeling helpless for an altogether different reason. My dear friend had lost his father and there was nothing I could do or say that would make it better.

Quinn and Lilly came up beside me watching on with the same sorrow. “Let him be bunny, he needs this.” Lilly said with tear filled eyes.

“We all do.” Quinn agreed and we sat back in the sofa, me scrunched between these two strong females.

“I need to return to the Goddess Temple.” I said in a whispered tone and they both nodded in acceptance.

“We will get you there, bunny.” Quinn said speaking for them both while grabbing my arm giving me a reassuring grasp. Lilly nodded and replied… “When do we leave?”

“Now if that’s ok with you two?” They agreed and we all slipped out not wanting the others to make a fuss.

I know Atreus wouldn’t want me to be on my own, but I need to return to the Patria Luna and see how she is recovering. Maybe she could give us some much-needed help and guidance.

So, after packing a few backpacks with supplies we slipped out of the barracks and found ourselves at the edge of the Goddess Temple Gardens once again.

The girls were apprehensive on coming any closer to the garden having heard about the cursed land but I new something they didn’t.

Now that the Patria Luna has awakened the grounds should allow entry to allies. Nimue had told me herself, she also gave instructions on how to enter undetected down a small alleyway that backed onto the Temple Gardens.

I was thankful for her guidance once we entered the overgrowth, having worried that the Paramount would have us followed she said the overgrown alley was spelled just like the entrance to the Pretiosum Liber and would lead away any followers or spies.

The mid evening air came whisking by us when we stepped out of the brush, both my friends’ breaths were taken away by the sight before them.

The Lake was glistening still with the spray of the waterfall stirring the clear waters. The Temple and its ancient walls stood tall and statuesque giving off the powerful aura of the place we stood.

“Wow!” Is all that Quinn could muster as she stood there taking in the stunning spectacle before her…

Both myself and Lilly gave out a little chuckle at her reaction, yet we couldn’t agree more.

“I’ve read about this place; my grandfather would even speak about it’s mysticalness when he told stories of the Ceremonies he had attended here.

It pales when you see this in reality, this is beyond special.” Lilly breathed out taking a breath and looking at me with wonder.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“Ah, your glowing!” she replied with shock, then Quinn excitedly squealed from behind me.

“Your fucking glowing Paloma, what the heck is going on?”

“Cool your socks there girlies ok. Everything is alright, it’s just the Goddess markings, this place seems to bring out a reaction to them, nothing to worry about.” I explained hopeful for their understanding.

“I don’t know maybe your radioactive or something that shit doesn’t look safe.” Lilly said and poked my shoulder.

“I don’t know it kinda looks awesome to me.” Quinn says as she comes over staring intently at the markings then touching them. Both myself, and Lilly laughed when she jumped back as if they shocked her or something. Then she returns to run her hand across the markings completely mesmerized by them.

“That Paramount bitch claiming these were fake! Yeah right! She is fooling no one.” Lilly said and both girls started looking at me with all I could describe as awe.

“I always knew you were special my little bunny.” Quinn goes on to say and wraps me in her arms lifting me off my feet.

“True, I never seen any other omega to attract so many Alphas. Even our group were brought together by you, do you know that?” Lilly said with a smile.

“It was you that introduced us all.” She laughed.

“You even introduced me to my mate! The same with Levi and George you introduced those two as well.” She looked at me amazed.

I never thought about it before she said, it had all just happened so naturally I didn’t read anything into it. Then when I thought back, my childhood friend Vaughan who was also an Alpha, I couldn’t help but feel there maybe something in what she says.

“None of that matters now, I said we need to go down here and I need you two to do me a massive favor.” I asked hopefully and they both replied in agreement.

“You have to keep what you see here private until the right time. I am trusting you both with this because I trust you with my life, so I will entrust you with hers.”

“Who’s?” They both asked in unison.

“The Seer, the Patria Luna.” I replied, my voice taking on a strength I didn’t know it had.

The girls both looked at me confused until I nodded in the direction of the temple. There Nimue stood tall in the doorway, her long hair flowing over the glowing Goddess markings that painted her skin. They gasped in surprise.

“Goddess! She’s alive!”

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