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Chapter 54

Silence... Everything felt still after Nimue our Seer spoke.

Though funnily in that moment I felt clear. I knew this day was coming. Bizarrely I felt calm and a little happy for what was to happen. Because even if it was tough and I could suffer through it. I now had confidence that Louise would be knocked from that pedestal that she loves.

I could feel Atreus grip on me tighten, he was definitely becoming more possessive. I met his eyes with my own and smiled.

“It’s ok.” I said vehemently as I pressed a kiss upon his lips.

“This needs to happen. What the Paramount doesn’t know is that we know, she knows.” I laughed once I said that sentence. “Ok that was a mouthful, but you get what I mean.” I said with a smile.

“You are so strong love!” He replied to me fervently and took my lips with his own.

The moment our skin touched it was like an explosion of atoms had taken place. The bond between us and our wolves growing stronger and stronger. It rippled through my skin, down my spine, igniting my core.

I stepped back momentarily breathless, in awe of the sensations. Our bodies were burning for each other. If I wasn’t careful our friends here, would be getting a show they didn’t ask for.

Atreus’ laughed a guttural chuckle.

“You read my mind, naughty!” I said and it just made him laugh harder. Wrapping his strong arms around my dairy-aire, lifting me high in his hold. He carried me up the stairs chuckling.

“We’ll be back shortly. I need to speak with my mate in private.” he shouted out to the others. They reacted with knowing chuckles, even a few wolf whistles rang through the night.

Through the long leaves of dew-soaked meadow Atreus hauled me in his arms, down by the lake to the lapping of the water’s edge. Holding me close, wrapped in his strong arms.

I was consumed by the look he gave me. My gaze was locked on his, drinking up every last sip of him. I could never be sated; I will forever crave and thirst for this man who opened his heart to me. Giving me love and a life I had thought lost to me.

“How are you feeling now? After everything?” Atreus asked while I pondered his question.

How do I feel?

Tired! Happy! Excited! I don’t even know where to begin.

Laying my head on Atreus shoulder. “I feel…


…You are mine. Truly mine. With nothing between us.

Juno, she hasn’t communicated with me yet, I can feel her. She’s building her strength, changing me, us.” I smiled into his arms as he held me tight. My skin ablaze with the connection between us, firing sparks.

“Even your scent has increased tenfold. I could drink you in all day.” I chuckled into his hold breathing in his intoxicating scent. “It’s like an aphrodisiac lulling me into your will.” I feel drunk on him right now. I nuzzle my face into his shoulder, and he does the same, both touching our marks while shooting vibrations tingle through my body.

Basking in each other’s scent we stay like this for a long time, breathing in each other. Allowing our bond to develop and unfurl.

It’s like the first meeting of mates, every smell and touch kindling that connection between us. Our true unbound connection. I thought we couldn’t feel more connected, oh how wrong I was!... each second, every touch and scent has bonded us stronger, more unbreakable together.

“I don’t know how I am going to let you out of my sight. Torin is going insane to meet Juno, as am I.” He says and brushes his tempting lips across my own with a heated sweep of his tongue.

My body thrums with his touch. I lean into his kiss, my tongue meeting his own. Dancing together in sweeps and flicks. I want to devour him with every movement and contact of our bodies coming together.

Showing our desires to each other in the sweetest movement of tongue and lip. My hand wraps around his neck, fingers threading through his locks of hair, grabbing on. Holding myself to him pulling him closer to me.

I will never get enough of this, of us. I stop to take a breath…

My eyes locked on those wanting lips inviting me to them. Atreus swishes his tongue across his bottom lip. Tempting me further. Peppering kisses all down his cheek till I meet those tasty lips again and fall into the soft inviting vessels.

My mouth opens and I sweep my tongue into his as our lips collide. I am ravenous right now… Hungry for him and all that he means to me.

When we finally come up for air our lips are swollen and red. Breathless… Happy.

“You haven’t spoke of your wolf before, this is the first time!” I probed with an inquisitive smile when my mind returned to the here and now.

“Mmm… we felt the bond between us, I knew you were my mate. It was just different from what I had experienced before and Torin was excited about us but weary.” He said while fanning kisses over my mark and up my neck.

“Oh! Why is that?” I asked a little anxious for the answer. A tremble of fear fluttered through my tummy.

“We were almost broken from losing our first mate.” Atreus talked of himself and Torin, his wolf.

“It took years to right us, I’m not proud of the things I have done in the past… You have seen how I was when you came to my pack. I used women to get over the pain of our loss.

Torin blocked himself off from all of it, we never believed we would be gifted another. But the first moment I observed you I knew there was something between us.” Atreus spoke, his face an uncovered mask of emotions of sorrow and pain. Hidden from the world finally revealed for me.

