Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 13: Ravishing in Red!!

I walked down the front steps of the hotel in my sweetheart neckline red dress. I was getting the eye from men as they passed by,but it was Mason Knight that had my attention.
After having his lips on mine,his hands caressing my skin,I knew what women found so alluring. They had a taste and came back for more,despite knowing he only beds the same woman once.

I wondered if he worried about getting board..Or worried about getting attached so he only sleeps with the same woman once.
He seems like a very guarded man in every way but sexual.

Mason smirked,standing by the door to the waiting car."You look ravishing in Red."

"I take it you like it then..You are the one that picked it after all."
He didn't really give me a choice in the matter..He got me into a Red dress after all.

He pulled me closer to him,so my body was pressed against his.
Mason discretely moved my hand down and placed it on his rock hard crotch."I think that's proof of how much I like it."

A LOT OF PROOF!! Does it make me feel good to know that he gets hard seeing me in Red? A little!
But the man has been hard over half the women of New York.

I slipped into the car and he walked around the other side and did the same. I was looking out the window as the driver took off in the direction of the restaurant.
It was 6:45 and it was already dark,the weather was cold enough that even the wool coat I had on over my dress wouldn't keep me warm.

"What's on your mind,Jamie?"

I brought my attention from the window and over to him."Nothing, I'm fine."

He smirked,shaking his head."You women always say nothing but it's clear that it's something.
I should know I've studied you's for years."

"I don't think you know much about women at all,Mr Knight. Unless it's to do with a women's body,you seem to know a lot about that."

He raised his eyebrows in surprise by my answer."Touche.I do know a lot about a women's body,I would like to get to know yours a bit more."
He placed his hand on my knee and moved it up my leg slowly.

Here..He wants to pleasure me in the back of the car on the way to the restaurant?
The driver is sitting up front..What he wants to do to me wouldn't go unnoticed.

I moved Mason's hand away."No,Not here."I whispered.

He leaned in,hovering his lips over my ear before sucking my lobe into his mouth."I want you,Jamie. I want you bad."

I chuckled."You're just going to have to be patient and wait."

"I'm not a very patient man,I think you know that already."He glanced down,taking a look at my rack in my sweetheart neckline dress.
"I want to see you..All of you. You've seen all of me."

"I'm pretty sure you were happy to parade around in front of me Naked.
You were giving me a teaser of what you had in store for me."

"Was it enough of a tease for you to want more..Earlier in the dressing room you seemed very into it?
You're driving me crazy and I can't take it."He whispered.

My Lord,He's making my head spin.
Just hearing him talk about the subject of sex was causing my blood to rush to my middle."I think you should sit back and relax,Mr Knight,we have a long night ahead of us."


I was standing at the bar with Joshua, getting another drink while the men at the table talked business.
Since we're the assistants we figured we would make ourselves scarce and have a drink alone.

"Oh,Jamie!!"Joshua chuckled."It's so obvious that something happened between you and that Boss of yours."

I smirked."Is it?"

"His eyes have been glued to you all night,clearly he wants you.
I figured it was game over when I saw him with that Blonde at The Nest last night."

I sighed,turning around and looking in Mason's direction. He looked so serious as he chatted business,it was his best look."He wormed his way into my good books and I'm finding it hard to keep my distance."

"He likes you..You like him..He looks like he would show you a wild night in the sack."

I turned around to face Joshua again."I'm seeing another man back in New York. We've only been out on a couple of dates,but i feel bad for fooling around with Mason behind his back."

"If you're not official there's no need to feel bad about that.
Lot's of people fool around with a few different people at the same time,I'm sure your guy back home is too."

I sighed."I guess so,we never really discussed becoming exclusive.
He dropped me off at the airport yesterday morning after spending the night in my bed."

"Jamie.."I heard Mason's voice from behind me.

He has a habit of sneaking up behind me when I'm mid conversation and possibly saying something embarrassing. I turned around to face him.

"Are you ready to leave?"

"Um..Okay."I was surprised that he was leaving so early,I figured it was going to be another late one.
"I'll just grab my.."I looked down and noticed my coat draped over his arm."Coat..Thank you."

Mason handed me my coat and I slipped it on over my skimpy Red dress. Honestly,I was glad to have more coverage.
I have a feeling he has plans of removing the Red dress himself when we get back to the hotel,it's most likely the reason why we're leaving so early.

I looked at Joshua and smiled."I guess this is goodbye."

"Looks like it,It was great getting to know you,Jamie."He closed the distance between us and hugged me."You have my number,make sure to keep in touch."

