Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 12: The Morning After, The Night Before.

When my eyes fluttered open,I found myself squinting because of the light shinning in through the window of my hotel room.I sat up in bed,with my head spinning and my stomach doing flips.Those Daiquiris were a bad idea!!

What happened last night?

"What's wrong with you,Jamie?"I heard his voice from behind me and I snapped my head around to look at him.Mr Knight was laying next to me in bed, shirtless with the sheet up to his waist."By the look on your face I'm guessing you don't remember a thing from last night."

I don't remember this that's for sure!!

I jumped out of my bed with a fright,trying to create some distance between us.Thankfully I was fully clothed-But he wasn't."Mr Knight,You're-You're in my bed!!"

"Well that's what happens when you drink as much as you did,I've never seen you drunk before."He smirked mischievously."It's not something that I will be forgetting anytime soon."

Crap-I remember now!!

I remember the blonde women at the bar,kissing him and grinding his leg as she danced.I got drunk enough that he brought me back here and we kissed at the door.But I don't remember anything after that.

"Did we..."I wanted to ask him if we slept together but I couldn't even bring myself to ask.We could have had sex-I could have gotten dressed afterwards.

He sat up in bed,showing that he was all hard muscle as he pushed his body upwards."Please,Give me some credit!You were drunk,Jamie.I wasn't going to touch you when you were drunk."

"Thank God!!"I released a long sigh of relief, finally certain that I didn't have a drunken fling with my boss."I don't want things to be unprofessional in the office,Mr Knight."

Mr Knight stood of my bed and walked towards me completely naked.Damn it,I just knew he was naked under those sheets!!Every part of his tanned and toned body was on show and he wasn't at all embarrassed by it.His muscles moved and his cock did too,all 7inches of his erection was coming straight for me and I froze.

"I think we've passed unprofessional at this point."He moved towards me placing his hands on either side of my head,before pressing his lips against mine.It was unexpected definitely!!I didn't expect him to just go for it like that.Mr Knight pulled back from the kiss."Allow the Bad Girl in you to come out and play.I will pleasure you like you've never been pleasured before."

My heart was pounding in my chest and he had me totally lost for words,I didn't know if that was because of his naked muscular physique or his talk of sexual pleasure-Or maybe both.

"We should um-probably get ready for that morning meeting with Mr Blair."I needed to say something to change the subject.He's turning me on and I am weak.

"I don't need you for this one,you can stay here."Casually he walked towards the bed,picked his clothes up from the floor and started to dress.Despite trying my hardest to divert my eyes from his ass,I just couldn't.I've never looked at a man as muscular as he is.His body was sculpted to absolute perfection!!"Are you enjoying the view,Jamie? It sure looks like you are."

"Um-No I just..."I cleared my throat and crossed my arms over my chest in embarrassment."Are you sure that you don't want me to come with You?It is why I'm here after all!"

"I think you would be better off taking it easy until this evening,you drank a lot last night."Mr Knight moved his trousers around the curve of his ass and zipped it up at the front.His shirt came next."Did you bring the dress?"

The dress that I purposely left at home in my closet.I shook my head at him."I didn't bring it."

"You weren't feeling it I'm guessing."He sighed,and grabbed his suit jacket that was hanging over the back of the chair."Meet me in the lobby at 1:30 and please don't be late!"Mr Knight walked to the hotel room door and turned back around and looked at me with a smirk."Make sure to hydrate."He turned back around and left.

That man just loves telling me what to do.I know very little about Mr Knight on a personal level,but it's obvious he likes to be in control.It's his way or its no way.

I crossed my room and rested down on my unmade bed with a sigh.He's so stuck in my head.I can't deny that Mr Knight is Hot as Hell!!He's making it very hard for me to resist him.I'm the type of girl that believes in romance-Mr Knight is anything but.

Can I just sleep with him-Allow him to pleasure me for one night and one night only and not get attached?I don't know!!