“I didn’t want to believe it was possible… either did Torin. We were too afraid to return to the pain we once experienced. Discovering you were Nathaniel’s mate…

It was a blow to us. Torin always blamed himself for not protecting our first mate. After discovering our connection to you he believed we were being punished for not protecting her. That was why he never revealed himself or became too dominant.

After marking you we both knew you were ours eternally. But still, he didn’t want to jinx a good thing and scare you off.

However now, with Juno emerging from hibernation he is going crazy. I guess the bond is going into overdrive because she has surfaced, he has a much stronger connection with her. Not so much with your other wolf. We could feel a connection to you, like you were our other half. It was just never there between us and Oriel.” He spoke in a solemn tone, and I could tell he had accepted Oriel just never felt that connection.

“Don’t worry about that. After everything that went down with Nathaniel she had gone hidden into the back of my mind. She didn’t feel the connection either.

I felt angry towards her for that... because I had sensed the connection with you right from the start. I couldn’t understand how she would feel sorrow for the loss of Nathaniel. Now…

…I realize she was never your wolf’s mate; Juno is.”

It was a weight off my mind to know that we were attached this way. I love Oriel she has been with me through all my hard times and got me to where I am today, and I will be forever grateful.

Though I now understand what was happening. She was retreating because she could feel the change in me. She knew her time in control was coming to an end….

I guess that’s why she regressed over the past weeks. She left the void where Juno could grow and take root. I will love her for all my life, but now it’s time for Juno to blossom.

The somber note was lost soon when we basket in the warmth of each other, isolated from the others in the shadow of the waterfall.

“Can we go for a run together.” Atreus pleaded with hopeful eyes and as I looked up at my beautiful mate, he took my breath away.

“I thought you’d never ask.” I replied and pulled my clothes off with eager enthusiasm while the cool evening air swept across my skin. It was like watching in slow motion, my love stripped down to his skin, a monolith, a beast… a masterpiece.

My smile grew ever wider, when… with a run and a leap he transformed beautifully, so fluidly into his huge, towering wolf. Standing at the edge of the embankment he turned his colossal head looking back awaiting me. His mate.

My steps mimicked his own, running with speed I called to Juno and leapt into the air transforming. My bones cracked and distorted melding and growing into the huge Luna that was Juno.

We stood proud feeling the air on our fur coat for the first time. Seeing the night life and my mate with my own new eyes for the first time. Her bond to me, Atreus and Torin solidified in that moment.

I looked through these new eyes and met those of my mate. Our connection spilling forward magnificently.

'Your more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.' Atreus shouted across our mind-link.

A low purring growl thrummed through my chest. We are happy, content.

I took one look to the water’s edge to peek down at my reflection. The moons reflection behind me and I raised my head to her. The moon.

Howling out with joyous rapture. My wolf is here, the Vegus Luna has been born. Atreus padded close to me, his coat brushing against my own. To my surprise as I stood side by side I no longer was shrunk in the shadow of my mate. We stood tall and strong, my own wolf almost matching the size and power of Atreus'.

Lifting his head in a howl of an Alpha. Ours echoing through the watery pasture. Alpha and Luna together. A song as old as time we howled into the night.

Then my heart was lifted when the howls of the others sang through the moonlit night. It echoed and bounced through the trees. Then to the walls of the city. Where the residents sang out in joy to hearing the call of their Luna reborn. Joining us in the howls of rebirth. They didn’t know it yet but could feel it in the power of the howls and songs of the wolves that cried through the streets and trees all the way to the forest and the city beyond.

I brush my face up against Torin our mate, his beautiful obsidian coat looked luscious and silky in the light of the waterfall.

‘Come… let’s hunt.’ Atreus mind-linked me and we padded off into the thicket of the forest.

Tonight, we were on the hunt, but it wasn’t for the normal kind of prey. No animal would die in this only one would be claimed by another. We were on the quest for each other. It had been too long― too much had happened, and we both crave this.

I ran with the speed of my Luna each of my padded feet rushing, leaping and jumping for the chase. Atreus hunted me down like the Alpha he is. Stalking me through the forest with ease and refinement.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to give in at the first hurdle. He would work for me as I would for him. This was the map of what our lives together would be and hells if I was going to be a pushover.

We ran and chased for what felt like moments but was hours. Our fur side connecting and bonding with every bump and leap. With each nudge of a head or the dominating clamp of my mates’ teeth in my fur. It was everything and more.

Finally breathless and satiated by our dance Atreus got the better of me as I walked out into a small clearing momentarily basking in the moons glow. He pounced with vigor and determination pinning me to the spot.

His jaws clamping down on my neck. ‘Submit love.’ He demanded.

