Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 11: Too many Strawberry Daiquiris

To my surprise Mason Knight respected me enough to book me a separate hotel room from him.I've had a little bit of anxiety about the situation since he asked me to come along,but thankfully he's at least being somewhat professional about this.

His flirt was confusing my mind and I promised myself that I wouldn't get caught up in him.He's doing what he can so he can have me and throw me away-Just like all the rest of them.I'm not like the others,He's already realised that yet the game remained the same.

I looked into the floor length mirror at myself. My dark hair was in loose curls that have been in since the early hours,I didn't have time on my side so I touched them up a little so that I looked like I made some sort of effort for the nest.My makeup so soft and light,accentuating my best features which I've always been told were my eyes.

I sighed,as I looked at myself."Be the Good Girl,Jamie."Because a good girl isn't something that Mason Knight is used too.

A knock came to the door of my hotel room,interrupting me mid pep talk.I walked that way and looked through the little peephole that was on the door.

It's him!!

I felt like keeping him waiting since I know how impatient of a man he can be,so I stood by the door with a smirk on lips as he knocked again.It serves that cheeky man right.Then my phone rang on the bed and I knew that it was him,so I had no choice but to open up.

I opened the door and Mr Knight stood looking sharp and smelling just as devine as he did an hour previous.I wouldn't deny the man on his choice of Aftershave,I've never known a man to smell so good.

He removed the phone from his ear and placed it in his pocket."I was trying to call you,Jamie.Why didn't you answer the door when I knocked?"

I rolled my lips together in thought of an excuse."I was um-Changing."

He smirked."You're a bad liar!You didn't wear the dress,why am I not surprised."He looked sort of impressed that I didn't go with his choice of outfit and decided to go with I chose.

I shrugged my shoulders."I guess I wasn't feeling it."Maybe I had wanted to wear the dress,but he asked me to so I decided to go against him.Instead,I wore a pair of tight fitted black trousers,a cute blouse that was tucked in making the outfit look both professional and appealing.

Mr Knight smirked mischievously,focusing his attention on my breasts that were on show in my semi see through blouse."At least that shirt is semi see through."

Since I already knew that it was see through,there was no embarrassment to show. It was see through just a little,but I was wearing a bra and I was planing on wearing a blazer over it.

My phone rang on my bed and I walked towards it,picked it up and looked at the screen.It was Ryan!! I told him I would call him when I landed but I've been so busy I forgot.

Mr Knight walked into my room and across to where I was standing,he snatched my ringing phone from my hand and looked at the screen."Mr Nice Guy!!"He smirked and hung up the phone."We need to leave,Jamie.Time is of the essence."

I took the phone from him and gave him a glare. He didn't want me to answer that call and it had nothing to do with time.This weekend I'm in work mode,I need to behave and do as he asks.

The Nest was a fancy rooftop bar,the weather was cold now that it was late so some people had been seated inside for warmth.Overall the decor was fancy and the drinks were pricy but delicious.I mean $16 for a Daiquiri,I won't be having more then 2. It's not that I don't have the money either,I just have better use for it.

Besides,I don't really want to get drunk and make a show of myself in front of them all.I was the only woman at our drinking table.

"I'm so glad that you came,Jamie."Joshua shouted,from his place beside me at the bar.The music and chatter of the packed bar gave us no choice but to shout.

Joshua and I were ordering another round for our table of eight,Yes eight men and no woman!!Of course the men were being men,chatting about business and bragging about how much money they have.I'm definitely appreciating my new friend here.

Well I didn't exactly have a choice,I thought but decided not to say and just smiled instead."Me too,It's a nice bar."

"There's something going on between you two isn't there?"Joshua nodded his head in Mason's direction."I've noticed his eyes have been on you all night."

I've noticed that too,it was obvious.If Joshua noticed then I'm sure that everyone else did."Um-there's nothing going on,Not really."

Joshua chuckled."Nothing is always something.When I got back to my apartment earlier,I just had to look him up.It appears he's quite the Ladies Man."

I turned my head and glanced in Mr Knight's direction."That's the problem,I don't want to be just another one."I turned back around with a sigh."He wants me...But I won't be used by him."

He nodded his head in agreement."I hear ya! Fair play for holding firm,I sure as hell wouldn't."

I chuckled."As they say-Once a player always a player.I need to be smart and use my head so I should probably stop drinking these Daiquiris."

"Jamie!"Mason's voice came from behind and startled me into turning around with a fright.I'm guessing by the look on his face,that he heard what I said. Mason took the drink from my hand and set it down on the bar."A word!"

Mr Knight looked between Joshua and I,clearly not impressed.He turned around and walked through the crowd,with the attention of every single women in the bar.That didn't surprise me in the slightest!!

