Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 10: The Seattle Flirtation.

Straight off the plane and into meeting after meeting.We were in a building that I was unfamiliar with, and i was sitting outside of the office waiting patiently while Mr Knight did his thing.
It's been hours since we've landed and so far he hasn't really needed me, it made me think that he's asked me here for different reasons other than work.

Maybe..Maybe Not!!

It's obvious now that he's coming onto me and I've made it quite clear that I wasn't interested.
I thought he would have given up already, but Mason is the type of man who's used to getting what he wants.

"Jamie."His voice called,and it sent a shiver through me.

I looked up at him from the desk I was sitting at. Mason looked like the day had gotten the better of him already."Yes,Mr Knight?"

"I need you to do up a copy of these."He handed me a stack of papers."The printing room is down the hall and to the left."

I took the thick stack of papers from him and held them in my arms."Sure thing."

"There's a coffee shop downstairs in the lobby, I could do with a refuel..Make it a double shot."

He invited me here to bring him coffee and print some things,I could have had great plans this weekend.
But I have to do what I have to do, work is my priority.

I grabbed my things and got ready to leave"Do you want me to grab you something to eat,you haven't eaten yet?"
I was just trying to be nice, since I'm getting his coffee anyway.

"Alright,Whatever you're having."
Mr Knight winked at me, before turning around and walking back into the office.

The man has no idea that I'm a vegetarian, imagine his face if I came back with a salad.
Luckily I know what he likes. I grabbed my things and decided to get the photocopying done first.I walked down the hallway and into a room on the left.

As I did my work I wondered when we would be getting back to the hotel, it was already after six.
Last night being in bed with Ryan, I found myself awake during the night unable to sleep. I just wanted to get back to my room and crawl into bed.

"Haven't see you around here before."A man asked, as he walked further into the copying room with a stack of papers in hand.
"Are you new?"

I smiled politely."I guess you could say that.I'm just in town on business with my boss."

"Mason Knight?"He asked.

I sorted the pages from the photocopier neatly and stapled the together."Yes,How did you know?"

He smirked."I just came from that office,I'm assisting my boss.
Mr Knight is quite the bull isn't he, What's it like working for him?"

"That's one word to describe him.He has his moments, I try not to get on his bad side."
I've come to realise there's no neutral with Mason Knight, he's either gunning to ruin my day by snapping over nothing or he's too forward and flirty. He's a complicated man.

"Well at least he's something nice to look at,my boss Mr Blair is in his 40s and balding."

I chuckled."Mr Knight might be nice to look at, but when it comes to personality I think your boss might just take the lead."

He smirked."Possibly."The man extended his hand out to shake mine.
"Joshua Benson."

Joshua Benson was a nice looking guy with a combed over hairstyle and a very good dress sense.
Better yet he had the personality to go along with it.

I shook his hand."Jamie Harris,nice to meet you Joshua."

"You too."He smiled, and walked towards the photocopier to set it up for copying.
"How long are you in town,Jamie?"

"Just until Sunday, then I leave to go back home.I'm hoping Mr Knight will give me 2 days off since I'm working through the weekend."

"You should make the most of your time here.Order room service and make him foot the bill, that'll sure show him."

"He'd have my head for that."I picked my photocopying up in my arms.
"I should get back to it. It was nice meeting you."

"You as well, I'll see you in there."

I left the room with files in hand and walked back to the desk I had been sitting at, I placed the files down for when I get back.
I'll have to get his coffee before I do anything else.Double shot and make it snappy.

I took the elevator downstairs to the coffee shop in the building, I waited in line with the late night workers.
After 6 on a Friday and some were still hard at it.Finally I placed my order of two to go coffee's and something to eat for Mr Knight.

"You again!!"

I looked over to see Joshua standing beside me."Oh, Hi! You're in need of a refuel too?"

"Definitely, But I'm hoping that we'll be finished up in there soon."Joshua placed his coffee order.

"Here's hoping."I was handed the coffee's and a take away bag. Joshua was handed his while I placed the lids on the coffee's.

"So I think my Boss is planning on going to The Nest for drinks after the meeting.
It's normally a thing he likes to do after discussing business."

