The Opposites Attraction

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He was her teacher and he was also a mafia leaders son, so was her mom. Her mom died during a drug deal... he was doing to deal with his dad. She doesn't know what to do when she dies, but he promised to take care of her. and mafia leaders don't go back on his word. Love wasn't on there mind but fate has other plans.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


“They always told me that opposites are attracted to each other no matter where they are.”

“H...he...Hello, my name is Isabella Ramirez” It is my first day at West Coast High and I met him. He was one of the worst people I ever met. He was an arrogant prick that thought he was hot shit. But he was hot, not that I would let him know I thought that he was. I guess you are wondering who I am talking about. His name is Blake Flemingberg. He is the world history teacher and has the biggest bitch in school, Victoria trying to get in his pants, Victoria and her minions are trying to make my life living hell just because he talked to me.

“If you tell anyone they will kill you.”

“I wasn’t going to anyway but okay.”

She was so beautiful but annoying the way she was immune to my charms and looks.

I hated the way Victoria and her idiot minions treated her but I have other shit to worry about like what to do with the man who killed my father.

"roll your eyes again and see what happens" I rolled my eyes again "now you are really going to get it" "I hope so." “Give me your hands” I put my wrists out for him and he ties a tie around my wrists. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” "because if we do this you are mine and it will be a commitment, but we can do this now and then go over paperwork later." I breath out in a raspy voice


It is my first day at West Coast High, and I decided to wear a pair of white skinny jeans and a dark blue tank top that has a small elephant on my left boob. I am a senior and I am a straight A’s student. “Honey you better hurry or you will be late to school.” “I’m going, Nancy.” I go downstairs and grab a muffin and head to school. I go to the office once I get to school “hello, my name is Isabella Ramirez.” “Welcome Isabella, we are glad you decided to come to our school. Would you like a tour, I will show you where your classes are and locker ``″yes please, and thank you. She shows me where all my classes are, and my locker. I head to world history since it is my first class wishing I would have come earlier since I will now interrupt the class. “Hello, who are you, and why are you late.” the teacher asked. He was very handsome but seems like a dick. “H...he...Hello, my name is Isabella Ramirez.” “Would you please take a seat so we can get started?” I go and sit next to a really pretty girl and a cute guy. “Don’t worry he’s just a dick.” “Okay, who are you?” “My name is Jackson and this is Brianna.” “Nice to meet you, why is he such a dick.” “Probably because he hasn’t had any pussy in a fat minute” “FACTS” “LOL that’s funny.” “Would you three stop talking? I am trying to teach the rest of the class.” We sat and were quiet for the rest of the class and all he was teaching was the syllabus over how he grades and what we will learn in this class. Finally, the bell rings and we can leave that class. “Ms. Ramirez, will you stay after class for a minute.” I sit back down in my chair and wait for everyone to leave. We sit there in silence before he speaks up “Do you think it is appropriate to be talking while I am trying to teach.” “No, I am sorry Mr. Flemingburg, just please don’t give me detention.” “No, I am not giving you detention, you have one more chance.” I ran out of the room whether he wanted me to stay in there or not. The rest of the day I try to avoid him the best I can. Some bitch named Victoria and her minions, Allison and Mellissa, are trying to make my day even more shitty. Whenever I am around them they start to talk shit even if they don’t know me. Finally, the day is over and I can head home. My mom called me and told me that I need to be at the docks at 8:30 tonight.

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