Vampire Mafia

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Do I keep running? Or do I surrender? This is more than money, more than Drugs. This is about a debt to be owed. My life. He will stop at nothing to get me back. He is most powerful mafia leader anyone could ever meet. Far worse than your average human mafia. I still can not piece together how I managed to get myself into this situation.

Romance / Action
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Chapter One:

I was sitting they’re on the California coast, on this beach staring off into the sunset. Watching how the remaining of the blood red sun was reflecting off the ocean in front of me.

How did I get here? How did I fuck things up so bad to the point of no return? Why did I let my walls down? Nothing comes from being a good girl. Living a life, minding my own business, just completely innocent, one day at a time. Now? Now I don’t even know where to begin.

I look to my left. The man lying next to me is utterly dead. Mixture of blood and sand all over his expensive suit. Yet I somehow managed not get his suede shoe’s all bloody. Fuck, I would find that funny at a time like this. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I thought, as I snicker. If only I knew where to begin. “How do I fix this fucking mess that I did not start on my own.”

Shit, I just wanted a new job a few months ago. I wanted to go to work, make money to pay these bills and just live a rather boring life. Now? Now I some how ended up in a middle of a fucked-up mafia war. Not your average mafia either. No, of course not because that’s my luck. I had to find myself in the middle of a mafia that is far worse. Ironic though that they still fight over the same shit as your regular mafia. Even with their supernatural life.

I look back over at the dead man lying there. I say man, but truly he is a creature far worse. With his speed, the cunning arrogants of his voice. The uncanny of his strength is far more powerful than my weakling human of a body. Yet, I somehow managed to fight him off. It won’t be so easy with the rest of the mob after me.

How far will he go to send his goons after me? I’m sure to the ends of the earth if he had too. As I owed him more then just money, more then just this duffle bag of weed to my right next to my foot. No, it couldn’t be simple. I owed him my fucking life.

My phone started ringing for the 12th time. I knew who it was, so why did I bother look at the screen? “Honeybee” with his face underneath. I hit decline. That will only piss him off more. Oops. How more pissed off will he be when he finds out I killed one of his men? Or has he figured out that this man wasn’t really one of his after all. Will he even believe me?

He will find me eventually, not as soon as he wants since I managed to get under the maxima to take out the tracking device and smashed it under my foot right after I killed Eddie. What will I tell him? “Whoops it must of fell off while we were having a high-speed chase.” I started giggling. He won’t find that funny at all. I could picture his face now, that scoffed face with his lips impossibly straight, the little lines in between his eyes furrowed. His beautiful emerald green eyes giving me an icy cold stare. While he sits behind his desk leaned back just a little with his hand underneath his chin. I always feel like a little child sitting across from him.

Even though I want to hate him, I want to punch that smug face of his. Scream at him because he is the reason why my life turned upside down so quickly. I can’t fathom it, because I still love him.

My phone started ringing for the 13th time. I know he’s worried, pissed the fuck off. He hates not being able to control any given situation, but it’s gone to far. “Honeybee” it read yet again. I stood up, trying to find my balance as my legs gone weak. This time I threw my phone as hard as I could, hearing a little plop in the distance as it landed in the ocean. What will I say now? “Whoops it magically slipped out of my hand into the ocean” I thought while I started giggling again. My sense of humor will get me killed yet. I’m already a dead woman walking anyways.

I turn around to head back to the car to get the shovel that I know will be in the trunk of Eddie’s maxima. He always had one in there, never knowing when he’s going to need to bury a body. I heard a scuffle and looked up. I gasped loudly.

Going somewhere?”

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