Yes,Mr Knight

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Jamie Harris had no intention of being one of those women who falls for her boss..But when Mason Knight sets his sights on her she finds herself unable to resist his Bad Boy Charm. Mason Knight was the type of man who is driven by Success and Power and not his emotions. He was the type of man to use woman and discard of them, he had a bad reputation for doing so. Jamie knowing this, all the while totally falling for Mason thinking she could be the woman to change his Bad Boy ways!! I walked towards the door and stood at it arms folded."Where is the Blonde..Is she waiting by the elevator while you have a quick chat?" He smirked,finding my comment amusing."I told her to leave and then I came straight here. She wasn't happy about it but I didn't care." "You shouldn't have done that because of me,You wanted her that's why you brought her home. If I didn't show up at your apartment you would be sleeping with her right now." He shrugged his shoulders,stepping into my space."But you are the one that I wanted in my bed tonight,no one else. I was settling because you turned me down for Mr Nice Guy." "Well I was surprised by your offer. You caught me off guard and at very short notice,might I add." "Are you sleeping with him,Jamie?"He asked.His dark eyes were fixed on me as he waited for a reply. "I want to know if you've felt pleasure since we've come back from Seattle?"

Romance / Erotica
Natalie Roche
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CHAPTER 1: The Heartthrob and his Blonde

I released a sigh as I glanced down at my silver wrist watch and realised the time. 12:15 pm-Could the day go any slower! It feels like it was yesterday when I crawled out of my bed and into this office.

Sitting behind my desk at Knight & Son,I was praying for the day to fly so I could leave here at 6pm and be at Lacey's bar by 6:15pm. I had high hopes!! Lacey's bar was our spot to hang out on Friday night's after a long work week. Our as is in-Carmen,Ethan and I. We've been friends for years.

"Jamie!"Harry Knight's voice called,and I looked up from my computer. I noticed the stack of files that he was carrying in his arms."Do you mind doing some photocopying for me?"

I liked that he asked if I minded even though he was my boss and as his personal assistant I'm supposed to do exactly what he tells me. I've only been working at Knight & Sons for a couple of weeks,but it's obvious how sweet of a man he is. NOT LIKE IN A SEXUAL WAY-GOD NO!! He's in his fifties. He's just easy to work for.

"Sure,that's no trouble."My lips curved into a smile,as I took the files from his hands."I'll get these done ASAP,Mr Knight."

He smiled in return."Thanks,Darling." As Harry turned around to walk away, he turned back around slightly and looked at me."Remember,It's just Harry -Mr Knight is too formal."

I chuckled"Harry,I will get used to that I promise."He walked down the corridor towards the elevators and I got back to my work.

This is going to be a long day!!

I rested my back against the wall and folded my arms over my chest,as I let the photocopier do it's thing. I released a yawn of exhaustion,now feeling the tiredness of 4 hours sleep that I had last night.

I spent most of the night on my couch drinking glass after glass with my best friend/roommate Carmen. She was drowning her sorrows after the dumping of her life-and I was getting drunk on corner shop wine to keep her company. Because you know-That's what best friends do!

I haven't dated much,there's always been that fear of getting hurt-the fear of heart break! That's not saying that I'm a virgin or anything because I'm definitely not that. I've been with a few guys,but the relations that I've had were swift.

I had finished up the photocopying and walked across the office space with a stack of 50 stapled copies in my arms. Give me Strength!! Everyone had gone to lunch already so there was a nice quite instead of the usual sound of chit chat.

I pulled the handle of Mr Knight's office and pushed the door in with my bum since my hands were full. When I turned around I didn't expect to see what I did, Tanned-Toned-Bare Ass of Mason Knight with his trousers half way down his legs as he banged Jen from the finance department on his Father's desk.

"Oh,Mason. Harder!!"She moaned,in delight and he moved at a more rapid pace. When she opened her eyes and saw me standing there she let out a screech and covered her exposed parts-Which were her Humongous Fake Tits."Oh My God,Mason!"

Mason Knight turned around and set his dark eyes on me,the kind of eyes that would have anyone cowering at his feet. The eyes of the man who only had the feeling of pure anger in his life, it was obvious.

"Jesus Christ-Get the fuck out!!"He shouted,totally agitated that I had caught him in the act. Frankly he was lucky it was me that caught him and not his Father. Working for them these past couple of weeks,it was obvious that the Father and Son did not get on.

I closed the door to the office in a panic and scurried back to my desk with the photocopies still in hand. It's not like the man was in the position to take them off me. I rested back down behind my desk with heat in my cheeks and feeling absolutely mortified.

Why didn't you bolt five seconds earlier, Jamie?? Such an Idiot!!

