Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 19:Worst Christmas Ever!

It was Christmas Eve and I had rushed into the office in the freezing cold,because of a last minute business meeting.Being Harry and Mason's Personal Assistant,I didn't really have a choice but to show up and do my job despite being on Holiday break.

I had left the comfort of my fleece Christmas Eve pyjamas and slipped into a pencil skirt and blouse.Ugh,Just when I was getting into the spirit.My Parents are expecting me soon for our usual Holiday tradition of Christmas movies,homemade mince pies and Hot Chocolates. I know I'm a little old for all that now,but my Mom is rather insistent that we keep the family tradition alive.

So here I am,Christmas Eve in the office and I'm stapling booklets behind my desk. The office was empty apart from the conference room that was filling up with business men.

"Almost done,Jamie?"Mason asked,as he walked towards my desk.Of course he was looking just as irresistible as the last time I saw him..


"Almost,I can bring them down to the conference room when I'm done."I stapled another booklet of 50 pages together.

"Alright."He sighed,looking down at me from where he was standing."Is everything okay here,between you and I?"

He sensed that I was a little off,that was bound that happen after our night of passion. It was hard getting back to professionalism after EVERYTHING."Sure,Everything is fine."

"Then why won't you look at me?"

Because every time I look at you now I'm picturing you naked,that toned body and that massive cock. It was an image I couldn't erase from my mind.
It wasn't that seeing Mason Knight naked was an image I didn't want,quite the opposite in fact. I was just trying to keep things on a professional level now,he is my boss after all.Pretty stupid of me to say that after sleeping with the man..Twice.

I looked up at him."I'm looking at you now. Everything is fine,Mr Knight.It's Christmas Eve and my family is waiting on me,I just want to get this done so I can leave."

"Right,I'll see you in there then."He lingered at my desk for a couple of seconds before walking towards the conference room.

Of course i watched him walk away, checking out his ass in his fitted suit trousers. Before Mason started perusing me,I never would have checked out his ass..Never. Now I just can't help myself.

This is the first I've seen of him since that night in his apartment. After spending the whole night in a sexual bliss,we fell asleep on his couch a little after three.
I woke up and Mason wasn't laying next to me..Total burn to wake up on a man's couch the morning after the night before to find that he had ditched me in his own house. I didn't wait around to chat with him though, the deed was done and I knew the score. He got what he wanted.I didn't hear from him until this morning when he text to tell me I'm needed at the office for a few hours.

I'm like all those other women that long for another taste and I absolutely hated that. I told myself not to get attached to him,two nights together I didn't think that was a possibility.I just need to cut him out now,he's the man I work for and that's it. I need to forget the rest.
Focus on Ryan..He's a nice Guy..I should probably call him,Like soon.

I picked up the booklets and walked towards the Conference room, preparing myself to be in a room full of Rich and Randy men. I know what they're like. They're just like him!!
I pressed my back against the door and pushed it in,since I was holding the booklets in my hands. All the men in the room were chatting casually.Mason was sat on a comfortable leather chair at the head of the table,looking through the work in front of him.

I walked towards his side of the table and set the stack down beside his laptop."Should I hand these out,Mr Knight?"

"Please."Mason replied,not even looking up from his work. Now he's the one avoiding eye contact with me.

I made my way around and placed a booklet in front of each Man at the table,I recognised some of them as ones he usually does business with.I noticed one or two eyeing me up, but I ignored them.

"Jamie,Isn't it?"A darker haired man had turned in his chair and was looking at me."I've noticed you around the place,well I couldn't help but notice you."He winked.

"Um,Here."I handed him the booklet hoping that it would shut his mouth.Most other men were busy chatting amongst themselves.

"Do you like Sushi?"

I shook my head,trying to be polite and professional since it was business."I'm a vegetarian actually."

"Vegetarian..Wow. I know a place that does good vegetarian dishes.How about you and me,New Years Eve?"

Unable to help it I glanced up at Mason to see if he had even noticed what was happening,of course he wasn't paying any attention. He was still glued to the work in front of him.

"What do you say,Jamie?"The dark haired man placed his hand on my leg being a total Perv.

I pulled away from him."No,Sorry. I'm seeing someone."Please,Take rejection easily,I thought. I didn't want him making a scene and I definitely didn't want his hands on me.

"Seeing someone means your not tied down,you can give me one date."
He placed his hand on my arm and leaned up to whisper."I know you've already given it up for the boss..Twice!. I don't mind having you after him."

The cheek of him,I don't usually feel like slapping people but him I wanted to. My cheeks were scarlet red with embarrassment as I slammed the files down on the desk."Excuse me."

I walked out of the conference room absolutely shaking and probably the most angry I've ever been.I didn't want anyone to find out about me sleeping with my boss,but now they all know. Imagine what they all think of me.I grabbed my things off my desk and packed them into my bag, I didn't care if I was needed.I'm leaving!! I need to get out of here.