"Someone is in TROUBLE.Good Luck with that!!"Joshua joked,before he picked up his drink and walked back to the table of men.

I'm going to need that Luck!!

I followed Mr Knight,through the crowd of socialising drunk people.He pushed open the frosted glass door that led to the hallway between the bathrooms.Of course being my Luck it was empty.Seriously,No one has to pee?

Mason snapped around and looked at me"What are you doing,Jamie?You and that guy were talking about me in there,if he says the wrong thing to Mr Blair it could harm my business.

"Um-He asked and I just-I just"Crap,I was stumbling on my words because honestly I couldn't think of a good enough excuse to be talking about him like that."I'm sorry,I wasn't think."

As my Mother always says,if you don't know how to explain yourself just apologise,so that's exactly what i did.I was in the wrong-I shouldn't have said what I did.

We stood silent for a few moments,with only the music of music coming from the door behind us.Mr Knight,stepped into my space."Are you interested in me,Jamie?"

He took me by surprise again,asking me questions that I in no way knew how to answer."Mr Knight. Please!!"

He stepped even closer to me,pulling my bottom lip downwards with his thumb."Am I the only one that's feeling this sexual frustration between us?If I am,tell me now and I won't waste anymore of my time pursuing you."

Jesus Christ,Save me!!Tell him he's the only one feeling the frustration,because you don't want to be just another ONE."You can stop perusing me,Mr Knight."

Mr Knight was looking at me,clearly not satisfied by my answer. "Alright,Fine."He grabbed the steel bar of the frosted door,pulled it open and walked out in a huff.

I leaned back against the wall with a loud exhale. Mr Knight is trying to have me his way,and I turned him down yet again.Things are going to be awkward between us now,and that's definitely not what I wanted.

After a few moments of gathering my thoughts,I pulled the door opened and walked back into the bar to join the others.As I walked through the crowd I noticed him,Mr Knight with his arm already around some blonde woman.

I was under the impression that he was trying to behave himself in front of Business associates,but obviously that's gone out the window.

The blonde with the low cut top was all over him, making it clear that she was available for anything he wanted.I walked past them both,and he looked at me with a smirk before bringing his attention back to her.I sat down at the table next to Joshua.

"By the look on your face,I take it the conversation didn't go well?"Joshua leaned in and whispered."Luckily I ordered you another drink."

"Thank You-I need this!!"I picked my third Daiquiri up off the table and I drank.I knew that drinking tonight is a bad idea but I just couldn't help myself.

I stepped out of the elevator and walked the carpeted hallway,with Mr Knight right behind me. His hands were on my hips on occasion,to keep me upright.It was late now and I was a lot more intoxicated than I had planned.

"What's your room number?"Mr Knight asked,placing his arm around my waist

"I told you-Seven-Three-Five."I slurred,and walked ahead of him carrying my shoes in my hands.I shouldn't have drank as much as I did,I'm totally going to be sick tomorrow.

"Well there's only 300 rooms in this hotel,so you're wrong about that."He smirked."I guess we can check with the keycard until we find the right one."

I had forgotten to bring the envelope that says the room number on it,and just brought the key card instead.Usually it's written on the card itself but I guess they forgot to do that.Mason remembered my floor but couldn't remember the exact number of my room.

"Wait up,Jamie!"Mr Knight shouted, and walked faster to catch up with me.His suit jacket was handing over his arm and his white shirt was smeared with the blondes red lipstick."You're upset with me?"

I shook my head."Why would you say that?"As if I really have the right to be upset with him over anything.It's simple,he wanted me and I said no so he had her.Mr Knight is who he is!

"You drank quite a lot,and it doesn't seem like you're used to that."He placed a key card onto the wrong door and it came up Red."Are you upset about the Blonde?"

I shook my head again."I don't care about her,I don't understand what's going on here.What do you want from me,Mr Knight?"

He placed the key card into another door and it unlocked."Looks like I found your room,isn't that a shame."Mason stopped me at the door and pushed me up against the frame."You know what I want,Jamie. Don't play dumb and pretend that you don't want me,because it's clear that you do."

"Mr Big Bad Boss,You're confusing my mind!! I can't get tangled up in you."I chuckled.What the hell is coming out of my mouth!!

Mason smirked,and moved into my space even more. He moved his hands up my body and placed them either side of my neck. I lifted my head up so that I was looking at him."I want to taste you."

Mr Knight wants to taste me-I'm pretty sure he'll taste the many strawberry Daiquiris that I've had.Before I even had a chance to react,his lips smashed against mine and was kissing me with a lot more passion than he had done the first time.

I willed myself to stop the kiss,to push him away before he had a chance to explore anymore of my body...But I couldn't!!I've been denying him and I couldn't do it any longer. I was drunk with no willpower left inside of me to tell him No.

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