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Chapter 53

My wolf my beautiful wolf. The moment her eyes met my own I felt the connection, it had been so deeply hidden within me until this moment. It was like I was seeing a dream of the wolf I had always wanted to be, an apparition of my inner most desires. Though it wasn’t a desire or a want. It is my reality, she is mine! Forevermore.

Our souls became intertwined during those moments. While we were enraptured by each other, staring deep into the heart of each other. The realization that this was my other half, the one I was destined by the Goddess herself, made the moment so fulfilling.

She pulled back on her haunches, our minds beginning to become one and she leapt towards me. To another it would look like an attack, but I knew what she was doing as she landed upon me. My body thrown to the floor as an earth-shattering growl rumbled from her chest.

I could hear Atreus growl in unison, confusion emanating from him. Though I still was caught in the mist and couldn’t see him.

“Do not interfere.” Nimue belted out with both a calm and authoritative manner, as the others settled down.

My heart raced with excitement, knowing that this was the moment I was waiting for all my life. I just never knew it until now…

My wolf growled calling for submission. Her paws held me in place, snarling and biting. Letting it be known that she was the dominant party here, and she would no longer submit to a lesser wolf. Then I felt it, Oriel’s capitulation was instantaneous. She didn’t try to fight for dominance she instinctually knew her time was up. My Luna was the rightful wolf of this body.

She lay down atop of me, and the mist consumed us once again in a vortex. A murky miasma as my wolf spirit melded with my body. My eyes closed reeling in the energy and power that began to thrum through me until I finally gave in to the exhaustion, allowing sleep to wrap me up.

I awoke moments later, my mind hazy. My body felt as though it had been through a thrashing. Every inch of me ached from head to toe. Even as my eyelids lifted and allowed light to touch my eyes, that effort throbbed and pulsed in pain through me.

I eased my head to the side, looking for my mate, managing to reach out my hand. Searching for comfort in our bond. I needed his calming hand more than ever.

Reading my thoughts, he was right where I needed him. Lifting me up in two strong arms, holding me like I was the most treasured thing he had ever seen.

He carried me to the alter, where the others had set out a comforter and laid me upon it. My energies drained to the extent that I was unable to speak yet. Though I could see the worried look upon his face.

“Seer, tell us will my mate be ok. She looks weaker than I have ever sensed her before.” Atreus asked in a worried tone. I could feel his pulse race through the touch. He refused to leave me.

Nimue stood sharp, still commanding the room. “Like I said there is no need to panic. Paloma has spent her lifetime without her wolf. Now that they have finally joined, her wolf has blossomed. Her body just needs a little time to awaken and adjust to the new strength and power that is available to her. Her cells are changing, and she is becoming the Luna she was born. Each one mutating to the point that they should have been. It will take time.” She finished up.

“How much time?” Atreus shouted, demanding an answer.

“Hours, day’s, the truth is I can’t answer that definitively. This act has never been done before. It was a desperate act, done by a loving mother who saved the wolf of her firstborn to save the next in line. However, we all felt the power that came from Paloma’s new wolf― .”

“Juno.” Atreus interrupted.

“Juno? As in?” Nimue asked.

“That is her wolf’s name. Juno.” He answers with surety, his lips curving up into a proud smile. His whole body took on a demeanor of pride and I felt it through our bonds. How proud he was of me, of us. Our bonds growing deeper with every breath.

“Good, I see the bond is strong with you. She communicated with your wolf then?” Nimue asked with elation.

“Yes briefly, our wolves did. Exchanging names.” Atreus answered his voice almost caught with emotion. I could feel his passionate enthusiasm for our wolfs bond.

This was the blockage we had been feeling all along. His wolf and mine were mates. I had never once communicated with his wolf since we became mated. But the moment my real wolf appeared, they had acknowledged each other and verbalized it with names. Before she had even completed our joining together as one. It made me happier than I could even have imagined!

I stretched out my legs and arms. My muscles pulling and contorting with my will and noticed how the pain had eased and my movements became more fluid. I coughed a little, testing my voice.

“Ehm!” I coughed and a little smirk rose on my face when I see the panicked face of my mate.

“Is there any water?”

Atreus pulled me up, putting a glass to my lips. The crystal-clear fluid filled my mouth and ran down the back of my dry throat. It tasted like the honeysuckle of life.

“How do you feel?” Nimue asked.

“Never better. Truly, I can feel her, my wolf. I am a little sore now. Though when I awoke, I had never felt more tired and pained. It’s startling the swiftness of my recovery.” In all my life I had never recuperated so swiftly. It would take days to recover from an injury. Then after joining Atreus pack when the markings appeared, I had noticed an improvement in my healing. Though now this is amazing. With each second, I could feel a little stronger, a little more agile and the pain lessened in each passing moment.