"Jamie.."Mason walked towards my desk,looking confused as can be.
"You stormed out..What the hell is going on?"

I placed my coat over my arm and walked past him. That's when he grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him.
I was absolutely livid and I wanted to smack him too. Mason has obviously been telling the men about us,most likely every little detail.How would that Guy know otherwise.

His brows furrowed together."What's going on here?"

"You told them,You told those Men in there that we slept together.I asked you not to and you did it anyway..How could you do that?"I pulled my arm away and walked towards the elevator.

I warned myself that this was going to end in disaster,now look where I am. I'm just another one of his woman. To some this might not be a huge deal but to me it was,I didn't want to be seen as one of those women who sleeps around.

I pressed the button for the elevator continuously,hoping to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.I have a feeling watching Elf and sipping hot coco isn't going to make me feel any better tonight.


I turned around and looked at him as he made his way towards me. Then I turned back around and looked at the elevator doors,willing them to open even more now.

"I don't have an excuse,I shouldn't have told him that we slept together.But I think it was pretty obvious to everyone that something had gone on between us."

Is that an apology??

I turned my head."Is that really your way of apologising to me?"

He shrugged his shoulders."Well I'm not the type of man that apologies to people,it's not what I'm used to."

I shouldn't be surprised really,that's just the person he is."You don't care about anyone or anything other than yourself,Do you?"

Mason released a long drawn sigh."What do you expect me to say here? I shouldn't have told him,I've already told you that.
I don't know what else I can say."

"It doesn't matter,forget it."The doors opened to an empty elevator and I stepped inside.I turned around and looked at Mason."By the way,I quit! Happy Holidays, Mr Knight."The elevator doors closed and he was out of sight.

Crap!! Crap!! Crap!!

Well done,Jamie. Now you're without a job.I sighed,moving my hands through my hair. I really didn't think that through.
Truth be told I didn't want to go back to work after the Christmas break,I didn't want to be around everyone that knows I've slept with the boss. But I didn't want to be unemployed and looking for work either.

What the hell am I going to do now?

The hot chocolate had been drank and the mince pies had been eaten,mostly by my Dad. He's a sucker for the homemade one's my Mom makes.Like the usual Christmas Eve,My Dad had coaxed my brother Jake into a game of cards while my Mom and I dealt with the dishes.

"You did what?"My Mom shouted,from her place at the sink. She stopped washing the silver spoon and paused waiting for me to explain.

"Well I was angry with him,Mom.I felt absolutely humiliated and I wasn't exactly thinking straight.I sighed,leaning back against the kitchen island."I didn't mean to quit my job.

"Are you going to ask for it back?"

I shook my head."It's better if I just leave, I'm not going to go crawling back to him. I'll look for something else."I picked up my third mince pie of the night in an attempt to eat my feelings away.

My Mom opened the door to the brand new dishwasher my Dad had gifted her as an early Christmas Gift."I'm just very surprised by your actions,Sweetheart.
Sleeping with your Boss..What were you thinking?"

"I wasn't,that's the problem."I sighed, "Please,don't tell Dad about this. You know he'll totally freak out and get all judgy"

"It's a little too late for that."

I winced,and turned around when I heard his voice. Of course being my luck,my Dad was standing in the doorway to the kitchen looking absolutely furious.The reason I asked my Mom to keep this from him was because I know what's he's like, he wouldn't agree with me casually sleeping with a man like Mason Knight especially since he's my Boss.

"Please,Tell me I misheard you. Tell me that you're not sleeping around with that man,Jamie?"

I looked over at my Mom,hoping that she would save me. When she didn't say anything I looked back at my Dad, but I couldn't find the words to speak.At this point I couldn't lie to him,and the truth is only going to piss him off.

"I'll take your silence as a Yes."He rubbed the short pepperd stubble on his face with his hand. Any minute now he's going to explode with rage."Your Mother and I didn't raise you to do things like this..What the hell were you thinking?"He shouted.

"I'm 23,Dad. I'm old enough to make my own decisions."Even if I know I'm going to regret them afterwards. I'm definitely regretting my decision to sleep with Mason Knight right about now.

Jake walked into the kitchen wearing his Christmas jumper and his ridiculous Christmas hat with braids.He looked between my Dad and I. "What's going on in here?There's an awful lot of shouting for what's supposed to be a Happy Christmas Eve."

He's right,Christmas Eve has turned into the day from hell."I've been sleeping with my Boss and Dad's pissed about it. Apparently to him I'm still a TEENAGER."

My brother laughed."Sleeping with Mason Knight. Jesus,Jamie!! The man gets around doesn't he.I knew it was only a matter of time to be honest."

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the kitchen door hoping to get away from all of them.Seriously the worst Christmas ever and I'm the one who ruined it"I'm going to bed."

"I don't want you seeing that man again, Jamie.He's bad news."My Dad shouted after me as I left the kitchen.

Trust me..I won't!!

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