Love, Rosie

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Rosie had been crushing over June since the fifth grade. Since then, she wrote him love letters. Atleast this way, she can tell him about her love. Will she be able to give him the letters?

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Love, Rosie.

Rosie had been crushing over June since the fifth grade. She liked him the first time she watched him sing in front of the whole batch for a class competition.

Since then, she wrote him letters. Atleast this way, she can tell him whatever it is she wants to say, whether it’s about how her day went, or how her heart started beating faster upon seeing him.

She would always conclude her love letters with the same phrase: Love, Rosie.

This continued til college.

Although she is very talkative and friendly, she really can’t speak or even move when he’s around.

Her new found college bestfriend, Lalisa, immediately found out about her crush when she saw her freezing when they sat across him during the Music Org meeting.

“So bet mo talaga yon? As in bet na bet?” she asked her, then looked at the huge frame of the man leaving the hall. “I think he’s single.”

“Of course I know he’s single! Lalisa, I know everything about him!” she told her friend.

Lalisa, being the crazy friend that she is, acted surprised.

“Reto ba kita? I know someone who is a friend of his...”

“Lisa, can you just?”

“Okay, reto kita. See you tomorrow, bffest!” she then waved her goodbye and gave her a flying kiss.

True to her words, Lisa asked a friend to match them, without her knowing.

The one day, when her org members went home early and left her practicing on her guitar, he talked to her.

“Hi.” was all he said.

But she still froze. Of course she did. She never talked to him in person!

“Mind if I join you for a while? I’ll be your audience.”

“Uhm... I-It’s o-okay...” she stuttered.

She heard him chuckle.

Oh that darn smile!

“Don’t be shy...” he said as he took the other guitar near her. “I’ll play with you. Jamming tayo.”

All she could do was nod.

After her embarrassing encounter with June at the Music room, she went home and wrote another letter.

Of course she did. That’s the only way she could tell him everything without looking like a shy potato!

The embarrasing encounter with her long time crush happened again, and again, and again...

Until she had a box full of her love letters for him.

Will she give it to him? Yes. Maybe soon?

Of course she tried giving him the letters.

She tried at their graduation at sixth grade.

She tried again at freshmen party of seventh grade.

And again on intrams at eighth grade.

And again at valentines day of ninth grade.

And again on their junior prom of tenth grade.

And again on their senior prom of eleventh grade.

And again after their graduation at twelfth grade.

She tried even on their college days but of course, she is Rosie, so she failed.

But today is a new day. Today is different.

She’s finally gonna give him the letters!

I can do this, fighting!

She stood up from the bed and went straight to her huge walk-in closet. On the last drawer was the small treasure box where she kept all her letters.

She then slowly went back to her room.

And sitting on the edge of the bed was June, her husband.

He looked at her, puzzled.

She went closer, her hands at her back, hiding her treasure box.

“I’ll give you something. But don’t laugh, okay?” she pleaded.

“What’s that ba?”

“Eh, promise you won’t laugh? Promise muna, pinky swear!” and she stick out her pinky.

“Okay, promise. Pinky swear.”

She handed him the box and sat beside him.

“Oh, okay. Love letters, huh?”

“Magkakasunod yan, by date.”

He read the first paper. Then a smile crept on his face.

“You liked me since the fifth grade?” he asked.

She covered her face, now as red as a tomato. He laughed at the sight.

“Nakakainis ka! You swore on your pinky na you won’t laugh!” she hit his arm, “Give it back! Itatago ko nalang ulit. I don’t want you to read it na!”

She was trying to get ahold of the box but he stood up and raised his hand holding the box.

He was taller so she could not reach it even if she tries.

“Kainis ka.”

“I want to read all of these. Wala nang bawian. Binigay mo na, eh.”

“Nakakahiya kasi, eh.” she pouted.

“We’ve been married for 3 long years, been together since 4th year college, a total of 6 years...” he looked at her, “Nahihiya ka pa rin sakin?”

“Eh kasi...”

“You wait here. I’ll just get something.” he kissed her cheek and walked away.

Still holding her treasure box, he went to their walk-in closet and took a box just a little smaller than hers and gave it to her.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“Read all of that, ha? I wrote all of that since kindergarten. I was too shy to talk to you so I asked my mom what to do and she told me to write you love letters. And I did. I actually planned on giving them to you but I was so nervous you might reject me. ‘Tsaka you always run away pag lalapit ako.”

“Wait, you wrote these since kindergarten?” she asked, her hands covering her mouth, eyes wide.

“Yes, love. I did. I loved you first.”


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