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Chapter 57

Atreus’ POV

I spent my life in the center of the Supernatural, I was part of it. I am it.

Expect the unexpected it’s what your life is when you’re a part of that world. Though tonight my mind was blown, in so many different ways beyond anything I have experienced so far in this life.

Seeing her transformation, the whole ceremony. Learning our true mate’s name. Juno. If felt so good on my tongue. My own wolf was yelping for her and howling to get out and meet her in person. I felt so right. How much stronger the connection and bond were once Juno had awakened, brought this all home to me. I was so proud of her of us.

I felt water well in my eyes when she shifted for the first time into Juno. Even their wolf form was mystical.

My body craves her like my lungs crave air. She is everything and more. So so much more than I ever expected or deserved.

As I look down at that sinful body of hers, my own begins to react once more. I could take her now again seat myself deep inside her. Claiming her over and over.

She feels so right in my arms like she belongs there. Her touch and presence are the driving force between us.

She looks totally blissed out her body splayed across the sand by the lapping shore. The moonlight hitting her just right casting shades of its glow across the hardened apex of her nipples. Calling me home to that core that awaiting my attention. Its tantalizing and so seductive but reality beckons us back.

Giving her a kiss goodbye, I run and shift to my wolf. He has never been more content than right now. Taking one more glance at our mate before we are enveloped by the growth of the meadow. We lick our jaw and take pride and satisfaction knowing that she is ours.

My mind wanders as I make my way back to the temple. The transformation that Paloma took today shook me to the core.

Everything about it from the visit from Yi. Head of the keepers giving us the invitation to the temple. They were legends, myths. Yet there was one stood before me, asking for me to attend a gathering at the temple. Another place of legend and myth.

It was one magical thing after another. Walking into the temple for the first time. To see the She-wolf who was my mate central to the occasion. She looked ethereal. She was ethereal. Everything about her was otherworldly and mystical.

From the first moment I clapped eyes on her I could feel the connection between us. The mate bond had surged in me. But my eyes had traveled to the nape of her neck where another man’s markings sat.

I felt it was all a joke, some drunken haze that had overcome me. It is why I dragged Caroline outside and began to rut her. There in the open for all to see. I wanted to prove to myself that I was mistaken that she couldn’t be mine. She was already someone else’s. The memory brings a sick reminder of my disgusting past and the times I had used females for pleasure and nothing more.

They could never have been anything more to me. Not one of them.


It’s a memory of my past etched into the very core of my body. I became pain itself. I endured after my first mate passed. Losing her. I almost lost myself. That pain burned to the center of my being.

I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone…

It was a soul destroyer something― most never recover from.

I wish I could stand here and say I was that chivalrous guy who spent his life caring for the women he bedded but the truth was… I had not. No, it was more like I couldn’t… Not since I lost my first mate. Not until now.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a complete jerk. I didn’t treat all women this way, no I would never do that. Females are the backbone of our society without them there would be no us. My mother was one of the best. She had instilled that desire to nurture and care for all. And I did, with my pack and any other people that I could.

However, those power-hungry females that searched out a pairing with another. I took what I could from them. As they did from me. I’m not proud of it, but it kept my base needs provided for. It was the only reason I put up with Caroline.

There was never going to be a future with that scheming She-wolf. I knew what she was like from the very start. Goddess she would make arrangements to meet up and fuck others right in front of me. Proof I didn’t care one iota. She used people for her gain. She was a good fighter a good warrior and to my shame a good fuck. But that was all she ever was to me.

Loathing that I had spent time with her after the connection with Paloma began to form. Though every thought I had was of Paloma during those experiences. The sight of Caroline and any other she-wolf no longer gave me anything. They disgusted me. My every thought was of Paloma.

I hate that I betrayed my mate by fucking that piece of shit. It will be my shame for the rest of my life. And I will spend every day making it up to Paloma. Thank the Goddess our true bond hadn’t completely formed, and she didn’t feel the effects of that shame. I would never forgive myself for that. But what I could do… Is spend every day making sure my mate knows how truly blessed I am to have her in my company.

When she walked back out of the Clubhouse on her first day. All disheveled and shook from the sights she had witnessed inside. I couldn’t help but approach her.

She looked so innocent and tempting. Those big doe eyes were captured my heart. I wanted to taste her feel her.

My wolf was intrigued and fascinated by her. For the first time in years, he had come out not to kill and maim. He came out for her. His desire for her conquered me, he wanted his mate and he wanted to know if she was truly that. Biting her, tasting her blood verified the truth for us.

But we couldn’t do anything about it she was after all my Beta’s mate at the time. Though the bond was weak at this point it grew stronger every day we spent together.

