Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 15:Bending the Rules


I was sat behind the desk in my office,my hands clasped in front of my mouth as I watched Jamie through the open door.
She was sitting behind her desk,with her toned tanned legs crossed and on show.The sexy little check skirt that she was wearing, was giving me all sorts of naughty and Sexually frustrating thoughts.

I haven't been able to shake her these past few days,which isn't something I'm used to. Usually I'd have them and that's that,yet it doesn't seem to be the case with Jamie.I don't get attached..Just one time,that's my rule.

"You still haven't had your way with her i take it."Brent smirked,walking into my office.

I sighed,diverting my eyes from the temptation."I've had her."

Brent sat on a chair in front of my desk."You've had her..Then she mustn't have been very good since you look so dissatisfied."

I rested back in my chair,looking out the doorway at Jamie as she fixed the black framed glasses she was wearing."She was good,the best I've ever had infact. The problem is I want more."

He chuckled."Woe,Well I hope that's not your way of telling me that you're ready to settle down?
Does Mason Knight want a couple of kids and a Minivan?"

"Jesus,Of course not. But I might be considering bending my rules for her. Once more wouldn't hurt,I didn't savour the moment the first time round."

"I think she's going to expect more from you than just one more round if you go there again."Brent stood from his chair."But it's your choice to make."

"She won't. I'll make it clear."

"A couple of us are going out tonight,a new club called Frost.
Come with us, I'm sure there will be some hot girls to take your mind off the brunette."He looked in Jamie's direction.

I sighed."I don't know,I have a lot on."

"Which is why you need the break,I'll see you around Nine."
Brent walked out of my office before I had a chance to decline his offer.

It was after six when I was finishing up at the office, not many were left apart from Jamie as she finished up my next week's schedule like I asked her to.
I wondered would walking out there and asking her back to my apartment be an easy task..Or would I just be wasting my time?

It's clear that the woman wanted me as well,but she didn't attempt anything. She's seen it enough,so of course she knows my deal. But if I offered her more would she accept.I stood from my desk..I guess I'm going to find out.


"Mr Knight,I was just coming to talk to you.That meeting with.."She trailed on.

I wasn't even paying attention to her words,none of them I heard. I was focused on her lips,big and plump in the soft colour of pink.
I wanted to suck them,bite them too, I wanted them open and around my thick cock..

Fuck!! I was getting hard just thinking about it.How is it possible that she's had this effect on me..What the fuck is going on here?
Just fucking kiss her and be done with it,take her on the desk right here,right now. There was no one around to watch,honestly at this moment in time I didn't give two fucks.

"Jamie.."Her name left my lips and I was hoping that she would stop talking and listen but she didn't."Jamie..Stop talking."

She finally stopped talking and looked at me with furrowed brows. I moved closer, closing the distance between us and I kissed her..Hard.
I was pleased to realise that she wanted it too..Or at least that's what I thought until she pulled away.

"Mr Knight.."She whispered,moving away slightly. Jamie looked at me,whilst moving her fingers over her top lip that was slightly plumper than it had been before the kiss."What was that?"

"You know what that was.You liked it didn't you?"I stepped closer to her,closing the distance."Don't answer that,I already know you did."

"I thought.."

"I want you,Jamie.."I interrupted before she had a chance to finish."The night I had you in Seattle wasn't enough to satisfy my craving for you. I need you again."

"I um..Well the thing is.."

Jamie's phone vibrated on her desk over and over again."Who's calling you?"

She shrugged her shoulders,walked towards her desk and silenced the call without even looking at the screen.
Jamie turned around and looked at me again,standing in silence"What's going on here?"

Before I had a chance to reply,the elevator doors opened distracting us both from the moment.Jamie moved away and I knew the reason why when I turned around too and saw who it was.
Mr Fucking Nice Guy!! This guy is like a fucking boomerang.

"Ryan,Hi!!"Jamie chuckled nervously, and walked past me towards him as he got closer.

He placed his arm around her and pressed a sweet little kiss to her cheek."Hi Babe, You look Gorgeous."

Babe..She's his Babe now. Give me a break, they hardly even know each other.
I didn't think she was still seeing him after what happened between us in Seattle,I figured she would feel too guilty about sleeping with me to keep things going with him.

"So I called you when I was outside,I was worried when I didn't get a reply so I thought I'd come up and get you."

"I was just finishing up some things here,but I'm ready to leave now."Jamie packed her things into her bag and grabbed her coat."Mr Knight,here is all the information that's needed for tomorrow's meeting."She handed me a thick stack of files."'ll see you tomorrow morning then."

"Nice seeing You,Mr Knight."He smirked, placing his arm around her. Although to Jamie it wasn't obvious but to me it was. He was claiming her as his.

I watched them as they walked down the hallway together,his arm around her waist. The man was way too keen and touchy. Are they an item now?
The kiss had me believe otherwise.This is a first for me..I've never been rejected before.


I was walking out of the building with Ryan,his hand was around my waist and he was being very affectionate.
I wondered was it because the last time we saw each other we ended up in bed together..Or was he trying to put on a show in front of The Womaniser Mr Knight.

I didn't tell Ryan about Mason,I took everyone else's advice and decided to keep it to myself.
Ryan wanted to go out again and I said Yes..Why not? I like him..He's a great guy.

As for Mason Knight,I don't know what's going on there.That kiss was unexpected.
I'm confused..I thought he only sleeps with a woman once. Yet he's coming at me for another round.

"Where are we going,Ryan?"

He looked over at me and smirked. "You're just going to have to wait and see,Babe.I really hope that you'll like what I have planned."

We walked towards his car that was parked not far from the building.
I was leaving my own here at the office since Ryan offered to bring me back to pick it up after our date.

My phone vibrated in my purse and I opened the clasp and pulled it out.
I was surprised to see that it was a message from Mason. I moved away from Ryan casually and I opened the message.

[Text Message.]"Babe,Really?"

Is he Jealous over Ryan..It sounds like he's Jealous.
[Text Message.]"You're Jealous..Really? I didn't think Mason Knight had a jealous streak."

I slipped into the passengers side of Ryan's car and pulled my seat belt over my chest as I waited for a reply.
Ryan pulled onto the road,in the direction of our secret location. My phone vibrated again and I looked down at it.

[Text Message.]"Don't go out with him,Jamie. Ditch that Guy and spend the night in my bed.I promise you won't regret it."

Ditch Ryan to spend another night in Mason Knight's bed,it was an opportunity that most people don't have..But Why me?Why am I the one he chooses to give more of his time to.

"In that bag down by your feet is a little something."Ryan pointed.

I put my phone away and grabbed a bag that was tucked away beside my feet.I opened it up and looked inside.
"Sneakers..Why do I need these?"I chuckled,looking over at him.

"For your surprise."He smirked."I called Carmen and she told me your size,she also told me to get you these ones to match the outfit you're wearing today."
He looked me up and down."They match perfectly."

I chuckled."Thanks,Ryan.That's so sweet of you.I'm excited."I guess this means I'm not cancelling my date last minute,just like Mason asked me to.His offer of a night in his bed was tempting..That kiss we shared was very tempting too.

Mason Knight,is so messing with my Head.

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