The Risen Pariah and Fallen Traitor (UNEDITED)

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~Honey In My Blood

Josie's POV

It's five seconds of awkward silence before Xavier says, "Oh, sorry." He winks at us before spinning on his heel and leaving the wing. "Go back to doing what you're doing."

"Wait, no!" I fall off of my fiance and hurry after Xavier, whose speed walking down the hallway. Jabeth is right on my heels yelling, "Xavier, get your ass back here!"

We drag Xavier back into the wing and plop him onto the couch. He purses his lips and leans back, gazing about the room. "Nice place you have here."

Jabeth rolls his eyes.

"So. . what hap-"

The splurge of information that bursts from our mouths muddles into a cascade of blurred words. Xavier flails his arms in the air, stopping us. "Stop! Stop, stop! One at a time please!"

I go first. "I was trying to. . we were. . it wasn't-"

Jabeth cuts me off. "She was teaching me how to dance."

Xavier stares at Jabeth for a moment before bursting into full on laughter. "BWAHAHAHA!" He even smacks his knee for good measure.

"Shut. Up." Jabeth glares at him.

"You-wait you," Xavier wipes a tear from his eye, "you were trying to teach this freak how to dance? Hahah! Oh stars, how did that turn out for you?" The next five minutes consists of Xavier doubled over out while Jabeth crosses his arms, sending daggers, with me standing inbetween them.

"Yeah, yeah, shut up before I break your kneecaps." Jabeth grumble's to himself. Once Xavier's got it all out, he plants his hands on his knee's, trying to school his features, but he deems it impossible. "Man, this guy can paralyze you with his pinky, but he has no hand-eye coordination when it comes to dancing." Xavier presses a hand to his side. "Whew! I think I pulled a muscle."

"I hope you did." Jabeth snaps at him.

"Will you both cut it out?" I frown disapprovingly. "I offered to teach Jabeth how to dance if he taught me magic lessons."

Xavier's eyebrows shoot to his hairline. "You need magic lessons?"

I huff and reluctantly nod my head. "I'm not that in control with my magic. It's. . . complicated."

Xavier glance's from me to Jabeth. "Well I could've taught you. I taught Jabe after all."

"Back to the point," Jabeth cut's off the train of our conversation. "Father said I needed dance lessons for the White's cocktail party this weekend. Other then Josie, the only person who can teach me is Charis."

"Ooh. ." Xavier drifts off.

I glance between the two of them. "Charis? You mean your secretary? The lady we saw on the bus, right?"

Jabeth reluctantly nods.

I give him a curious look. "Whats wrong with Charis? I thought she was nice."

Xavier stops snickering and glance's at Jabeth, whom mirrors his gaze. "Yeah, well-" Xavier starts, but Jabeth jabs him in the ribs with his elbows, stopping him short.

"Does it matter?" Jabeth says.

Xavier scowls at Jabeth, who gives him a look in return. Something between them passes, and Xavier falls silent. "Yep, just a couple of bastards being bastards," Xavier says with newfound enthusiasm.

This is suspicious to say the least. "What's going on-?"

"So! Dance lessons, huh Jojo?" Xavier change's the subject.

"Uh. ." I look from Xavier to Jabeth, who is now brooding again. It's obvious they won't say anything, so there's no point in trying to get it out of them. "Yep."

"And uh, how's that going for you?" Xavier juts his chin to the spot on the floor where me and Jabeth were moments ago.

The memory brings an unwelcome flush to my cheeks. "Well. ." My eyes trail to Jabeth, whose eyes are trained somewhere else, trying not to look at me.

Suddenly, Xavier snaps his fingers, and I almost see a lightbulb glowing above his head. "Stupid. Why didn't I remember?"


"Jabeth does better with examples," Xavier motions to my fiance, like a teacher talking talking to a parent about their child's mentality. "When we were kids, I would help tutor Jabeth with his magic lessons. The best way I could teach him was through example's, which he would pick up on automatically. As time went by and Jabeth learned how to control his magic, he found his own style."

