Yes,Mr Knight

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Jamie Harris had no intention of being one of those women who falls for her boss..But when Mason Knight sets his sights on her she finds herself unable to resist his Bad Boy Charm. Mason Knight was the type of man who is driven by Success and Power and not his emotions. He was the type of man to use woman and discard of them, he had a bad reputation for doing so. Jamie knowing this, all the while totally falling for Mason thinking she could be the woman to change his Bad Boy ways!! I walked towards the door and stood at it arms folded."Where is the Blonde..Is she waiting by the elevator while you have a quick chat?" He smirked,finding my comment amusing."I told her to leave and then I came straight here. She wasn't happy about it but I didn't care." "You shouldn't have done that because of me,You wanted her that's why you brought her home. If I didn't show up at your apartment you would be sleeping with her right now." He shrugged his shoulders,stepping into my space."But you are the one that I wanted in my bed tonight,no one else. I was settling because you turned me down for Mr Nice Guy." "Well I was surprised by your offer. You caught me off guard and at very short notice,might I add." "Are you sleeping with him,Jamie?"He asked.His dark eyes were fixed on me as he waited for a reply. "I want to know if you've felt pleasure since we've come back from Seattle?"

Romance / Erotica
Natalie Roche
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CHAPTER 1: The Heartthrob and his Blonde

Sitting behind my desk,I released a frustrated sigh. I was counting down the minutes to the usual Friday night drinks at Lacey's with some friends.At the end of a long week at the office that's all I was looking forward to, a chance to destress and take my mind off life for a couple of hours.

12:15pm...Could the day go any slower!!

I glanced up from my screen seeing Harry walking towards my desk with files in hand."Jamie, Can you photocopy these and leave them on my desk?"

I smiled,as I took the files."Of course, Mr Knight. I'll get these done ASAP."

"Thanks,Darling."As he walked away he turned back slightly and looked at me."Remember our rule..No calling me Mr Knight,It's just Harry"

"Harry, I'll get used to that I promise."

Harry is just the sweetest man and definitely one of the good ones.I wasn't feeling on edge around him like I did my previous boss.I started working as Harry's Personal Assistant just a couple of weeks ago. So far it's been going really well.
I've been trying to do my job at a high standard to impress him enough so he'll keep me on.

I rested back against the wall as I let the photocopier do it's thing.
I was feeling exhausted after spending most of my night listening to my roommate/best friend Carmen cry about a guy that broke her heart.They weren't dating that long, but he was cheating on her for the time they were together.
Definitely not boyfriend material and she's definitely not ready to trust anytime soon.

All of us have been screwed over at some point, we just have to pick ourselves up and try to get past it.I can't really say much on the subject since it's been so long since I've actually dated someone of the opposite sex.

At 23 years of age I had hoped I would have been tied down with a faithful man at this point.A man who wanted nothing more than to be with me and love me for exactly who I am.
I wanted a relationship like the one my parents have..I've grown up watching them love each other and witnessing how devoted they are to their marriage.

That's what I want someday!!

I finished photocopying and walked across the room towards Mr Knight's office.
Everyone had gone to lunch except me so there was a nice quite, compared to the usual sounds of chit chat.

I opened the door to the office and walked inside.I stood with my mouth hanging open and almost dropping the stack of files from my arms when I saw Mason Knight's bare ass as he banged Jen from finance on his Father's desk.

"Oh, Mason..Harder."She moaned and he moved at a rapid pace.I was still standing watching,frozen in shock and unable to move.

Jen let out a screech when she noticed me standing there, for all of maybe 5 seconds too long.
"Oh My God..Mason."She pulled away and covered her exposed parts, which were her humongous fake tits.

Mason Knight turned around and set his dark eyes on me.As handsome as the man is he's a real Prick, everyone knows it.
Even the woman but they're all happy and willing to be another notch on the man's bedpost .

"Jesus Christ, Get the FUCK out!!"He shouted,totally pissed that I had caught him in the act.

Feeling embarrassed I ran out of the room with the files and scurried back to my desk 5 feet away.I sat down in my seat with heat in my cheeks, absolutely mortified.
"Why the fuck didn't you just bolt 5 seconds earlier,Jamie?"I whispered to myself as I rested back in my chair looking up at the ceiling.

You're such an Idiot!!

I decided to bury my head in my work,hoping that the day wouldn't drag by anymore than it already had been.
I desperately wanted to get out of here and I desperately wanted to avoid Mason Knight at all costs.

