Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 17:: The First Date.

I stood in front of my closet,pushing hanger after hanger along the steel bar and to the side.
Blue Dress..No.White Jumpsuit..Definitely Not. Short Mini with a Cute shirt..Surely not for a first date.

Ugh,This is Hopeless!!

Mason Knight was taking me on a date and I wanted to make sure I looked the part.There's been a lot of chaos in my apartment since he came by the other night,mostly on Carmen's end.I was getting another night with him, which no other woman has so in Carmen's mind she's thinking marriage and Babies.

I'm the Exception to his Rule,so I figured I'd take advantage of that and have him take me out to dinner.Yet another exception for me but he reluctantly agreed,although he was very frustrated in having to wait a couple of days.
I wanted to go out Saturday but Mason couldn't wait that long,so here I am on a Friday night getting ready for my Date instead of going out for Friday night drinks with the gang.Carmen had forgiven me immediately given who I was ditching her for,and Ethan was getting tipsy on the bottle of wine from my fridge.

"I have a Red one."Carmen shouted,from her bedroom.

"Ugh,Red again.Really?"

Carmen walked into my bedroom."Well he likes you in red so why not?"She held up the dress for me to examine."You want that man down on his knees and begging for more."

I chuckled."One more time,Remember!"

"Please,He's had you once and now he wants you again. Mason Knight is coming back for more,Trust me on that."

She's getting ahead of herself and thinking this is going to turn into something it isn't.
I love that she's there for me though, even though she likes him herself. I think it was enough for Carmen just having him showing up at our front door,at least she could get a good look at him then.

"I don't know about that..But I think I'll take that dress."I took the hanger from her."Since he likes Red,I might as well give him what he wants."

I walked into the bathroom with the dress in hand. I changed quickly, slipping the sexy Red dress on over my new matching underwear set.Yes,I went all out and bought a new set that I thought he might like. I wasn't ready to sleep with Mason the other night..But tonight I am.

"You're phone just vibrated."Carmen shouted."It's a text..Two actually."

"Um,Will you read them out to me?"Carmen and I are like sister,so there wasn't anything that I needed to hide from her.

"There's one from Mason,It says he'll have a driver come pick you up outside the apartment at Seven and don't be late."

Late..I'm taking an elevator downstairs, How late could I possibly be? I wonder where he's even taking me. He's been rather quite on the details.
The last two days working alongside each other knowing and feeling the tension has been hard,I was trying not to be obvious about it either.

"Okay,What's the other?"I shouted.

"It's from Ryan,he says.."Babe,What are your plans tonight?It's been two days and I need to see you.A quite night at my apartment..Are you up for it?"


I opened the bathroom door and walked out in the slutty Red dress that I was wearing to impress my Fling.I looked at Carmen,feeling the guilt after hearing the text aloud.

"Don't.."She pointed her finger at me, got up from the bed and walked my way. "Don't talk yourself out of this because of Guilt."

"I'm not."

She rolled her eyes."I know that look on your face..It's Guilt.You don't need to feel that way..You would if Ryan asked you to be a thing but he hasn't.You're single so there's no reason why you shouldn't act like it."

"Single and ready to Mingle."Ethan chuckled,by my bedroom door holding a half drunken bottle of wine in his hand.

"And Mingle she will."Carmen joined in on the chuckles."Have your schedule clear tomorrow because I'm sure he's going to wear and tare ya."

"Jesus Christ."I pulled the ankle straps of my black heels up."Should I bring a coat?"

"That's a stupid question,it's bloody snowing out.Hat and Coat,Maybe your Boots instead of those Heels."Ethan drank another mouthful from the bottle.

"Definitely don't wear the boots,just dealing with the cold will be worth it to wear those heels."Carmen looked down at her watch."It's getting late now."

I crossed the room towards my bedroom window and looked out,it had snowed a lot more since I got in from work just two hours earlier.
Boots would look silly,but at the same time I'm pretty sure if I wore a heel I'd sink.

"I'm wearing the boots."I turned from the window and walked to my closet to grab my boots.My Dr Martens have only been wore a few times and they still looked like new.

"Safety before Style."Ethan looked me up and down."In my opinion,those boots look even better than the heels did."

"Well hopefully he'll think so too."I glanced down at the time on my watch."Alright,I'm late. I should go."

I pulled on my woollen Black coat that has a belt around the middle,I had a scarf around my neck and a ribbed black bobble hat with a faux fur pom pom.
I was prepared for the weather,although only having to walk from my building to the waiting car.

"Many layers for him to get through,Good Luck to him."Carmen pulled me closer, fixing the scarf around my neck."I want to give you a little advice for tonight."

"Go on then."

"When he's putting it in your butt use lot's of Lube,trust me. You don't want to make the same mistake that I did."She winced, just thinking about it.

