Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 16: One More Time.


Paint Balling,Really!!

This was Ryan's surprise for me all along.
I wasn't pissed about it,the opposite of that actually. I'm just surprised that he brought me here,I didn't think he was that wild. I've never been paintballing before but I seemed to have beginners Luck for the game.

After an eventful hour shooting people and getting shot at not near as much,Ryan and I were sitting down and having a simple dinner of Pizza and Fries. Honestly,It was the perfect date..The company was nice.

"So how did you find that?"

My lips curved into a smile."It was a lot of fun,Ryan.I'm really happy that you brought me here.A little surprised too,if I'm being honest."

"I know."He sighed."I was trying to think outside the box.I didn't want you getting bored doing just dinner all the time."

"I like dinner with you,but tonight was fun too. Can I plan something fun for the next time?You always take me out,so I think you should let me spoil you."

"Alright,You can plan the next one since you're so eager.How about you come back and stay the night at mine after our next date then?"He winked.

"Um,Sure. I'd like that."

I wasn't ready to sleep with him..But why? I so easily slept with Mason in Seattle, knowing at the time that it wasn't going to be any more than a casual fling..But I still gave myself to him nonetheless.Why can't I give myself to Ryan?I like him and he's a good guy.This could be something great between us.But yet I'm hesitating..Why?

"Ready to go?"Ryan asked,setting his paper napkin down on the table after cleaning the grease from the pizza off his hands.

"Sure,I'm ready."I stood from our small circular table and Ryan and I walked towards his car.
I was still in the comfort of the trainers that he had got me,since I was wearing heels all day I was definitely grateful for them.

Ryan held open the car door,but stopped me before I got in.He looked at me,extending his hand up and rubbing my cheek."You've got some paint on you."

I grinned."Thank you."

Ryan inched his face forward and kissed me,slow and soft.Just a slight touch of tongue with his hands staying in innocent places.It was everything that my Kiss with Mason Knight wasn't.


I took Brent up on his offer and decided to go to the Club after all,so far I wasn't regretting it.I had a cute blonde in front of me at the bar,kissing my neck and totally keen to come home with me tonight.

I gave Jamie a choice! Go out with Mr Nice Guy or spend another night in my bed..It was an offer that I've never given to anyone else,yet she chose to go out with him. As a result of that I'm here doing what I do.

"Didn't i tell you that you would find someone to take your mind off the brunette."Brent whispered,clapping me on the shoulder before walking away.

"Who's this brunette he's talking about?"The blonde asked,as she placed her arms around my neck.

"Just a girl I know. It doesn't matter."
I moved my hands around and cupped her ass,pulling her body closer to mine. I had some sexual frustration that I needed to get rid of tonight.

"I've heard some things about you."

I chuckled."Is that so?"

She nodded her head,whilst moving her hand down towards my crotch.The Blonde gripped my bulge in her hand."I can tell what I heard was definitely true,you're quite the size.Mr Knight,Will you live up to everything I've heard about you in the sack?"

"I guess there's only one way to find out!!"I smirked."My place,Let's go."

"You're the Boss!!"She grabbed her bag and coat,and followed me out of the crowded club.

It didn't take me long,I hadn't even been in the nightclub that long.But when it comes to getting a woman home and into my Bed,it's usually a piece of cake anyway.

Except for Jamie that is!! THE EXCEPTION!

The Blonde,I forgot what her name was and I didn't want her to Bitch out so I didn't ask her..Instead I just call her Babe.
I didn't need to know her name,she's the one that's going to be screaming mine after all.

We slipped out of the car outside my Apartment Building,I placed my arm around her shoulder as we walked to the door.That's when I saw her standing there, her dark hair in messy waves,her Black framed glasses over her eyes and her plump pink bottom lip pulled between her teeth as she stood in thought.

Jamie didn't see us yet,she didn't see that I was here with a blonde woman hours after I invited her into my bed.I'm guessing she's here because she changed her mind about my offer of sex,she's going to change it right back when she sees me with Babe here.I thought about shoving Babe into a car quickly to get her out of sight,but she was a mouthy one so I doubt she'll go so easily.

Fuck!!The blonde wouldn't keep her trap shut and brought attention to us both. Jamie looked in our direction.

"Jamie.."I walked closer to her.

"Mr Knight,I um..I tried to call you but I didn't get an answer."She looked over at Babe before looking back at me."Clearly someone else has taken you up on your offer,I'm going to go."She walked past us.


"Is that the brunette you were talking about?"Babe asked."I'd be interested in a three way if that's what you want?"

I sighed,as I watched Jamie get into her car and pull away from the curb."Actually,I'm not interested,I think you should go."

"You can't be serious..You dragged me across town for absolutely nothing??"She Glared at me,obviously not taking my rejection well.

I pulled out my wallet and handed her some cash."Get a Taxi back,there's one just up there."I pointed.

"You cunt!! I'M NOT A PROSTITUTE!!"

"I don't care."I shouted,as I walked away and left her standing alone in the distance cold and alone.
She wasn't the one that I wanted to be balls deep in,I was just settling for her.



"Ugh!!"I groaned,as I paced the hardwood floor in my bedroom. I was still wearing my trainers from tonight's paintballing date with Ryan and I was still cold from standing outside Mason Knight Apartment building for thirty minutes because security at the front door wouldn't let me in.

I was freezing for nothing!!

I can't believe I was so stupid to even show up there,stupid enough to think that he wouldn't have taken the opportunity to sleep with someone else since I turned him down.It's not something that I could be angry with him about either since I was on a date with Ryan..But I was angry with myself for showing up and looking like an idiot.

"Jamie.."Carmen shouted.

"I'm pacing,Carmen. What's up?"I shouted back.She knows I'm in a mood,usually she wouldn't disturb me.

"There's a very Hot Man here looking for you,I think you should come out here.
He said he'll Fire You if you don't!!"

Fire me..Fuck!! It's him..At my apartment. What the hell is he doing here?
I opened the door to my bedroom and walked the hallway. Carmen was standing at the front door getting a good look at Mason Knight as he stood in his expensive crisp white shirt and skinny jeans.

"Mason."I think it's probably the first time I've actually called him Mason since that time I got in trouble over it.

"Can we talk?"

Carmen looked between us."I'll give you two some privacy then."She walked my way and smirked."Good going,Hon. I'm so proud of you."

I walked towards the door and stood at it arms folded."Where is the Blonde..Is she waiting by the elevator while you have a quick chat?"

He smirked,finding my comment amusing."I told her to leave and then I came straight here.She wasn't happy about it but I didn't care."

"You shouldn't have done that because of me,You wanted her that's why you brought her home.If I didn't show up at your apartment you would be sleeping with her right now."

He shrugged his shoulders,stepping into my space."But you are the one that I wanted in my bed tonight,no one else.
I was settling because you turned me down for Mr Nice Guy."

"Well I was surprised by your offer.You caught me off guard and at very short notice,might I add."

"Are you sleeping with him,Jamie?"He asked.His dark eyes were fixed on me as he waited for a reply."I want to know if you've felt pleasure since we've come back from Seattle?"

"Does my Vibrator count?"

He smirked."I can pleasure you so much more than that Vibrator of yours.This time I want to make it count,I want to savour you All night long."

"One more time?"

His lips pressed against my neck as he pressed me against the door,soft and sweet he kissed as his lips moved towards my ear. Mason pulled my lobe between his teeth,causing me pleasure and pain at the same time."One More Time, Just for you.

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