Hours later, after the others had given us time to just be together and allow me to recover…

We stepped out of the Temple to a starlit sky, the moon casting its glow over the lake in the distance. Once again, I felt the completeness that came with this enchanting place.

The soothing sounds of the waterfall and the life that thrived in the gardens surrounding it. Now that I had become one with my wolf, with Juno we felt like we were home. It made it all the more joyous to hear the chatter and life below us. The Temple Gardens once again come to life like they always should have been.

It was in the air. The feeling of things being righted, wrongs being overturned. We were on a new path. One no longer driven and controlled by the evil of the Tenebris and the power behind it, the Paramount.

We joined the others at the bottom of the temple. Cheers bellowed out from those that were still gathered. I could see Nimue and Elder Tsuki held in an embrace, my eyebrows rose in wonder. Was there something between them that I didn’t know of?

I suppose it wasn’t any of my business. Though it pleased me to see both happy. From the way Elder Tsuki spoke of Nimue, I knew they had a deep friendship. His concern and pain from her loss was prevalent every time he spoke of her. And after the trauma that she has endured she deserved to be happy.

Atreus held me in close as his arm wrapped around my waist. My jaws began to ache from the ever-present smile that covered my face.

“So how goes everything. What are the reports from our scouts?” Atreus addressed Elder Tsuki.

“The city is divided. She has the lower south side, and we have the north. The Paramount has stepped out from hiding. Given her brash blocking off of communication she alerted a mass amount of Alpha’s and wolves to her deception.

It has forced a choice. In a way we are lucky this happened, to me it feels like a brash reaction. Something got under her skin, I don’t think this was part of her plan. Though it’s working in our favor.

People have taken their sides.

The warriors of the Bellator that stayed with us along with any other able bodied have set up a barrier, with the help of the light witches. They shouldn’t be able to break through without us knowing.” Elder Tsuki replied.

At that moment, David disrupted our discussion. I could see the change in him. From the carefree young man to a noble and strong Alpha, his father would be proud right now. I smiled up at him with encouragement.

“Sorry to interrupt, I just returned from scouting the outer rim of the Temple Gardens. I came across a green area to the south side that backed onto the temple. Something suspicious is going on there. They are building something; work is still ongoing, but it looks like some kind of platform or stage.” David said with authority and vigor.

I looked around at the people gathered. Elder Tsuki’s face was that of contemplation, the cogs were turning.

“That area was overtaken years after your disappearance.” He addressed Nimue.

“It has been used to worship the Goddess when nobody could access the Temple grounds. The people needed somewhere to go. After the temple was taken away from them.

…There was an emptiness and a need to connect with the Goddess. This was the people’s solution.”

I thought about what he said, then it dawned on me.

“The ceremony.” I said, thinking out loud. “She is still planning on completing the ceremony to remove my markings.” Atreus grabbed onto me pulling me closer, a deep guttural growl thrummed through his chest. I could feel the possessiveness of his wolf and himself come through. Now that nothing was blocking our bond, he was ever more domineering.

“She wouldn’t.” Quinn said as she walked over and joined the conversation the look of disgust spreading over everyone’s faces. But the truth was that she would, the Paramount was evil incarnate.

Whether or not she has discovered the developments over the past days is irrelevant. This woman was relentless in her search for power. Me coming into my own would only spur her onwards to grab a power from another.

Nimue walked up to me. “I think you might be right.” She said and laid her hand on my shoulder.

She stopped in her tracks suddenly frozen and stiff. Her eyes turned into swirls of mercury. As she stood statuesque looking off into the distance. Panic threatened to come out of me, all we need now is something bad happening to the seer. She would be the hope for our people, a symbol of faith and we couldn’t lose her now.

Elder Tsuki approached with a comforting hand he took mine.

“She is having a vision. Don’t fret this is normal.” He told us, giving me the reassurance that we needed. I was so grateful for the information and looked towards Nimue.

It wasn’t that long that she has stepped into my life and already an unbreakable bond has formed between us.

My friends have become my family and I will be forever grateful for them. Nimue though, she was the closest I have to a blood relative. She knew my mother, heck she may even know who my father is.

The bond between us is deep and I don’t want to miss out on that. After spending a lifetime alone with no family, the one I have now is dearer to me than I can explain.

I watched as Nimues eyes continued to swirl in a vortex of silver. Hoping that this may give us some insight into the future. Maybe she will have a plan to go forward with.

I deep gasp left her mouth, her eyes returning to their normal color. Her eyes locked onto my own brimming with emotions and a telling look.

It was as if time stood still in that moment. The area became silent.

“She will come for you; she knows that you have embraced your power.”

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