"He won't be going near that area but thanks for the advice."I pressed a kiss to her cheek."See you Later.
I walked over to Ethan and hugged him."There's another bottle of wine in the Fridge if she gets too much."

He chuckled."Thanks for that,Have a good Night with the Boss."

Ugh,I hate him being referred to as my boss. I hate the fact that I'm going to my bosses house just to sleep with him,it makes me feel Dirty.
But then again..Mason Knight is unlike any other Boss! .


The driver had picked me up outside my apartment and pulled up outside Mason's Apartment building,he even escorted me up the elevator. The elevator was one of those that needed a special key to go up to the PH apartment that Mason lived in,which explains why his driver came along.

I figured he would be dropping me off at some Fancy Restaurant where Mason was waiting,but instead he's taken me here.
I wondered if he was trying to break the rules and have me before having dinner that we agreed upon.

The elevator doors opened,not into a hallway but into a huge opened space PH apartment.I guess I shouldn't be surprised since Mason Knight is rich and it's clear he likes the finer things in life

"Mr Knight said that you could go ahead in."The driver said,and held open the elevator door for me.

"Okay,Thank You."I walked out of the elevator and into the warmth of the massive PH. Honestly I was feeling a little nervous now that the moment was here.

I walked down the two steps and looked around as I walked towards the living/kitchen area.The decor was very modern with glass tables and fancy leather chairs.There was a fancy electric fire that was lighting up the living room,as well as the candles that were lighting on the dining room table.

When I walked closer to the kitchen I noticed him at the island,looking incredibly Handsome in his fitted wine coloured shirt as he cooked our meal. My heart started to beat faster in my chest.
Damn it,Why does he have to look so good.

"There you are."Mason chuckled looking me up and down ."I take it its cold out?"

I smiled."It's snowing..A lot. So I apologise that I don't look the part for our date tonight,I chose to be warm instead."

He smirked,walking around the island and towards me."You look fine to me,but let's remove some of this so I can see you."
Instead of allowing me to undress myself he did the honours,starting with my hat he placed it on the island before removing my scarf from my neck and doing the same.
Mason undid the belt of my coat and slipped it from my shoulder.

"Since you like me in Red."I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth,as I stood waiting to see what what his opinion was.

He smirked mischievously,as his eyes wandered every part of my body that was on show for him."Gorgeous.
Come sit at the island,I'll get you a drink."

I sat down on a stool at the island and he sat down next to me. Mason was turned in my direction,looking at me and making me feel Intimated.He has a habit of making me feel like that.

"Let's get these off and get you comfortable."Mason lifted one of my legs onto his lap and started to undo the laces of my boots.

"You're trying to get me out of my clothes before dinner.That isn't the agreement we made,Is it?"

"Just the boots for now. I would like to see you barefoot."He winked at me,and removed the boot and the fluffy sock from my foot before moving onto the other one."Perhaps later you can wear the boots..And just the boots."

"If you're lucky."I smirked. I guess the boots were a hit after all,now I'm barefoot and comfortable in his apartment.This is not at all how I imagined a date with Mason Knight.

Mason opened the door to his fully stocked fridge."Beer or wine?"He turned his head and look at me as he waited for a reply.

"Wine,Please."I crossed one of my legs over the other and watched his every movement as he poured some wine into a glass and placed it in front of me."Thank You,Mr Knight."

He chuckled."I think you can call me Mason now,Jamie. You know,given the circumstances."

I smirked."Well I didn't want to get into trouble."I was Flirting,which usually wasn't something I did. I'm not even like that with Ryan and we know each other more.Maybe it's because everything is on the table,I've seen his body and he's seen mine.We both know tonight involves sex.
"I'll call you Mason,Just for tonight."

"Alright,Just for tonight."He continued on with the preparations for dinner.

I didn't want to get in the habit of calling him Mason,I didn't want anyone at the office thinking anything of it."Mason,I don't want anyone to find out about this.Sleeping with someone casually isn't something I do."

He smirked,bringing the bottled beer to his lips and took a gulp full.He brought it back down and looked at me."Doesn't your boyfriend know?"

"Ryan..We're just dating."

"But it's going to turn into more than just dating,Am I correct in saying so?"
He braced his palms flat on the island counter top between us when I didn't answer."He doesn't know you're here with me tonight,he's probably not dating anyone else besides you.It's obvious that's he's making more out of this thing between the two of you,than you are."

I have no idea what this thing with Ryan will turn into. We're casual and getting to know each other,but I'm obviously sleeping with my boss on the side.(This one last time.)
I would have been happy with Ryan,I was happy with him..Well up until Mason Knight set his sights on me HARD!! Now I'm just confused.

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