Xavier whirls around to face Jabeth. "We could demonstrate?"

Jabeth opens his mouth to respond, but then stops short, furrowing his brow. "We?"

"Yeah," Xavier gestures to us both. "Me and Josie."

Jabeth looks at both of us before sighing, taking a seat on the sofa and crossing his leg over the other. "Fine. Go ahead."

Xavier then grabs my hand and pulls me out onto the open floor beside the lounge. He press's his hand against my waist and holds my own firmly against his palm. He then takes a hold of my other hand and rests it on his shoulder.

"Alright," he says to Jabeth before looking at me. "Ready?"

I nod. I'm a little curious to see how Xavier dance's.

"Oh, wait." Xavier steps back and shoots a finger beside the stairwell. Suddenly in a swirl of stunning teal and red magic, a carving from the side of the stairwell comes to life. A harp, violin, trumpet, and drum form out of the carving. Xavier's magic goes to work on the conjured instruments, and with a clap of his hands, music starts to play.

I marvel at Xavier's skill. Knowing me and my mentality when it comes to magic, it would take years for me to do something so quick and skillfully.

Xavier grins, and within seconds we step into motion, falling into rhythm with the music that plays. Meanwhile, Jabeth observe's us from the sofa.

Our feet shuffle into a waltz, and we circle around the open floor. It's a little different from what I'm used to, with lights and dress's and crowds of people, but as I close my eyes, I imagine myself there.

Xavier moves very fluently, pulling me along as we drift into a dance. The drum beat pulse's in my wrist. The violin strums flow through my blood like honey.

Suddenly Xavier spins me around, and we continue or dance. My feet are lithe and graceful, my mind is somewhere else. Far away from the Hell's.

Our steps quicken, keeping in time with the music. I open my eyes and meet Xavier's own.

Although I'm nowhere near focused. When I dance, I'm on cloud nine.

With three, vigorous notes, the music ends with a low drum beat and a smooth finish. Breathing heavy, we both pull apart, putting some space between us.

We just gaze at each other for a moment or two, lost in our own little worlds.


All of a sudden, a sharp voice snaps us from our daze, dragging us back into the reality that is Jabeth Blackwell. We both look at the Fallen Prince, and I instantly feel a cold shiver run through my blood. The honey is gone and now a snow storm freezes my blood cold.

Jabeth is still sitting on the sofa, arms crossed as he watches us attentively. He looks different then I've ever seen him - and not in a good way.

"Whew!" Xavier plants his hands on his hips, satisfied. "I haven't danced like that in a while." Xavier holds his hand out for me to shake. "Good job, partner."

I smile and go to shake his head, when suddenly a sharp crack fills the air. Xavier reels back his hand, petting the skin like a wounded puppy before firing a glare at Jabeth. "Did you just smack me?"

To my surprise, Jabeth stands right there beside us, still brooding, like a glacier in a thunderstorm. "Thank you for the demonstration, Xavier, but I think I understand now."

Xavier looks from me to Jabeth, confused. "A-Alright then. ."

Jabeth looks at his wrist, "Oh look at the time! It's getting late, you should probably hit the hay."

Xavier, confused and befuddled, is being pushed out the door. "But-but it's not even nine o'clock!"

"Yes, yes, and I thank you, good sir, for wasting your precious time in helping a freak like me learn how to dance." Without another word, Jabeth heave's Xavier out of the west wing. He pokes his head out of the door with an exaggerated smile and says, "Goodnight," before shutting the door behind him.

All I can do is watch as Jabeth locks the doors and heads up the stairs saying, "I'm going to take a shower." Before I can protest, he disappears into his bedroom.

No way. . I think to myself. Was he, jealous?

I snort to myself. Yeah right, like Jabeth is even capable of jealousy.

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