"Sure,You too..Don't be a stranger."
I pulled back from the hug,surprised at how close I had gotten to him after just spending two days together."Bye."

Mason and I walked through the restaurant together,I waved Goodbye to our table on the way. His hand was on my lower back as we walked out into the cold and towards the waiting car.
Mason was rather impatient looking on the drive back to the hotel,he was sighing at the traffic in front of us and tapping his foot.
He wanted to get me back to that room fast. I'm sure if it had of been his way,he would of had me in the hotel bathroom.

"Traffic,Jesus Christ!!"

I chuckled."Relax,Mr Knight.I'm sure we won't be long,thankfully it's nothing compared to the traffic back home."

The cars started to move again."Thank god for that. Now I can get you back to that room."He winked,with a smirk playing on his lips.

Persistent Man!!


I walked into my hotel room and set my clutch bag down on the table. Just as I was about to remove my coat,Mason came up behind me and removed it himself.
I turned around and looked at him knowing what was going to happen next,the man made it clear he wanted me.

What kind of sex will it be?

I've heard things about him and from what I've heard this isn't going to be sweet missionary style,honestly I'd be surprised if a bed was used at all.
Maybe the desk,up against the wall,the shower??
I guess I'm about to find out!!

"Jamie.."He whispered,his face was pressed against mine."I'm going to Fuck you so hard."

Hard it is..I had a feeling.

His lips were on mine,kissing me like he was hungry while his hand fisted a chunk of my dark hair having all of the control.
My hands moved in the direction of the leather belt of his trousers,I opened them up and moved them down over the curve of his ass.

I watched Mason as he removed his suit jacket next and undid the buttons of his shirt.Again he stood before me naked,while I was fully clothed.I guess I better even the score.
I flicked off my heels and undid the low zip on the back of my dress,it was a relief to be able to breathe again after wearing that the entire night.

"Take it off,Jamie. I want to see you."

I loosened my grip on the fabric and it fell to the floor,my nipples were rock hard and it was obvious.
I had just a pair of panties on as he moved towards me,immediately capturing my lips in another kiss of passion.

"You're so fucking Hot!"He whispered.

"Remember that time in the elevator when you said that Brunettes weren't your type. You're here with me,So does that mean you've changed your mind?"

He smirked."You're the exception."

"Oh,I'm the exception.Is the no banging brunette women a rule then?
I don't understand that,You like who you like,you can't control that."

Mason laced his fingers with mine and pushed me back against the wall,he held my hands up above my head."Enough talking..More Fucking."

He rubbed me over my panties,that were already damp from wanting him. As Mason rubbed me,he captured my nipple in his mouth whilst cupping my breast in his hand. I quietly moaned in pleasure as he swirled his tongue around my tip.

"Mmm,That's good."

He released my nipple from his mouth and hovered his lips over mine."Rub me,Jamie. Take it in your hands and feel how big it is for you."

I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand."Mmm,So big."
I can't believe I'm doing this..Even though I want to. I've never been this wild and vocal with a man.

Mason wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off the floor,He gripped my ass firmly,spreading my cheeks as he carried me to the desk.
I was set down on the wood,my arms were around his neck as I kissed him.

"Are you ready?"

I nodded my head in reply and he picked up his trousers from the floor and took out a wrapped condom.
He tore it open,threw the wrapper on the floor and rolled it down his hard length.
I bit down on my bottom lip, extremely turned me just watching him.

Mason moved towards me,pulling me closer he pushed his massive cock inside of me. He said rough and that's exactly what he gave me.
He gripped my hips pulled my body closer to his as he rapidly thrusted inside of me. I gasped with pleasure,hardly able to catch my breath.

"Oh God!!"I moaned.

"Moan for me,LOUDER! I want you to let it all out and show me exactly how much you like it."

He moved at a rapid pace before pulling out of me and turning me around so I was bent over the desk. He wants to control me from behind, I really shouldn't be surprised.
He pushed inside of me,building that amazing sensation between my legs as he gripped my legs and slammed me back on his cock.

"Call me,Mr Knight."He demanded,as he thrusted harder.

"Mmm,Oh God!! Yes,Mr Knight."I moaned."MORE!"
My wall of self control was thin. My voice upped by nearly two octaves as the thrusting of his cock became too much for me to handle,his moans and cursing of pleasure made it even more unbearable.
I've had him now..Fifteen minutes of rough pleasure by Thee Mason Knight. It was much more than I had expected.

How did I ever go without??

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