I haven't been in contact with Mason much myself, I've only been working for the Knight's a couple of weeks.
Mason Knight would never notice a woman that wore a dress lower than the knee. A quite, conservative girl like me isn't his style.

"Jamie."Mason called,in an abrupt tone.He was standing by his office door looking serious with his arms crossed over his chest.Meanwhile I was shaking in my 4inch Mary Jane's.

"Yes, Mr Knight?"I asked,trying my best to be polite and pretend that I didn't witness him in the midst of his office antics.

"My Office."He glared at me and walked in ahead leaving the door opened as an invitation for me to follow.
He wasn't one bit pleased..But it serves him right. It wasn't professional of them to be doing what they were doing, how could he not expect to get caught.

Maybe that's why he did it!!

I walked into the office feeling a little nervous, my nerves grew even more when I saw him sitting at the front of his desk with his arms crossed.
As my mother says, If looks could kill you'd be dead.

"Close the door."He barked.

I turned, closing the door just to satisfy him.I suppose the topic we were about to discuss was a sensitive one and he didn't want others to overhear on the way back from lunch.

"Is everything okay?"I asked, shyly.

"No,Jamie! It's quite clear that everything is not okay.You disrespected me by walking into my office unannounced.You're supposed to knock before you come in."

"Your Dad.."

"I'm not my Dad."He interrupted me mid sentence before I even had a chance to finish.
"My Father might be okay with his staff coming and going as they please but I'm sure as hell not."

That's because his Dad has nothing to hide, he's not banging women in the office.
Like why the hell wasn't he doing it on his own desk that was right across from his Dad's.

"Your Dad asked me to leave some files on his desk, I didn't think anyone was in here.
I didn't think you would be doing..THAT!!"

He furrowed his brows at me."You mean having sex.. Fucking!!
It's just a word,Jamie. Don't be afraid to use it."

Heat spread up my cheeks for the second time today.
He knows now that the topic was making me uncomfortable and he's using it against me.

"I'd rather not, It's unprofessional."

Mason stood up from the edge of the desk and stepped closer to me.
"Now you care about being professional..Jesus you're something else."

"You don't even know the meaning of the word."I blurted out, in the heat of the moment.

I couldn't tell what he was thinking when I looked at him, I didn't even know if to apologise immediately or not.
Then his face turned into a scowl and he glared at me.

"Do you want the sack?"

Jesus what have you gotten yourself into,Jamie. You've only been working here a couple of weeks.
What's up with you and sleazy bosses?

"No, Of course not!"I answered, absolutely trembling I was so scared of the man.
He had that way about him that had everyone around him cowering at his feet and it wasn't because he was the boss.

"Then I suggest you hold back on the cheek and get back to work."
He crossed his arms again."You wouldn't want to find yourself unemployed before you even get your first wage."

I looked down to the floor feeling like a little kid after being told off by her parent.
"Okay, Mason."

"It's Mr Knight!!"He replied, his tone was firm.

His Dad was insisting on me calling him Harry, trying to be as nice as pie.
But this Jerk was taking the absolute piss, demanding I call him Mr Knight when he isn't even the boss.

"Mr Knight."I looked up at him,"I'll be on my best behaviour from now on..I promise."I was trying my best not to admire his face, his whole sex appeal actually.The man has a really sucky personality and he shags every woman who opens her legs for him.

The office door opened and Harry walked in looking between the two of us."What's going on in here?"

I waited for Mason Knight himself to answer, I wasn't going to out him to his Dad.

Mason sat back against his desk with his arms crossed again."Everything is Fine!!"

Not taking his sons word for it, Harry looked in my direction."Jamie, Is everything okay?"

"Sure,Of course."My cheeks flushed,as I tried to think of what to say."I was just wondering if thirty copies was enough?
If I need to print more it's no problem?"

He smiled."No, That's plenty. Thank you, Darling."

I smiled and nodded in reply, before Turing around to leave the office.I wanted nothing more than to cower behind my screen until it was time to leave for the day.

"Jamie.."Mason called and I turned around and looked at him, sitting there all smug.

"Yes..Um..Mr Knight?"I stumbled on my words and I could tell by the look on his face he got off on it.

"Grab me a coffee,Please.I'm drained."

Im sure you fucking are!!Is exactly what i felt like saying but decided not to.
He was just picking on me now,Mason has never asked me to grab him coffee before.
Although grabbing coffee for the man you work for isn't an unusual thing.

"Sure, I'll be back with that."

I turned around and walked away, feeling totally pissed that he was trying to take advantage.There's not a man out there I've ever hated as much as I do Mason Knight.

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