I am one lucky man to have such a forgiving beautiful mate. Over the days of our first encounter, I had believed that it was some kind of punishment from the Goddess. That my behavior towards the She-wolf’s I had bedded had granted me such a reprimand. I had to suffer and had to pay penance for my misdeeds.

Thank the Goddess she has given me the opportunity to rectify that. To become one with her and I will cherish her always. I know what pain it is to lose the other half of your soul and I have been gifted this amazing second chance.

It didn’t take me long to reach the temple and I felt sated knowing that we were safe on these sacred grounds. It’s the only reason I had left Paloma to get some clothes. I would never leave her vulnerable again.

I shifted and grabbed a set of shorts from a pile of clothes that the Keepers had brought. They really thought of everything. I grabbed a set for Paloma and was about to return to her when I looked up to the temple. The memories of Paloma’s transformation filled me up with pride and awe.

How was I so lucky to have been mated to her? I will be asking myself that every day for the rest of our lives.

“Alpha.” I heard my name called out and turned to see the Seer approach me.

Her movements were so fluid and graceful. She walked with purpose like she belonged here as she did. I could feel the power thrumming off her.

“Yes, Patria Luna.” I bowed my head slightly in deference to her. There were few on this planet that were given this honor and respect. But she was one that I wouldn’t even question my reaction. It was automatic to be in the presence of such an amazing being.

“I am so happy that you are ok. You both completed the mating bond?” she inquired with a little knowing twinkle in her eyes.

“Yes, I’ve just returned to collect some clothes. I know it’s not the most appropriate moment, but our wolves demanded for it. It will only make us stronger.” Answering her question.

“No need for explanations my dear, what the wolfbond calls for we must give. I can only imagine how intense it was for both of you. After all Paloma’s wolf has been in hibernation all this time. However, she is still not at her full strength yet. Things need to fit in place before that can truly happen.” The Seer spoke, she had this calmness about her and surety.

As if she could see all that was to come and all that I was. Just by looking into my eyes. It made a shudder run through me.

There was still so much to talk about with Paloma, our future was yet a blank canvas the thought made me both happy and anxious.

All my wolf wants is to do is sweep her up and take her home. Back to our pack and our lives. But it’s not as simple as that. She is more than just my Luna she is the Vegus Luna, and I am yet to truly understand what that all entails.

Whatever it is― I am willing to run to the ends of the earth for her. I will pull the world down and destroy it for her and build it back up if that is what she needs.

I smile at the Seer when she’s finished speaking, and she approaches me. Putting a handout to my chest and she stalls. Her eyes turn to swirling vortex, it’s almost hypnotizing as I stop where I am stood, and she begins to speak…

“The prophecy has commenced…” Her voice took on this strange tone as she spoke her eyes still tumbling storm’s. I swear the air around us crackled and sparked with electricity or magic.

“You will be tested.

This fate cannot change…

…you must accept the inevitable.

Allow what is destined to occur.

It is the way to the future you desire.

She will return stronger.” The ghostly words came out of the Seer with such fervor and power I was lost in the moment.

When her eyes finally returned to their normal shades. I was still stood still, watching in amazement.

What did she mean?

I looked to her for guidance. A hum of reassurance and strength came off of her and she gripped my shoulder looking at me with intensity.

“Atreus… You need to listen to my words. The way forward is littered with obstacles, but you and Paloma together have the ability to make it through it all. The words I just spoke were a vision, heed my word. Do not accept everything as fact.

The thing’s that will happen will test you, but you and Paloma are going to make it through this. Even if at times you don’t believe it. Remember my words. You are stronger together and sometimes things do happen for a reason.

Remember the words especially… if you can’t find the reason yourself. You will discover it in the future and be ever more grateful for it. Don’t worry the Goddess has made a way forward for us.” The Seer says then turns and walks away.

“Do not forget Atreus, remember my words and let the Goddess guide you to your future.” She calls out as she walks into the small crowd that is gathered.

Ok! That was weird. Even though I have grown up in this world somethings still shock me. I try not to let a laugh escape my mouth. I wouldn’t like to think the seer finds me disrespectful. I know she is powerful it's just this kind of fortune telling was never something I would rely on in the past.

Just as I am to leave the members of my pack approach. I reach out to Paloma through our bond but don’t feel anything. It reminds me of when the paramount blocked our communications. Was she at it again?

I am momentarily startled, and a shock of fear runs through me. Very few things can bring that feeling to the surface, but my mate is one of them. Our natural instinct to protect and care for her is in full flow right now. More than ever before, the possessiveness in me has gone full throttle.

It’s at that moment I find a little clarity. Remembering where we are. The realization that this place probably works different comes to mind. With all the power that is radiating through the grounds of the temple. Certainly, there could be some interference. It’s probably a factor to protect those worthy to be here.

“Alpha.” Charlie calls out. Himself, his mate Niamh and Nabi approach. Niamh going straight for a hug while Charlie pats me on the back. Ever the Beta male.

