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Chapter 63


It was a whisper in my head then the word spilled out unrestrained. I knew it. I could feel the truth. The revelation…

He was my blood. My father.

We were in the battle for our lives. Taking down the venomous woman that had stolen her way into a position she hadn’t earned or deserved. And I had found my father…

A shocked gasp left my lips. Moving about restively while I began to process everything. It was strange to say 'my father' and to know that I now had one....

I guess I technically had always, though I never knew.

Then I remember who he is― his story and I ached. I felt a bitter anguish grow inside me for all that we had missed out on. Though as I looked up to him I also felt joy for the future we now had...

Was it me that he had been looking for? Or my mother’s death that had put him in this state where he was stuck in his wolf form for decades…

It was such a strange mixture of feeling. Bizarre and surreal. I didn’t even know how to address him or know if he would recognize me. My mind flipped through the minutes that had just passed.

... His angry stare at Atreus.

... Was that a fathers love for his only daughter?

Was that the father in him wanting to warn off a potential mate to his daughter?

I could only hope…

Then the idea, that someone who shared my own blood. Could care for me in that way surged up such tumultuous emotions within me. Did he know?

And I looked up to the face of my mate. Atreus began squeezing my hand for comfort. I was so thankful to him.

I faced my father again. His giant form towering over me. Our eyes met. His large paws held down the Paramount, where I could see minimal movement. I stretched out my hand and placed it on his face. Who would dare approach an angry Alpha and yet I couldn’t stop myself!

My hand connected with his fur; the deep musky scent hit me. It felt so comforting the closer I stood to him. I felt safe. His eyes were burning with love for me. He nudged his head against my own rubbing his scent into me. Then he swung his body around and the loud crack and pop of his bones rang through the night.

Could he do that? I thought…

My mouth gaped open. As he stood before me now in his human body. His arm outstretched cupping my cheek. He was still wearing army gear, like the Bellator Warrior’s that must be spelled to reappear when they were back in human form.

“My beautiful baby.” His deep raspy voice warmed my heart as he fervently spoke with love.

But before I had time to speak, to register much of this he grunted in pain and a guttural cry sounded out from his lungs.

The cackle that came from Louise rose my hackles as he dropped to his knees grimacing in pain. A pool of blood dying his once clean t shirt.

“NO.” I screamed out my body shaking in anger. I was crestfallen. She couldn’t do this to me again.

She had taken everything from me. My mother. The life I should have had. My father…

Everything! I wasn't going to allow this to happen again.

To me...

or to anyone else.

The desire to kneel down and hold my father in my arms, comfort him and tell him everything was going to be ok. Was so very strong. I knew instinctively that he would have done the same for me. But I need to stop her. And that need pushed my forwards.

“Go…” He spoke, I was going to reach out touch him again. But Louise that cackled old whore was up and fleeing. I scoped out the stage as Louise made her move to flee.

“Watch out!” My voice rang out when movement in my periphery caught my eye. The witch and her cronies were using our shocked moment to their advantage. Atreus ducked and dodged the large sword that was about to hit its target. Then the battle once again ensued.

Atreus used the weight of his large body and momentum to plough into the witch that was attacking him. I was surprised that she hadn’t used magic but then they had just done some strenuous witchcraft, I hope the old crones had used up all their reserve and hadn’t any left to fight with. It would definitely give us more of a chance.

I swiftly took stock of the area; Vaughan still was grieving over his lost mate. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of sorrow for him, but then I shook my thoughts away.

“Paloma, we got this!” I heard the call of my best friend who had now joined us on stage, Quinn. Her voice gave me that extra little boost. "Go get the bitch." Atreus shouted to me and gave me a wink.

We are a pack, a family, maybe a little crazy but we got each other’s back. It was like a boost of nitro fuel injected into me. I was now supped up and ready for anything.

Then without a sound Nimue appeared.

“We will do this together.” She said, her hand on my shoulder. “Sisters. For your mother. For the Fallen, we will stop her.”

Juno roared in my head. I could feel her power now ignited and burning.

The crowd a become a strange mix of people most now lulled, an almost humming sound coming from them. Their fight was gone. Everything was now out in the open. The lies discovered and revealed, and they no longer looked to the Paramount. Though they looked almost lost.

Louise crooked and bent body dripping with blood and oozing ran to the end of the stage and hopped into the crowd.

With our target made, we shifted in unison. Both wolves almost as big as the True Alphas and we dove off the stage and into the crowd as they parted for us. Whether it was our power or dominance nobody approached while we followed her scent.

“She went that way.” Someone shouted from the far end of the crowd, and they parted even further giving us a full view of the way ahead. “Yeah! that way.” Another concurs. And lots of people pointed in the direction of Louise.

