Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 18:Calling him,Mr Knight..

Sitting across the candlelit table from Mason Knight,I never thought I'd see the day. For a man who doesn't do dates he was impressing the hell out of me,I was so impressed that I could safely say this is the best date that I've ever been on.

I was impressed with the vegetarian meal he had prepared himself,the mood that he had set with the candles and the light music and the nicely flowing conversation that was going back and forth between us.
In my opinion he was a professional dater, despite not being a man to date.But he certainly knows women inside out,he knows exactly how to swoon them and he was without a doubt swooning me.

"So what's the verdict?"Mason asked,clasping his hands together in front of his face.He was sat across the square candlelit table from me looking insanely hot in his fitted wine shirt.

I smiled."Amazing,Just like the dinner that you made.I'm surprised that you know your way around the kitchen like you do."

Ugh,I was feeling the slight guilt for even saying that. But honestly it was what I was thinking.Mason Knight is rich,I figured he would have a chef or something.Even still,the meal that he made me tonight was way better than anything I've ever cooked..Like way better.

"Why does that surprise you?"

I shrugged my shoulders."I guess because you're a man..And I kind of figured you would have your own personal chef."

He raised his eyebrows."Because I'm a man?"

"I have a brother and he's disgraceful at the Bachelor lifestyle,he burns toast like every single time he puts it in the toaster.
One time my parents went away on Holiday and he lived on pocket Pizzas for a week,because my Mom wasn't there to cook for him."

He chuckled."Well I'm nothing like your brother,not all men are the same.I do have a chef,but I like to cook sometimes too. I find it therapeutic."

I finally know something about him,he likes to cook.That's a pretty hot trait for a man to have in my opinion,it's even better that he looked damn good doing it.

"And your chef didn't help you with any of the Prep tonight?"I smirked,as I waited for him to answer my question.

Mason set his beer bottled back down on the table after taking a few swigs."She was off the clock tonight.I have a recipe book of my Mother's that came in handy."

"A recipe book,My Mom has one of those too. She's been adding to it throughout the years.Your Mom must be a great cook since she thought you so well?"

He sighed."Yeah,She was. She passed away a few years ago."

Shit!! Great going,Jamie. Bringing up his Dead Mother on a date,is one way to kill the mood.I didn't know that his Mother was gone,it's not something that ever came up.

"I'm so sorry,I didn't know."Obviously in my mind I was wondering how she passed,but it's not a question I wanted to ask him.Looking at him he seemed very sensitive to the subject.

"It's fine,It's not something I like to talk about."He stood from his chair and picked up the dirty dishes after our dessert."Why don't you get comfortable on the couch and I'll clear these away?"

"Do you want me to help? I don't mind,I'm no stranger to dirty dishes thanks to Carmen."I was already getting up from my chair,preparing to help him.

"I have them.We have one date,so I might as well do it right. Relax in the living area,I'll bring over some wine."He walked away,holding the dirty dishes in his strong arms.

He was trying to be the perfect Gentleman,although both of us clearly knew that wasn't the man he is.
He asked for one more night with me and I asked him for a date,it's nice to see he's pulling out all the stops.

I crossed the room to the living area in my bare feet,looking around the home that he lived in.I wondered how many Girls have been in his space,butt naked on his couch and being pleasured by him. It annoys me even thinking about it.

This is just one night. Remember that,Jamie.

I picked up a framed photo from the sideboard and looked at it,it was a photo of Harry and Mason with a woman who is assume is his Mother. She was very beautiful,with brunette hair and dark eyes just like him.

"Her name was Penelope."

I turned around and looked at him,smiling lightly."Your Mother,she was a very beautiful woman.You look like her a lot,I think it's the eyes."

"She would have been thrilled hearing that,it's something she loved to hear"Mason handed me my wine glass and took the framed photo from my hand. He glanced down at it before he placed it back on the sideboard.

"It must be so hard for you and your Dad being without her. I've never lost anyone close to me,so I'm not familiar with the feeling."

"You're lucky."He took a swig from his bottled beer again,before setting it down on the sideboard.Mason placed his arms out and pulled me closer."Jamie,I've been dying to kiss you all night."

But yet he hasn't. I'll just surprise him by making the move myself.I moved closer to him,leaning up and pressing my lips against his.I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer,close enough that I could feel just how aroused I was making him. Being the man he is, there was nothing slow and sweet about the kiss,it was passionate with his hands exploring my body over the tight red dress that I was wearing for his benefit.