With the turn of my head, I opened my neck to him― submitting to his wolf. Torin’s eyes were burning for me when his teeth clamped down, marking Juno as his own. Undulating throbs of pleasure pulsated from the marking through my body right to my core. His tongue licked across the wound cleaning it up lovingly.

‘Shift.’ He commanded and without a thought my body shifted as did his, back to our human skin side.

I knelt on all fours while Atreus still pinned me to the spot, his solid manhood pushing up against my ass. His tongue and mouth kissing the spot I was just marked until he pulled me back into his arms.

Atreus cupped my pussy, he slid his finger through my sopping folds, swirling my clit in his talented finger. “Your so wet love.” He whispered, fanning his breath over my ear sending even more tingles down my spine. “You can’t wait for me to fuck you, isn’t that right bunny?” He demanded and with a whimper of anticipation I nodded my head.

I managed a breathless “Yes.”

When I turned to face him, he took my lips in a devouring kiss. Our lips and tongues connecting and wrapping around each other. Escalating our lust for each other…

My core was pulsing wet for him and without warning he entered me with one hard thrust. I cried out at the breathtaking intrusion. This was our animalistic side come out to play, to claim each other. Our base instinct getting hold. Demanding we solidify our bond in the most primal way.

Craving more with every movement, every thrust as he pounded his solid virility into my wet craving core.

“You like that my sexy little tease.” He said and continued to lick and kiss up my neck and shoulder while he vigorously continued to thrust himself into me. The slapping sounds of skin on skin filling the little meadow.

One hand cupped my breast kneading the swelling and pinching my nipple in his tight hold while his other continued the tantalizing swirls of my clit.

“Your mine Paloma, all mine!” He arduously said while scraping his teeth down my neck and clamping onto my mark once again.

“I am going to rub my scent into every part of your body until you smell more like me than yourself.” He exclaimed.

“Say it!” He demanded in a fervent voice. “Tell me who you belong to.”

“You.” I replied in breathless anticipation into his open mouth kiss. “I belong to you… as you belong to me.”

I was impassioned and claimed, panting out in pure lust. Overcome by the punishing pounding I was receiving.

“Goddess yes Atreus, fuck me harder.” I cried out my body and mind conquered with the pleasure of our mate claiming us.

When my hands hit the ground again, I gripped onto the earth and foliage below me. Atreus placed his strong hold on my hips in a possessive manner while he crashed into me with vigor. We continued on as the tantalizing moments overtook us.

“Hells Paloma, you are my everything.” He roared out as we both came undone in that moment. My inner walls convulsing in pure pleasure as he coated them with his seed. Our bodies crashing to the earth below us, cradling us in the soft vegetation below.

He held me down with the weight of his body.

“Well, that was unexpected.” I laughed a little giggle as we lay there in each other’s arms.

“Yes.” Atreus said and popped his finger on my nose. “But truly needed.” He said lusciously and swept his tongue into my mouth, devouring me once again.

An hour or so passed and the events of the evening had begun to take its toll on me. My body ached again from my first shift and the change that my body was making. Juno still was young and rested in the recess of my mind, while my body took on the task on continuing the change.

Though I had managed a shift. We still were not at our full potential, and she needed to rest and recuperate for all that lay ahead.

My mouth had become fuzzy and dry in the time I spent napping in Atreus arms and I coughed a little. Clearing my throat. I just needed a little drink, and the tempting sounds of the waterfall were calling to me.

Atreus lay in the undergrowth beside me, when I tossed a little, he awoke pulling me into his arms.

“What’s wrong my beautiful mate.” He inquired lovingly.

“Thirsty as usual.” I said apologetically. “Can you help me down to the water, I am feeling a little sore.”

Without a word he swept me up from where I lay and carried me down to the waters edge. A ferocious thirst latched onto me and I lapped up the fresh crystal liquid as if I was dying. When I came up for air Atreus cheeky grin made my heart swell.

We could see the others gathered at the opposite side of the small lake. Then Atreus suggested he go see if he could find some clothes for us as I lay in the soft warm sand basking in the light of the moon.

With one last kiss to my forehead, he ran and shifted disappearing into the long grass of the meadow.

I felt so happy and complete. Not just strong in our relationship I could feel the strength of Juno thrumming through me and I finally felt worthy.

Moments later a loud crack came from behind me, and my eyes shot open. A large dark figure stood just steps away. I blinked, trying to clear the blur from my eyes. His back to the light so I couldn’t quite see who stood there through my hazy orbs.

“Atreus!” I called but there was no answer. They just stepped closer until the familiar scent drifted towards me.

“Lolo.” He said lasciviously with a sardonic grin. I could feel the disgusting lust rolling off him in sickening pulses.


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