The image of his body was one that was stuck in my mind.I moved my hand down my body,into my panties and I moved my fingers gently as I thought of him.I thought of him naked in front of me with his 7inch erection. I thought of over me and Pleasuring me himself.

I know he wants me-Yet I'm denying him every single time. Could the thought of him alone be enough...Or am I just denying what I truly want..A TASTE OF MR KNIGHT!!

Mr Knight and I had been greeted with expensive champagne at the doors of a Lavish boutique.The kind of boutique that needed an appointment just to get inside,the kind that I would in no way get into with that boss of mine.The warm welcome was for him and not for it.

I looked at the expensive clothing on the racking,while he walked alongside me."This place is nice,I'm guessing only the rich are allowed."

"Being a Billionaire goes a long way,Jamie.It's better to shop this way,in an empty store with no-interruptions."He smirked.

I stepped closer to him,breathing in his masculine scent."If you think that I'm going to sleep with you in the dressing room,you're going to be left disappointed.I'm not that kind of Girl!!"

"I know you're not,you're making that quite clear.We're here to find you a dress so let's do that."Mr Knight moved my dark hair back and slipped my shirt off my shoulder to show more skin."Preferably something strapless and Red."

"I guess we'll see."I fixed my shirt and continued browsing.I was shrugging him off like he was having no affect on me-Even though he definitely was.

He walked alongside me,watching my every movement while I browsed."I want you,Jamie.It's quite clear to me that you want me too!You're not going to make this easy for me are you?"

I wasn't sure if he was agitated or if he was impressed that I wasn't making it easy for him.He's too used to getting what he wants.

I folded my arms over my chest and smirked at him."You're used to getting what you want-exactly when you want it.I haven't decided if I'm going to sleep with you...But if you can't wait then I understand."

"No,I can wait!"He threw me a wink and picked up two dresses from the racking.He handed them to me,both of them being Red of course."These two! Because you know I like Red on you."

He likes me in Red!

I took the dresses from his hand and turned around and walked towards the dressing room.Red isn't a colour that I usually go for,but I guess I could try it on just to humour him.I stepped into the dressing room and slipped down to my underwear.

I looked at myself in the mirror,I was standing in the Red dress of his choice.My hair was tied up into a loose bun so that my neck was exposed.I remember Mr Knight telling me that Brunettes weren't his type-Yet he's perusing me.

The silver curtain pulled back and Mr Knight walked into the dressing room and closed it behind him.He stood right behind me,looking at me standing in front of the mirror."That's quite a dress,Miss Harris."

"Thank you!"I murmured,before I turned around and looked at him."You shouldn't be in here,we could get in trouble."Jesus,Don't i sound like a five year old.

He grinned."I'm Mason Knight,no one tells me what to do."He moved he back against the wall of the dressing room.His lips pressed against mine firmly and aggressive.Like he wanted more than just a kiss.

Four time we've kissed now-Each time taking it further than the last.The difference is this time I'm not intoxicated and I'm full on kissing him back.

I laced my arms around his neck,just as his fingers made their way to my panties.I gasped,against his lips as his fingers moved inside of me.Pleasuring me much better than I had done to myself this morning.

"Is everything okay in there?"A man's voice said,from the other side of the curtain.

Crap-I knew this would happen!!

Mason pulled back from the kiss with a smirk."Everything is fine.She's decided to go with the Red one-Will you get her some things to match."We waited,until eventually the man walked away from the door and we were alone again.

My heart was beating out of my chest."Oh My God,I told you we would get caught."Getting hot and heavy in a changing room isn't something that I do.That was crazy!!

He winked at me."You liked it though.I hope we can finish this later."He smirked,turned around and left the dressing room.

The moment he was out of sight,I rested back against the wall with a sigh.The sigh wasn't because I didn't enjoy what just happened...The sigh was because I enjoyed it a little too much.I looked at myself in the mirror,my cheeks were red and flushed and my hair was messy from his fingers going through it.

This is a recipe for disaster,Jamie!!

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