I pressed the button for the elevator."What's the Nest?"

"It's a pretty amazing rooftop bar that has an amazing view, I think it's a must when you're in Seattle.You should come,Jamie?"

I shrugged a shoulder lightly"Hmm,I don't know."
My worry wasn't going out with a man I only just met, but going out with my boss.Mason Knight was flirting..Imagine what he's like after a few drinks.

Joshua pressed the button for our floor."You know by now that I'm Gay,Right??I'm asking you to come to have a good night, I have no hidden agenda."

"I know, That's not the problem."

"Then what is?"Joshua asked.

The elevator doors opened and the problem was standing right in front of me, Mr Knight.
I wondered was he coming to look for me, I wasn't gone that long.

Mason looked between Joshua and I,"I was looking for you,Jamie. I need that coffee."

I stepped out of the elevator before Joshua and handed Mr Knight his coffee."Sorry,Mr Knight. There was a queue."

Joshua smiled at me and walked ahead of us towards the office. I'm sure he was trying to avoid the rath of The Big Bad Boss!!

"I send you for coffee and you make a new friend."He looked over at me and smirked.
"Another nice guy.."

"Nice Guys are my type."I brought my coffee to my lips and sipped.

"We'll see about that."He smirked mischievously.
Mason opened the bag that I had given him and he looked inside."How did you know what I liked?"

"It's my job,Mr Knight."I walked ahead of him towards my desk and grabbed the files that I had photocopied.

Mason walked over and stood beside me,his masculine scent in the air between us.
The man smells good, I'll give him that."I need you to sit in on the meeting and take some notes,Jamie.

I've been sitting outside at this little desk since we've arrived and now he wants me to sit in.At least he's making use of actually having me here."Okay..That's what I'm here for."


I glanced down at my watch and saw that it was already close to 8pm.
The bosses were still sitting at the table chatting while Joshua and I sat aside taking notes as we went along.

"He's looking at you."Joshua leaned in and whispered.

I looked at Joshua and followed his line of sight. Mason was sitting at the desk chatting business, but he was looking at me.His eyes were fixed on me actually,like he couldn't tare himself away.

I pushed my black frames up my nose with my index finger, it's a thing I do when I'm feeling self-conscious.
I wondered was it the glasses that had him so fixated.

"Mr Knight..Mr Knight.."Mr Blair said, trying to get his attention.

Mason took his attention off me and looked at Mr Blair."Im sorry,I was distracted. What were you saying?"

Their conversation went on and I continued taking notes, noticing Mr Knight glancing over at me from time to time.
Thankfully the meeting ended not long after and we packed up and got ready to leave.

"It's been a long day.You're both joining us at The Nest tonight,Yes?"Mr Blair asked, as we walked towards the elevator.
He asked the question assuming the answer was already a Yes, that we were coming.

Mason glanced at me and back to him."We'll meet you there."

We'll meet you there.He didn't even ask me if I wanted to go, do I even have a choice in the matter??
Am I going there to have a good time and drink..Or am I still going to be taking notes as they chat amongst themselves?

We walked out of the office building and into the cold.
I closed up the buttons of my black wool coat,as I felt the breeze.

"See you at The Nest,Jamie."Joshua smiled, before parting to go his separate way.

Mason and I walked towards the waiting car and slipped into the back seat. We sat in silence as the car took off in the direction of our hotel.
My phone rang in my bag and I pulled it out and looked at the screen,it was Ryan.

Mason glanced over at me."Let me guess, It's Mr Nice Guy?"

I cancelled the call and placed it back in my bag."I'll call him back when I get to the hotel."
I looked over at him."Do I have to go out tonight?"

"Yes,It's business. So I need you to be there and make an impression."
He looked my body up and down as I sat at the other side of the car."Wear a dress, something low cut and short."

Something that's totally not me."For your benefit or the clients?"

He smirked."If I said mine,Would you wear the dress?"

I shook my head in reply and he found it amusing.
I wondered if he was surprised that I was still resisting him, I'm sure he doesn't get that a lot.

"The Nest is a fancy rooftop bar, you should look the part.
Who knows,you might end up actually enjoying yourself tonight!!"

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