This is it..This is the moment!

Mason's fingers expertly moved the zip of my dress down,without his lips leaving mine my dress fell from my body.He was getting exactly what he wanted..Me naked in his apartment. All his for one more night,to do with as he pleased.

Mason pulled back from the kiss,and spent some time eyeing every crevice of my body in my new matching lingerie set. "Fuck you're Gorgeous,you're worth breaking my rule for one more night."

"You have so many rules..Why?"

"No Questions."He kissed me again,so I couldn't say anymore. Frankly with that kiss he gave me,I didn't want to.I was breathless from the force of his lips against mine. Firm and in control is his thing.

Mason kissed me,all the while moving us back towards the black leather couch. I was laying flat,with my head rested against a Grey couch cushion as he stood before me undoing the buttons of his expensive wine shirt.

Mason threw his shirt to the floor and kneeled between my legs."This time I'm going to spend some time on you."
He moved his body over mine and pressed his lips to the top of my breast."I'm going to pleasure you like you've never been pleasured before."

He didn't waste anymore time before kneeling upright and moving my black lace panties down my legs. I looked up at the ceiling as his mouth moved along my inner thigh,sucking and nibbling on my skin. He was already making good on his word to pleasure me like I've never been pleasured before.

Mason rubbed me gently,before inserting a finger and moving inside me. A second finger was inserted,building the sensation between my legs"Do you like that?"He whispered.

"Yes."I moaned,with pleasure. I can't believe Mason Knight is between my legs and making me feel this good,I knew it was going to happen but it's still hard to believe that I'm actually doing this.
I've always been a good girl..But he just brings out the bad in me."More!"

He increased speed with his fingers and I rocked into his palm. Through moans I opened my eyes slightly and looked up at Mason,he was smirking mischievously at how good he was making me feel.
It's early still,I have a feeling he has plenty more in store for me.

Mason stood up,undid his belt buckle and slipped his trousers down his legs. My eyes were on him from the couch as he lost the boxers also,his hard length was now on show. A size that I will definitely never forget. I've never wanted a man as badly as I do him,I thought,as I kneeled on the couch and moved closer to Mason. I set my lips on his as my hands explored his body. I didn't get to do much of that the first time around since he was in such a rush.

He was standing in front of me as I set my mouth on him,moving my mouth from tip to base and back up again.
I circled my arm around him and grabbed his perfectly toned ass cheek in one hand,with the other I massaged his balls.

"Fuck!!"He moaned."You're good at that,don't you dare stop."He threaded his fingers through my dark curls and pushed my head closer to his crotch.

I did exactly what he wanted and kept going,but at a more rapid pace. It wasn't something that I minded doing for him since he pleasured me too.All the while sucking his cock I wondered if tomorrow at the office is going to be awkward,I know not to expect more from him so hopefully we can go on as normal.

Mason pulled away from me."I better Quit while I'm ahead,or I'll cum before I have my chance to be inside you."He reached down and grabbed a condom from his trouser pocket.

"Are we going to your room?"

He shook his head,whilst rolling the rubber down his length."I don't bring women to my room."He moved towards me and kissed me again,as he did his arms circled me and he undid the clasp of my bra. He looked at me and smirked."Perfect Tits. Turn around,Jamie."

I turned around on his leather couch and he bent me over. Mason pulled me closer to him,spread me apart before pressing the tip of his cock at my opening.
He pushed inside and the pleasure was instant,he moved at a fast pace gripping my hips and pulling me back on his length.

"Oh God!!"I gripped the leather couch,as I moaned aloud. I wouldn't be able to take it otherwise,My moans had to come out,I couldn't hold them in.

How does he make me feel this out of control?

Mason slowed down,moving his cock out slowly and ramming it back into me causing me to gasp. He hand was reached out,pulling my erect nipples between his fingers."Call me,Mr Knight."He whispered.

Now he wants me to call him Mr Knight,I can do that.Was it a kink thing that he liked to be called Mr Knight during sex, Did he ask the others to do that also I wonder."If that's what you want."

His hand was placed on my lower back as he rammed his cock into me again,just enough to tease me before pulling back.
It was all about his control."Do you like that,Jamie?"

"Yes,Mr Knight."I moaned.

He leaned over me and whispered against my ear,whilst grabbing my breast in his hand."There's plenty more to come,I'm not done with you yet."

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