We followed her scent and the direction that we were pointed and soon came to see her. She was bent over and leaning on a tree. The coward that she was couldn’t even face us down when the time had come.

She turned feeling our eyes on her as the shock washed over her face. I could sense her wolf come forward though it was strange. I didn’t know why.

The reverberation sounds of her shifting was easy to hear. And I mind-linked Nimue. ‘Be ready she’s shifting.’

Within a second, she had transformed and now where she had once stood was a mangled mess of a wolf. I grimaced at the sight of her. Never have I seen anything like it. The smell was pungent and reminded me of the witches that she has in her pocket. My stomach churned and threaten to spill from the foul smell. The closer we came to it the clearer I could see.

The wolf looked like a mess of parts, like Frankenstein’s monster would look if it were a wolf. With parts of all different wolves stitched and sewn together.

’That’s some fucked up shit there!” I mind-linked Nimue.

“Yes, it’s so, so messed up. What the hell has she been doing to herself.” Nimue replies.

We raced towards her but like the coward she is, Louise retreated into the woods. Though she was fooling herself if she thought that she could escape us. We were too fast. Our power too strong and most importantly we had the Goddess on our side.

Racing through the brush of the forest, Juno felt so at home. She was so in tune with everything. From the chirping sounds of a grasshopper as it rubs it's legs and wings together. To the hooting of an owl. She could hear it all down to the munching sound of a woodlouse as it ate away at some bark.

There was no falter or distraction. She knew her target, knew what needed to be done and her mind was completely focused on that.

... We sniffed out as we made haste, past trees and bushes the scent of Louise was so strong that the task would be easy for anyone. For Juno it was a breeze and when we finally came out into the open both Nimue and I were surprised to find Louise limping her way back to the city.

She was out in the open land. The green area that surrounded the high walls of the city. A trail of blood could be seen on the green foliage of the grass below. She didn’t turn back or acknowledge our existence. She just kept limping forward, in a pitiful state.

I don’t know whether she has just giving up. Or her strength has given in.

We make it to her within seconds and growl out.

Turning defiantly, she shifts back to her human body. The wolf part of her clearly not strong enough to fight. Then she laughs. Her mangled body soaked with blood and teeming with droplets of sweat.

“You got me.” She cackles. My keen eye notices the crazed look in hers.

Both myself and Nimue growl out in unison, our power now blasting forth demanding respect. Waves of power pulse from us.

“You want me to submit. NEVER!” She seethed out in a scream. And begins to speak out as if addressing a crowd. My head spins back to the tree line. Where hundreds of wolves in both forms step out of the shade of the trees. I look back to Nimue and notice that she is as shocked as am I.

Gazing over to the city to see hundreds if not thousands of wolves pilling out of the city gates. The top wall lined with people viewing the showdown between the Paramount and us two Lunas.

“I will never Submit!” She snarls. “You all are fools too. Your fools anyways.” She sardonically laughs. Her voice projecting through the night the visceral hatred she had for everyone.

A barrage of growls like a low and deep hum reign out from the crowd. The susurrations of the populace going from a low hum to a loud and aggressive bite.

“You think I am wrong; you think yourselves not fools? Then ask yourself why? Why is it that for over a century you were fooled into believing I was deserving of the title of Paramount?" There was quiet when she spoke. The words obviously hitting home to many of the strong wolves standing here tonight.

"You allowed yourselves to be ruled by me!" I wanted to slap a hand over her face but the truth was better to come from her. To let everyone know who she truly is.

"By the Tenebris." Many gasps of shock rang out when she confirmed that she was one of their deepest and oldest enemies. It would be hard to hear, but it needed to come out...

"It is hilarious actually when you think about it.” She was feigning nonchalance but it was too obvious that she was now caught in the den of wolves and her time was up. She knew it. As did all who were present.

“I took her life. I took the seer and I killed her and what did you all do you allowed me, her murderer to take her place. Ask yourselves this... how did you sleep at night when the one who was blessed by your Goddess was murdered by me. Yet you did nothing about it!”

The thrumming of the growls danced across the crowd. I could feel the tension build in the air. Everyone wanted a part of this woman. How many of her own kind has she wronged how many has she hurt and killed. And all I wanted was retribution for them for us for our lost one’s and our loved ones.

Nimue brushed up against me and I knew it was time. We both shifted back into our human bodies. And stood in front of our nation of wolves to take back what was rightfully ours.

We stood there this time. I don’t know how but we both wore a white dress. Nimue’s was a high collar lace dress that covered her arms and flowed down to her feet. It was both regal and ethereal, mine had a plunging neckline of silk material that floats and flutters around me. falling to my feet in a maxi style that tied behind my neck.

