The Risen Pariah and Fallen Traitor (UNEDITED)

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We sway to the music, hand in hand. Our eyes are locked on nothing but each other. My heart races faster then the rhythm of the music as we glide around the room. We've practiced this more times then I can count, and yet I feel like it's all so new. The music, the scenery, the warmth of Jabeth's hand in my own and on my waist. In a matter of seconds, the world fades away, and I feel as though I am drifting in another realm, far different from this one. A realm of clouds and stars, of music and dance, of dreams and hopes_____ Stuck in the Blackwell mansion for a week, Josie James, the Crown Princess, must rely on the help of Jabeth Blackwell, her fiance as well as her "nemesis" to keep her presence a secret from the realms. Safe in the walls of the mansion, Josie plans to get closer with this mysterious so-called, cold shouldered prince. But will he unfreeze her heart before she can unfreeze his own? A darkness lurks in the mansion, with an aim to destroy this new-found affection, and the future of the realms..

Romance / Fantasy
Kandace Woodhall
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??? POV




My boots splash in the puddles after yesterdays rain. The dam walls of the alleyway glisten a vibrant red from the lights of the city behind me.

The ends of my cloak swish around my ankles, and I tug my hood tighter over my head, hiding my face in the shadows.

The whirs of sirens and chatter of people-which is the usual soundscape for the Hells-disappears as I navigate deeper and farther into the alley.

I round the corner, where a wall comes to welcome me. Probably ten feet. of solid brick decorated in vines grasping for some source of light.


It reminds me all too well of the peace loving scum. You are born in the darkness. Accept it.

There’s nothing over the wall but a back way out of the alley and into a neighboring street. I feel my fingers along the vines until I come across a snarly scarred one, with a roman numeral etched into the front.

With a smirk, I tug on the vine.

Suddenly, the bricks shift. Twisting and turning over one another until it forms a doorway leading into a low ceiling house.

Just like magic..

I go in, and right after I step through the door, the bricks shift again to a wall.

Inside sits the old man. He sits at a wooden table, tracing his fingers through what I believe to be a spell book. “So.. you’ve finally come.”

I pull out a chair and spin it so I can straddle the back. “A deal’s a deal.”

The old man hums, scratching his chin before picking up a spy glass and observing my face through it, his large grey eye bulging like a vultures though the glass. “One’s patience can only last so long. And from what I remember you never said yes.”

“Either way, I’m here.” I don’t have time for this. I have to get on. “If you can’t give me what I’m here for, then I’ll just leave.”

The old man grimaces. “Your a shameless one.”

I don’t deny it. I’ve been called this many times that it could be a new nickname for me.

“Yes. Fine. I’ll give it to you.. when you fulfill your end of the bargain.” He sets down the spy glass.

“Why you-”

“What? Do you think I’m stupid?” The old man snickers. “You’re crafty, but your cruel. I don’t have such naivety as to believe you wouldn’t take it and run.”

I huff and slump. “Well then you’re wiser then I thought.”

He chuckles. The room is very dim, with not much light from the candles in this room. “So. You know what I want.”

I nod and bring out my list for him to observe. “Of course.”

The old man grins maliciously, scanning the content. I’ve never seen such a frightening look on the old geezer. “Perfect.”

“My only question, is why?”

He slides the list back across the table to me. “Some questions are better left unanswered.”

I practically roll my eyes.

“Just finish your duty, and then I will give you what you want.”

I lock my gaze with his, and the tension brews even thicker. “Fine. But don’t expect, that if I get caught I will be going down by myself.”

The old man chuckles. “Is that a threat?”

I tilt my head. “You reap what you sow.”

“How ironic someone like you would speak about justice when you yourself has done many injustices.”

“It doesn’t matter what I do or how I do it. If I want something, I get it one way or another!” I point a finger at the old mans crooked nose.

I stand up from the chair and stalk towards the re-formed door. “And another thing..” I grasp the dagger from my belt and hurl it past the old mans face, where it sticks into the wood of the wall. He doesn't even flinch.

"Keep your filthy weapons. I don't need to be tracked by the likes of you. I'll do my business, and you do yours." I exit the house, which builds back up into the ten foot wall of brick, with nothing but an exit on the other side.

I crumple the list in my hand and shove it in my pocket.

This game of cat and mouse won't last for long.

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