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Chapter 55

Deep in the lower South Side of the City of Ossary

Louise, the Paramount stood ridged in the study she had spent so long planning this mission. Her muscles strained from the agitation that gripped her.

There was no going back now. Years of manipulation and cunning maneuvers had kept the doubters at bay. She had played the game and played it so well that little to none questioned her authority anymore. That was until Atreus and his little mate stepped into the mix.

Just the thought of the man, made anger bubble to the surface once again. She had thought that she could manipulate him. Move him around like all the other little chess pieces but he was too strong, too unpredictable to influence.

The plan had been set in motion… even if it was premature, there was no room for retreat any longer.

Anger had got the better of her, no it was more like visceral hatred when she faced down with Atreus. His smug smile and the way he had latched onto the Goddess marked bitch with all his will.

How could an unknown little Omega come to have this position? She thought to herself.

How could they get the better of me? That pissed her off even more.

...She had planned for over a century for this moment. The last piece of the puzzle finally showing up. Thrown into her lap with such ease. The joyous gratification she took from that moment was so empowering that she reveled in it.

Yet somehow, she had allowed the Alpha to get the better of her. Her fury overpowered reason and took sway. Leaving her now, in the predicament of uncertainty.

Pushing any doubts deep down into the vault that she so carefully kept hidden from the world. She couldn’t afford such a weak emotion to creep up on her...

Things like love, fear, any kind of emotional feelings were for the weak of mind. They disgusted her with such intensity that she often had to remove herself from situations that were littered in such disgusting behavior.

There were one or maybe two emotions that were acceptable, hatred, anger vengeance. Those emotions that she could use. They were powerful and consuming and could be used to manipulate people and get what she desired. Yes! These emotions were all acceptable…

The fact was... she knew from the start that Paloma was the true heir to the Goddess markings.

It was the only way for them to manifest. Yet she couldn’t understand her paternity. Where had this young girl come from? It had thrown her for six, when the news came in about some young Omega showing signs of the markings.

Having scoured the earth for the bloodline of Gaizka. Eliminating and or controlling them one by one. The Patria Luna’s bloodline was well documented, the Vegus Luna on the other hand. She pushed that thought away without consideration.

What was it now? Maybe twenty-two years or a little more since she eliminated that blight from the face of the planet. That was one of her most satisfying kills.

How the legend Luna called out for mercy. Begged and pleaded, screaming that her bloodline would run out and she was the last. The satisfying moment when she took her last breath as her heart was pulled from her chest plays regularly in Louise's mind.

The knowledge that she was the first of her line to snub out a line of Gaizka’s descendants was immeasurable. So rapturous a moment she relived it over and over.

Basking in the glory from that day onwards. It gained her the leadership of the Tenebris. A position she had coveted for as long as she can remember.

The girl, she could only be from the line of the Patria Luna. Its descendants had been on quite a large scale not like the snubbed out Vegus Luna line. Yet somewhere somebody must have slipped through the line. Got hidden or ran away… maybe?

Pity was― the Vegus Luna had that much more power. That was the reason she had evaded their perpetual endeavors to capture and strip her of the power. The power she held was coveted by all, That would be something else… Outlandish! But she was too powerful to contain or control. Death was the only option for that wench. And so she was extinguished and her line with her.

The girl was an oddity someone she couldn't read. But the scrolls had written the facts. It was the only way… for another child of Gaizka to possess the markings. They could only be from the Seer’s lineage.

Louise had been so sure of it, and she had waited so long. Watching each individual, awaiting the sight or sign of any markings appearing and not one appeared! It all came down to― Angelina. She was the most likely to develop the markings and yet it never occurred.

Scouring through centuries of research had proven that on death of a Goddess marked another would gain the marking. Becoming the heir to the Patria Luna. Another would take up the mantle.

However still― after so long nothing had occurred, and nobody had shown signs of being the chosen. No markings appeared until this little Omega and her problems popped up.

After generations of planning, even going as far as fostering Angelina. Bringing her up in the shadow of the Tenebris. Instilling their teaching so that the day Angelina would manifest her powers, she would be the tool of the Tenebris and ultimately her puppet. It all fell apart.

What she didn’t predict was this little Omega ruining her plans. Though she was happy to an extent… that finally after all this time, the power of the Goddess had yet again manifested.

It was progress, even if it wasn't the progress she desired.

It grated on her so much that the little bitch had been in their hands for years. Her mate was one of the Tenebris Soldiers and somehow, she had slipped through their fingers.

Though it was pointless mulling over what is now past, she had landed in their grasp once again. Everything was righted. The new plans were set in motion.

The ceremony would occur. The markings would be exchanged. And finally… the power would lie with those it always should have.

She opened her balcony door her body once again relaxing. Walking out to darkness of the night. Grasping a smooth wine glass in the tips of her manicured fingers. She sipped at the red liquids astringent dryness.

A sense of calm anticipation threading its way through her. It was exhilarating to know that this is the count down to the finale. Within the next twenty-four hours she would have the final goal achieved the power was all but in her hands. She could almost feel it… taste it in the air.

…And she smiled, a rare occurrence as she walked to the edge of the balcony. Whilst she looked down upon the city below. Glass in one hand, gripping the weathered iron enclosure in the other.

With half the city seized this was just a taste of the people she would be in command of and the power she would wield. Once she took hold of the power the Goddess had bestowed. A creepy cackle slipped past those aged lips.

She breathed in the night air. The wafting smell of fear gracing her sense’s as it seeped from the people of the city. She felt so gratified by it, this was just a taste of what’s to come.

People were going to learn soon who she truly was, and they would bow down to the might of the Tenebris. They would never again be cast out and made rouges. NO! They would be the one in control the one holding all the power. Where they always belonged. And the people would bow! Or they would pay the price…

It was in that moment of pure bliss that a sound rang and reverberated through the city. A howl so powerful and haunting.

Louise heart thumped; she dropped the glass shattering its pieces into tiny smithereens. The blood red liquid staining everything it splashed upon. Her heart continued to beat erratically from the sounds that began ringing throughout her city. A noise that hadn’t been heard for generations.

Finally… she trembled in those shoe’s that she stolen from someone else.

Could it be?

Could the little Omega truly possess the ability to wield the power within?

Louise questioned as she listened to the city come to life with the knowledge a great power was here. They howled out in acceptance championing the one that would lead them to freedom from their oppressor. The blood of Gaizka was reborn.

The moment passed as if she had been frozen. There was no time for hesitation. If the omega could wield the power, they had less time than expected. Pulling herself together she walked with purpose inside, things need to move forward… NOW!

Authors note: Smaller chapter due to different POV. I will post another chapter over the weekend. Thanks and hope you all enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts on The Paramount's POV. Who's looking forward to her demise? 🙄😅😎😎😎

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