With Thunder Comes Rain

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Micheal Wingers Alpha of the Night Walker pack, checks his watch. 8pm sharp Raine will be brought to his room for his daily dose of fun and anger management. Raine Connors has been locked in a basement since she was 9 years old. Now she's about to turn 17 and she's wishing on death to come her. When the alpha of the Moon Stone Pack attacks Alpha Wingers, Raine is left beaten and unconscious on Wingers bed, that is until Alpha Damon Masters walks in the room to find her. Will Raine be saved? Or will this be another torturous nightmare? WARNING! This book contains strong language, abuse in all natures. Please do not read this if any kind of abuse triggers you. Also contains strong violence and sex

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Moon Hess
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Chapter one

7 years ago

Unknown POV

"Mummy! Where are you? MUMMY!!!" Raine runs around shouting for her mother.

"Mummy hide and seek is over! You won mummy!"

I can see Raine starting to cry, she's scared. Alone in the woods and she thinks it's a game.

"Mummy I'm sorry if I was bad, I'll be good! Please mummy come back!" Raine is still shouting for her mother

Well time to put this little pup out of her misery. Well for now.

"Hello little pup are you lost?" I ask, pretending to only just find her.

"Mummy's gone, I can't find her." Raine answers while wiping away her tears

"Where did you last see your mummy little one?"

"I don't remember, we was playing hide and seek, mummy told me to hide behind a tree and count while she hides. But that was a very long time ago"

Raine is now sobbing, poor child. Easy to get my revenge though. How careless of her mother.

"Oh no, well little pup how about I help you find your mummy?" I asked in the softest voice I can muster.

"Yes please!" Raine answers back with a slight smile on her face.

Raine is only 9 years old, she's had a very sheltered life for a werewolf. Her pale skin reflects the light so brightly, while her long jet black hair absorbs the light, Almost giving her a pure aura. Her dark brown eyes capturing your soul, sending you into an abyss of pure bliss and innocence.

Her parents are part of the Midnight pack, her father the Beta to Marcus Foley, her mother being the beta's mate.

Eric Connors current Beta and very overprotective father to Raine, whereas Andrea Connors is the opposite, she doesn't take much care with Raine, she just doesn't believe her child should be wrapped in cotton wool. Especially since her child may one day become a Luna or a beta's mate.

This will forever be Andrea Connors biggest mistake, leaving Raine to find her own way home.
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