Queen of the Dragons

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"Estelle, I will kill any man who stands in my way of having you. I will kill one to one thousand men!" I snarled, fury consuming me as her frightened eyes widened. Tears now slipping down her perfect cheeks. She had to understand. I would do anything to ensure that she stay by my side. Anything. "I-I do not want that," she whimpered. Her body shook as she wiped at the flushed skin of her face. My arms instinctively going around her slight body. Pulling her into me. She shook softly as she cried. I would not treat her as a child, she is my wife, my Queen. She should know what I am capable of and why. "You are a monster Loche," she sobbed out as I brought her closer to me. Her weak attempts at fighting my embrace were futile. I held her tighter as sobs racked her body. "I am your monster, Estelle." ___________ A Dragon Prince trained to be King. A Fae Princess trained to be herself. The oldest tale, dark and light mixing together to become something beautiful or disastrous?

Romance / Fantasy
Mel B
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"Do not be afraid, my little peanut berry. Tis a necessary thing."

Titania Esiela, started down at her youngest daughter with empathy, rubbing her small back as she allowed her daughter to take in such a scene. Esiela had to find a way to separate her youngest from her two eldest and mentioning talks of an adorable little animal was just the excuse she needed to teach her daughter things the others could not possibly understand.

The young princes snuggled into her mother's bossom, fear overtaking her thoughts as she took in the gruesome scene not too many Princesses of her age probably ever laid eyes on.

The small fawn was lying on its side, it's white underbelly soaked in crimson. There was a severe tear on its belly and the motionless animal looked to be dead. "Please open those beautiful eyes. I am right here, Estelle."

Feeling pressured by her mother's requesting tone, Estelle's eyes reluctantly opened and she was met the vulgar scene with a whimper. "Tis not fun. You said we would have fun mama," the little princess shook, clutching onto hers mother's dress tightly.

A soft laugh came from the Queen's lips as she sunk down to her knees, to be closer with nature. "Helping the defenseless is fun, mi ursi. Now pay attention, please."

"But mama how come Juni and Dinah are not here. They like to have fun with us too!" Estelle frowned, not enjoying the fact that her mother had her looking at something so incredibly sad while her sisters and papa were most likely eating sweet jam and drinking honey water.

The woman sighed, cupping her daughters little, chubby face. "My dear Estelle, you are different from your sisters," the woman told her child gently watching her cheeks plump up along with her lips.

"I-I am half boar like Dinah says!"

Esiela put a hand over her mouth, trying to stop the laughter that was threatening to bubble up within her. "No, no. You are fully fae, do not listen to your sister. I promise you this will be fun. Can you be quiet for mama and just listen and watch for me like the sweet girl I know you are?"

Estelle loved praises from her mama and eagerly nodded her head to comply with her mother's wishes. "Okay mama. Quiet as a fish hare!"

The Queen was surprised that her youngest even knew what that animal was. She was glad that her energetic daughter was finally listening in her studies. "Good. After we help this little faun, we can go and fetch some sweet bread. How does that sound?"

A gasp came from her daughter, her little body shaking in excitement. "Okay mama! I cannot wait for sweet bread!"

"What is the most important about being a Su Anya?"

"Um...give big hugs?"

Esiela sighed, rubbing her temples gently. It was really as if words went in one ear and out the other. And this one task was going to make remembrance much more complicated for her little Su Anya. "Well hugs are important also but no. Monarchs are in power to give power to the people. Do you understand, my little butterfly?"


"Estelle you are a Su Anya for the people and the earth. You help your people and it's animals till you cannot help any more. Now do you understand?

"I understand mama!"

The woman smiled, placing a kiss unto her daughters forehead. "Good. Now why else must we help this baby doe?"

She watched her daughters face scrunch up, her small lips poking out as she thought up an answer. "Um...because tis a baby!"

Esiela cringed. So her daughter really had not retained much from her studies. "No, because the deer is just on of our gods sacred animals. Do you understand, Estelle?" Her daughter nodded, before she she became preoccupied with staring up at something in the sky.

Just as Esiela was about to reprimand her youngest peanut berry, her daughter began to giggle and reach up to the sky. Glancing up to wherever those beautiful eyes were going, Esiela gasped, tears welling up in her eyes.

A butterfly. With golden wings and a bright green body landed right on her daughters hair. Another sacred animal.

"Look mama!" Estelle squealed with happiness, before the two winged creature took off, fluttering over Esiela before disappearing into the forest.

The Queen grabbed her daughter tightly, pressing her into her bosom, as she wept with joy. "Tis okay mama! Do not cry!" Her little sprite consoled her as she drew away from her daughter to stare at her.

"Tis happy tears, my peanut berry." The look of confusion marring her face made Esiela smile. "You will be important, my little sprite. So important," her mother sniffled. "You are truly blessed by the gods."

"I am...blessed?"

"Yes you are."

"So mamma has to give me more sweet bread?"

"Sure, Estelle."

Hope you guys enjoy!
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