My markings that are now silver glow with brightness and thrum with power. I can feel it, in every part of me strengthening me, empowering me, emboldening me.

“Your wrong.” Nimue the seer speaks out. Her voice louder. More powerful, it’s both her and her wolf together. She smiles at Louise.

The shock the comes over Louise's face is rather satisfying to watch as the cogs of recognition slip into place.

“You tried to kill me. Louise. But you were rather unsuccessful.”

Louise then quickly looks to me. “It was you; you bitch you brought her back didn’t you.” She screams. “I am going to fucking kill you!”

She tries to make her way over but the power that both of us Lunas are projecting is too much for her and she drops to her knees where she belongs. Where she always belonged below us. Beneath us.

“NO. No, you’re not!” I retort tersely.

“You are never going to hurt anyone again!” Nimue states vehemently .

“How is this even possible. I was there..

I saw you die. I saw the blood flow out of your body.” She was shaking her body trembling from the damage it took. Coupled with the power we were emitting it was too much for her weaken state.

“I don’t understand…” Louise admits.

“There’s a few things you missed my dear.” Nimue looked down to her once close companion. One who betrayed her though she called her dear. It was more of a habit from times gone by. And there was a sarcastic bite in it when the word passed her lips. There was nothing dear about the Paramount, about Louise to her or to anyone present.

All her once supporters were where?

Gone… hidden…

Abandoning her, when she needed them most. Though she gave them no reason to be there. All the lies that she had spewed over the years have been pulled out of the closet. The one she thought she could burry them in.

Her true colors were shown on full, and she couldn’t blame anyone for not having her back. After all, they had witnessed years of her throwing people in front of the bus rather than own up or take the blame herself. Where would that kind of behavior elicit a loyal following.

No, it never did. She only ever instilled fear and bribed people. So her toxic behavior finally came back to bite her in her own ass!

“I just want to thank everyone for coming out here tonight. I know this is unorthodox but tonight we bring to justice a bane in the side of our kind." Nimue addresses the crowd gathered...

“I am your Patria Luna. The seer.”

“I am your Vegus Luna." I add.

“Many of you will remember me. Many of you young will have been told stories.

Tonight, has been a long time coming and the woman on her knees before us is the culprit to many peoples pain and suffering.

Will you join me here tonight in judging the Paramount?

The killer of wolves.

The deceiver.

The one who brought dark witches into our sanctum.

Who wished to kill the children of Gaizka. The bloodline of the Patria Luna and the Vegus Luna.” Nimue calls out and asks those gathered.

“Will you stand with us brothers and sisters. Father’s and mothers, old and young. Let our once broken society be made whole again.” I exclaimed to the crowd while turning around and addressing them from all sides.

It’s there is see Atreus step out from the shadow of the tree, holding up a limping man.

...My father and I smile at them both as unshed tears begin to build up in my eyes.

“Stand with me. The Patria Luna.”

“Stand with me ― the Vegus Luna.”

Howls of acknowledgment and agreement ring out from those that are gathered.

Nimue steps up to a muttering Louise. “How is this even possible…” She laughs to herself. As I step closer, we make eye contact. It startles me, the crazed look in her eyes. I had never witnessed such psychotic behavior. Such malice as she looks closer at me. I can feel her scan over my body.

“You’re a cleaver one, you are!” She manically laughs again. “You fooled me good, you know. The Vegus Luna. Vegus Luna. Vegus Luna…” She repeats while jerking her head around like a mad cow.

“I would have killed you on sight had I known. Ha! Bigger fool me I suppose.” He manical laughs echo out in this wide space. The sense of acceptance ringing in her words. Now cognizant of her fate.

“Feel the pain you once inflicted on an innocent.”

Nimue walks up to her and pulls out the dagger that had impaled her for over a century. She tilts her head to me. Then steps with purpose towards Louise where she slashes out and stabs Louise straight in the center of her chest then removes the weapon and hands it to me.

And I take the blade slicing it down her cheek and both her arms. Across all the black poisoned markings that she had taken from me. Blood spilled out slowly as the magic she had taken tried to heal her body.

“Anyone with cause may come and take your retribution.” Nimue speaks, taking the knife from me and holds it up to the crowd.

...One after another aggrieved wolves shift and walk up to the once proud Paramount. Taking back control from the fallen woman. For their lost mates, and lost children. For the people who lived under her reign and tyranny for decades and decades of agony that she inflicted on others they where giving back what she had taken. Until she finally collapsed taking her last breath.

Her insidious autocratic rule was over...

“The Paramount has fallen.” Someone yelled in the distance and a great cheer rose up from the crowd.

Authors note:

So that was a long time coming, quietly laughs. ha ha!

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