I smile though I’m anxious to return to Paloma.

“What can I do for you all.” I ask.

“We just wanted to congratulate you. This is amazing. Who knew that all that power was lying hidden in such a cute little Omega? Well, I suppose she’s no longer and Omega.” Nabi says and starts to giggle. It was so great to see her out of the pack. Her face lit up. She was so like me in many ways. We both lost someone close at the same time.

I lost my first mate while Nabi lost her son my original Beta and best friend, Artemis. We had bonded through our pain. Grieving together. I thought I would never see this kind of happiness on her face again. It brought a lightness to my heart the feeling like everything was going to be alright. I hadn’t experienced emotions like these in so long I had completely forgotten how it would feel.

She walked over and wrapped my in her arms.

“Artemis and Tatiana would be so happy for you. I know they would.” She said as she cuddled into me. I could feel the wetness seep out of her eyes and on to my chest. Experiencing a similar situation so many times between us before, though this time they were happy tears.

It was a breath of fresh air to see her like this again. She had distanced herself from so many people over the years. She felt as though she was a burden, but I would never allow her to accept that. I had always encouraged her to come to our gatherings. In the hope that one day she would come back to herself. It was sad too because many of the pack members had given up. They stop trying when she didn't respond. But there was not much I could do about that. You can't force a person out of depression you can only support them through it.

I don’t know why or how. But Paloma had connected with her. They had bonded. Now I was seeing this woman that I could call a second mother look more like herself than she had in years.

Paloma… She’s my earthly angel.

“Thank yo―” I went to say but then a ruckus started over behind the temple. My sense’s alert. Charlie and I went to find the disturbance. Asking the women who were not warriors to take refuge in the temple itself.

By the time I got to the far side of the temple all the other abled bodied people were there. It was a tense scene as a stand off between the Patria Luna and huge number of wolves was taking place.

“LEAVE THIS LAND YOU ARE FORBBIN TO WALK THIS GROUND.” The Seer roared out. My body shook from the power she exuded. My own blasted forth and I stood beside her championing her onwards.

My thoughts went to Paloma again, she was never more than a second away from my mind. Still, I couldn’t feel anything, neither good nor bad.

“I CAN FEEL THE DARKNESS IN YOU. TENEBRIS. LEAVE THIS SACRED GROUND!!” Her voice echoing through the place reverberating of the trees.

Then they all just turned and fled. It was the strangest thing. They didn’t put up a fight or make any demands. They just turned and left. Shifting we followed them to the edge of the temple grounds. Each of us spreading out fanning across the gardens. Making sure none were missed and then they just disappeared like a puff of smoke.

My noise searching out for scents or clue. Paw prints but nothing could be found. Circling the outer rim of the temple to make sure everyone was safe.

Quickly turning back to my human body, I approached the Seer. She had this look upon her face as she stared me down. I didn’t like it.

“What was all that? Do you know?” The vehemence in my voice was clear. Though it wasn’t for her, it was for that scheming Paramount. This had to be her. It could be nobody else.

“They were a very power magic. Done by the dark ones that the Paramount uses. The necromancers.” She informed me.

“Go on…”

“They were dark magic apparitions. A decoy I believe. Go to her and remember what I told you before. Heed my words.”

Then a sickening thought entered my mind. Paloma. She was on her own. This was all a ploy to get her on her own.

A roar of anger bellowed out from me and my inner wolf. We shifted in breakneck speed and bounded through the garden only to find my mate nowhere in sight.

I followed her scent to the edge of the gardens and into a small alleyway where it then disappeared. She was gone and it was all my fault. How could I have allowed this to happen. Was this the test that the seer had spoken about.

My wolfen half was going insane wanting to rip to shreds the whole city and anyone that would dare to come between my mate and me.

I couldn’t feel her still.

Hours passed searching through the streets close to where she had gone missing. Demanding entrance to buildings, homes and premises. All that could, joined in the search until finally Charlie called out to me through the mind-link.

‘Alpha.’ He called awaiting my attention.

‘Alpha a large crowd as assembled at the far side. The place David had mentioned that construction spot. Close to the temple grounds. I think we will find her there. It is in the Paramount’s territory though. It has her written all over it.’

‘Good work, call the others and meet me there as soon as is possible.’

Cutting off communication I race to the meeting spot searching constantly through the mind-link for any communication for my love.

Then finally a blast of warmth seeps through my body. It’s like a distant whisper but I know it’s there. She is calling for me.

I hear it again but this time much strong. Each step I take I get that bit closer to her. I feel the mind-link between us become more and more clear. She’s nearby.

‘Atreus please, I need you. Can you hear me?’

‘Yes love… I’ve got your back don’t worry. I can see you; I’m coming for you.’

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