Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 14: It was a Mistake!!

I walked down the few steps of the Private Jet and stepped onto the tarmac,knowing Mason Knight wasn't far behind me.I could hear the noise of his shoes with every step and the smell of his expensive Cologne as he got closer.

Mason spent most of the flight home buried in his work,finishing up the details from this weekends business trip. It was pretty much like last night never happened,but that was exactly what I expected from him. It was what I prepared myself for.

Just one time..And one time only.

Last night was amazing,the best I've ever had in fact. After the deed was done,we both collapsed onto my King sized bed with exhaustion.When I woke up during the night I found that Mason had left,and there was a note on my bedside locker letting me know that our flight back home would be an earlier one than planned.

"Do you need a ride home,Jamie?"

I smiled at him."No thanks,my friend is waiting on me.I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"You've worked through the weekend, I think you've earned a couple of days off."Mason stopped by the door to his waiting car."I'll see you Wednesday morning."

That's generous of him,I was worried about working two weeks straight.
I was absolutely exhausted so I was grateful for the offer.

"Thanks,Mr Knight.I guess I'll see you Wednesday morning then."I walked away,trying my best to be casual.This was normal for him,but it wasn't for me.

How am I going to go on,day in day out working for him,knowing what's underneath those clothes.
After hearing his moans of pleasure while he did anything he wanted with me,it's not something I can just erase.
That man was the roughest Fuck I've ever had.

Carmen was waiting in her car outside the private runway,just like we had arranged this morning.
I opened the door to the back of the car and threw my bag on the seat.

"Hi Hon.."

"Hi!!"I opened the door to the passengers side and slipped into the car."Thanks for picking me up,we left earlier than planned this morning since business was taken care of."

Carmen winked at me."Naughty business?"

Figures she would say that.I know Carmen all to well,I'm sure she's been dying to have me home so she could get all the details. I chuckled."Both."

She squealed."Oh My God,I knew it. I knew you couldn't resist his Moby Dick."

I chuckled."You had that one saved up just incase I slept with him didn't you?"

"Totally. I rehearsed on the drive here.
So you know that I want to know everything that happened,Don't be stingy with the details.Tell Carmen everything,Hon."Carmen started up the car and we got on our way.

"I don't know what to tell you. It was hot and rough just like I had expected it to be,he was in control the entire time."

Carmen grinned."How big..Massive?"

"Well a cucumber has got nothing on Mason Knight that's for sure."

She could hardly contain herself with laugher,her body was shaking which is definitely not a good thing since she's driving. Maybe I should have saved the saucy details until we were sitting down at home.

"So what happens now then?"

I sighed,looking out my window of the car."Mason Knight only sleeps with the same woman once,Remember.
I was his brunette exception for one night and that's that."

"Well at least you have that night together,the memory and a dildo will keep you going."She glanced over at me."Unless you're still seeing Ryan?"

"I've been feeling so guilty over him.
I slept with Mason so quick despite not even going on a date with him,yet I've been out with Ryan a number of times and I still turned him down the night before I left.
Ryan is such a good guy,he's so patient and kind.I know he would treat me well."

Carmen shrugged her shoulders."Maybe you weren't feeling it with him.I think you're trying to convince yourself that you like him like that."

"Am not!! He's cute,I like him."

She smirked."Cute he may be..But he isn't Mr Knight,the best Fuck of your life.
What am I going to do with you,Hon?"

"Let me drink myself into oblivion."I released a sigh."Sleeping with Mason was a mistake.I'd rather not discuss it again. Let's just pretend it never happened."

"If you say so."

Two days off work,I would like to have a drink so I could forget the events of this weekend for a couple of hours.
Unfortunately family dinner is tonight at The Harris Household,and since I arrived home early I have to attend.


I was sitting at the table with my Dad after being roped into playing his usual game of Cards.Playing cards with my Dad has been something Jake and I have grown up doing,especially while we waited on our dinner to come to the table.
Our first time playing cards with my Dad we played a game of Slaps,it was one that I'd never forgot.Let's just say,My brother left the table with more than a sore hand and a bruised ego. He's never played cards with me since.

"How was your weekend in Seattle?"My Dad asked,not looking up from his playing cards at all. I'm sure he has a good hand.

"Yeah..It was good."I could feel my face getting hot just talking about it.
Even though I'm older now,when I've done something I'm not proud of I always think my parents immediately found out somehow.

"Well I hope that Mr Knight has given you some time off considering you've worked through the weekend."
My Mom had her hands in a pair of oven gloves as she took the casserole from the oven.

The smell of spices wafted through the air.Since I'm a vegetarian she always makes a separate dish just for me. I always love Family dinner night, but today I wanted to avoid the questions.

"I'm off until Wednesday. Mason gave me two days off,he isn't as bad as everyone makes him out to be,Mom."
Ugh,Jamie..You couldn't sound anymore obvious.

My Dad scoffed."I don't know about that. A man with money and power that's all gone to his head,i doubt he knows the meaning of the word respect."


"Well maybe someday he'll learn."My Mom butted in."He is quite Yummy though,Isn't he Sweetheart?"She winked at me.

"Jesus Christ,Mother!!"

My Dad rolled his eyes,leaning back in his chair."Your Mother has a thing for younger men now.
I'm pretty sure there's a lot more than books being discussed at Tuesdays book club."

"Oh,Don't complain now,Clay. There's plenty of me to go around."
My Mom joked,then placed the casserole down on the middle of the table.

My Dad spanked my Mom on the butt before placing his arm around her waist."Julia Harris,You are all mine."

Much to my embarrassment,I sat watching their display of affection and playfulness.
I've grown up watching them like this all my life,I guess that's why I look up to them so much when it comes to relationships.

I sighed."Okay,That's enough of the kissing and the slapping of the butt.
You two are making me nauseous."

My Mom chuckled."There's nothing wrong with showing affection to the one you Love.This will be you down the line,Sweetheart.

I rolled my eyes."Yeah,I doubt that."

My Mom grabbed cutlery from the kitchen island."Well how are things between you and Ryan?"

I knew she was going to ask about him sooner or later,my Mom is so rooting for us to become official.
She's praying for that Son in Law and the Grandbabies to come.

"Well we're not official or anything,we're just seeing how things go for now. I want to take my time and get to know him before rushing into anything."

She looked at me hopeful."But you like him?"

"I like him,I'm seeing him again this week.I don't know what we're doing yet,Ryan wants to keep it a surprise."

"Well that sounds promising.He's a nice guy,Jamie. I know he'll treat you well."My Mom placed the vegetarian casserole down on the table in front of me.

The front door opened."Helloo!!"My brother called,and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.
"Well aren't you lot a nice bunch waiting for me before you start..NOT!!"

"We didn't start yet,Sweetheart.Sit down and I'll dish up for you."My Mom grabbed a plate for my brother and fussed over him like she always does.

"Thanks,Mom."My brother stuffed his face with a mouth full of food and was chewing very loudly."I was out with a Girl all day,I'm famished."

I groaned."Ugh,You're gross."

Jake chuckled."That wasn't what I was talking about,but it shows where your mind is at."
He smirked."How is Carmen,Jamie?"

"That's none of your business,I know where your mind is at."Jake and I have always had a sibling relationship filled with banter back and forth, although sometimes it gets more serious than others.

He smirked."Touche.

"So Christmas is the week after next.You're both staying the night,Right?"My Mom looked across the table,waiting for an answer.

"Sure,I am.It wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't stay the night."The thought of it alone had me excited.
We haven't gone a year without being under the same roof on Christmas morning,so why stop now.

"Alright."My Brother sighed."Count me in,it is tradition after all."

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