The Risen Pariah and Fallen Traitor (UNEDITED)

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~The Nightmare

Josie's POV
My jaw rests on the palms of my hands, with my elbows propped up on the rail of the balcony. The starry sky twinkles a distant hello to me.

Snow heavily blankets the ground, turning the garden into a frosty wonderland. Cold and sharp, but there is beauty in even darkness I suppose.

Zuko sits beside me, him too gazing at the beautiful display, but I'm sure he's more used to it then me.

The whole day, it's just been me and Zuko. Jabeth supposedly left before I woke up, and Xavier hasn't stopped by.

I would much rather explore the mansion then be cooped up in the west wing all day. It's boring.. But it's what I deserve. Sneaking out of the palace, then nearly risking my hide jumping onto the train. I'm sure I've caused Jabeth and Xavier a lot of trouble..

But I'm here to fulfill a relationship with Jabeth. I came to the Hell's to grow closer to him and explore the Hell's human life style. Standing here right now isn't fulfilling any of my hopes for this journey.

The sound of the door opening alerts me. Cautiously I duck behind a sofa chair, just in case it's one of Jabeth's cleaners. I've seen them come by the past few days.

I carefully shuffle over to the second floor railing. Below me, I see Jabeth, flinging a hand towel onto his coffee table and planting his hands on his hips.

Relieved, I walk down the stairs and approach him. "Where have you been?"

Jabeth seems a little startled by me, as if he didn't know I was there. "Oh. I was in the workout room."

"Oh.. Have you seen Xavier?"
Jabeth nods. "He visited me earlier to talk about something."

"About what?" My curiosity flickers.

He shrugs off my question. "Just some guy stuff." Jabeth heads into the kitchen and pours himself a glass of water.

It's very evident he was working out. His damp dark curls are matted to his forehead. His shoulders heave slightly in an effort to control his breathing. His olive skin is shiny due to preservation, and his tank top sticks to his chiseled body.

I do my best to avoid the last detail. Following him into the kitchen, I press the subject a little further. "What kind of guy stuff do the likes of you two have to discuss?"

"Nothing that concerns you." He doesn't even blink at my jest. His voice is firm. It's obvious he doesn't want to tell me.

I've been trying my best to make some kind of relationship with this guy. The first day I arrived he seemed so warm and friendly. But from then on out he's been a basic bitch.

Just yesterday he locked me in the shower.


I take a step closer. "Does it involve me?"

He doesn't look up and takes a swig of his water. "No."

I take another step. "Why can't you tell me?"

"Because it's none of your business, so just drop it." His voice becomes more firm. More guarded. His eyes are locked with mine, and I can almost feel the electricity sizzling between us. And not the good kind.


"Josie." He takes a step towards me, and I nearly stumble back into the table. Pinned. "Drop it."

Annoyed as fuck, I grab Jabeth's glass and chug the whole thing in one gulp. Keeping eye contact, I slam the glass on the table behind me and duck under Jabeth's arm out of the kitchen.

He's right, it's none of my business. Being locked up in a room, no matter the size, can do things to a person.

But I've had it up to here with this Fallen prince.

I'm finally able to shut Josie up. After downing my drink she swoops under and out of the kitchen to the guest bedroom I currently set up for her.

When did she become so nosy?

I stare in dismay at my empty glass. And why did she have to drink my water?

I can't deny, I feel a little bad. Josie's been more then cooperative in staying in the west wing. But I would rather have her not worry about all of this. I even had to lock her in the bathroom yesterday when my butler and maid turned up suddenly to clean. Stars knows how bored she must be.

But if she knows about all that's been going on, who know's what trouble she'll get into.

After all. She's here.

In the Hell's.

Why did this have to happen to me?

'knock knock'

A sound raps at my door. On instinct, I glance around for Josie to make sure she's out of sight. I then open the door to the wing, and there stands none other then my father. The King of the Hell's.

"Oh. D-Dad. What're you doing here?" I awkwardly gesture him in. And all I can do is pray that Josie hear's his voice and stays in the room.

He gives me a bearded smile and strolls in. I close the door and watch as he walks to the center of the living room. "I thought I should have a little talk with you, Jabeth."

I nod and take a seat on the sofa, while Father take's a seat on the matching chair. His curls his hands over the arms, as he normally does in his chair, the instinct of a King some may say. "As you know, the White's cocktail party is only in a few days."

Ugh. But I brave a smile. "Of course."

"Don't act as though you're fine. I know your disdain for the White's. Specifically Natasha White." He see's right through me.

I drop the smile. "Yes. I know about their party. Of course you have every right to turn it down?" I hope he catches my hint.

He does, but he ignores it. "I know that you have a small.. issue.. with choreography."

Easy there, no need to be so blunt. "Yes. Which is just one of the reasons I hope you will fulfill my request for an excused absence."

"Excused absence?" Father scowls.

From the day I was born to this very moment, my lack of dancing has always been the bane of my existence. Well that and Risen princess's. I either look like a chicken trying to fly or a cat in water. It's highly embarrassing.

Not to mention after my last encounter, and nay before, I would like to avoid Natasha White as much as possible. "Please?"

Father opens his mouth to speak, but his response his curt. "No."

"Why not?"

"Because you are the future King of the Hell's. If anything you should do as much as you can to find favor with the people. The White's are a very influential family." His tone leaves no room for argument.

I snap my fingers, "Exactly." If I have to spend my whole day with Natasha White hanging on my ass while the whole room films my awkward dancing, I'll never live it down.

"Jabeth!" Father slowly stands from his chair. "Enough. The whole point of my coming here wasn't to argue with you like a child." He starts to calm down and steadies himself. "I found you a teacher."

Now way. "Who?"

"Charis Harlo. You're secretary-"

"Fuck. No!" I shoot up from my chair, fists balled. I can do many things. But that is where I cross the line. That woman is so hung up on me. If we danced.. she might even be worse then the bitch Natasha!

"Well then I advise you find someone else who can teach you. Charis is the only other person you know who is willing and skilled enough."

"I would rather lick the bathroom floor." Childish, I know. But if you were in my shoes, what would you choose?

"Fine. As an adult you must learn the consequences for your choices. You are too arrogant and hostile to let anyone near you, which will be your downfall as a King.

Dammit he's right.

"I'm leaving." Father walks to the doors of the west wing, raising his eyebrows at me in an exasperated sigh. "Goodnight, son."

The doors shut behind him, and I sigh, falling onto the sofa.

I'm cornered. I can't tell which is worse. Being a sexually harassed embarrassment or just being sexually harassed.

The sound of a door opening catches my attention. I look up to see Josie's head, peeking around the doors edge. "Is he gone?"

I nod and run a hand through my hair. I still need a shower.

"Good." Josie hurries down the stairs and towards me, taking a seat beside me on the sofa.

I scoot over a bit, surprised and alarmed by her eagerness. Wasn't she just mad at me a bit ago. "What is it?"

Josie grins mischievously. A grin I have only seen once in my life from the Risen princess. "I have a proposition for you."
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