I decided to bury my head in my work for the rest of the day-and it wasn't long before my colleges were coming back from their lunch brake.

Let me tell you about Mason Knight.. He's a Billionaire-Heartthrob with looks that cause most women to stop and stare as he walks by. Dark hair and intense Dark eyes to match-not forgetting to mention those tight fitted suits that he wears brings his whole look together.


He's an asshole through and through, not a kind or thoughtful bone in his body. When he sets his sights on a woman-She's his for one night and one night only. At least that's the gossip around the office.

"Jamie!"Mason's harsh voice called.He was standing by the doorway to his office,now decently dressed enough to look at. But his arms were crossed and he looked mad."My office,Now!!"

Without a word I stood from desk and crossed the room,shaking in my four inch Mary Jane Heels. Just be polite and maybe he'll forget about this whole thing,Jamie.

He had already walked in ahead of me and sat down in his black leather swivel chair,behind his desk. His arms were crossed and he was glaring at me intensely as I closed the door behind me. As my Mother assays said if looks could kill

"Is everything okay?"I asked,with fidgety hands in front of me. That's how nervous he was making me-It was like I was back in school being told off by my teacher.

"It's quite clear that everything is not okay,Jamie."He sat forward in his chair and glared at me."You disrespected me by walking into my office unannounced, you should know that you're supposed to knock before you come in.


"Well your Dad.."

"I don't care about my Dad."He cut across me with his raised voice."My Dad might be okay with you coming in here unannounced but I'm sure as hell not!"

Well his Dad doesn't have anything to hide..Unlike him!! I mean why the hell was he hanging a woman during office hours-It's not very professional of him.

"Your Dad asked me to leave some photocopying on his desk and I didn't think anyone was in here. I definitely didn't think that you would be doing That!!"I said,putting the emphasis on the word that to make a point.

Mason furrowed his brows."Do you mean fucking? It's okay,Jamie. It's just a word-Don't be afraid to use it."

Heat spread up my cheeks for the second time today and I looked away in embarrassment."I'd rather not! It's not very professional."

He stood from his chair and walked around his desk towards me. Now that he was closer I was inhaling his expensive cologne"Now you care about being professional,after walking into my office unannounced."

"Well what you were doing wasn't very professional."I found myself blurting out. The words had gone and I couldn't take them back. Now I was left wincing at the thought at it.

Oh,God!! I'm so sacked.

His face turned into an even bigger scowl,just like I had expected."I highly suggest you hold back that attitude and get back to work. Unless you want the sack before you even get your first pay slip?"

Jesus,Jamie! What's up with you and sleazy bosses?

"Okay,Mason."I replied,hoping that he would just let the subject go and be done with it."I'll just get back to work?"I was trying my best not to look at him-To look at the face that was intimating me.

"It's,Mr Knight. I'm your boss,Jamie. Get used to calling me that."His arms folded and his biceps were visibly tense in the white fitted shirt that he was wearing. He's adamant that I call him Mr Knight when his father being the nice man that he is,asks me to call him Harry.

Like I said before..Prick!!

The door to the office opened and Harry walked in and looked between the two of us. I'm sure he could feel the tension between us."Is everything okay in here?"

I stood silent and waited for Mason to speak. I was hoping he would explain the situation to his Father,however he wanted to explain it. By lying I'm sure.
It's not as if he's going to tell his Father what's really going on.

"Everything's fine."Mason answered, abruptly. He took his eyes off me and walked back to his desk.

Not taking his sons word for it Harry looked in my direction."Is everything okay,Jamie?"

"Sure,Everything is fine."I mustered a smile,for his sake."I was just wondering if fifty copies were enough or would you like me to do more?"

"No,Fifty is fine. Thanks,Darling."

I nodded in reply and turned around to leave the office. After what just happened, I wanted nothing more than to cowered behind my desk until it was time to leave.

"Jamie.."Mason called,and I turned around to face him. He was rested back in his chair looking very smug and pleased with himself.

"Yes-Más-I mean,Mr Knight?"I stumbled on my words-and it was quite clear by the look on his face that he was finding it amusing.

"Grab me a coffee,Would you? I'm drained."He smirked mischievously.

"I'm sure you fucking are!"is exactly what I felt like saying but of course I couldn't. Not if I wanted to keep my job-Which I do! He's never asked me to grab him coffee before,so I know that his spiteful way of getting back at me.

"Sure,I'll be back with that."I turned around and left the office,trying my best to hold back the bitch inside of me that only comes out on a rare occasion. Mason Knight is going to get that rare Bitch moment at some point.

There isn't a man that I dislike more!!

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