Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 2: Give me Strength

I've been slaving for Mr Knight all day -Not the Father-But the Son. Since catching the Man bare ass with Office Bitch Jen earlier,he's had me running around like a headless chicken.I knew it was his way of punishing me! It's quite clear that he has it in for me now-but that's okay because I'm not all that fond of him either.

My phone rang on the desk beside my computer,I glanced down and saw that it was an incoming call from Ethan. Why am I not surprised? I'm sure he's checking in to see how long I will be-despite the fact that I don't even clock off for 15 minutes.

"Hello,Ethan!"I chuckled.

"We're at Lacey's already and there's a drink here with your name on it. I hope you're on your way?"Impatient much.

"I'm not finished work yet,6 incase you forgot!"I picked up my leather black bag. My designer one that my parents spoiled me with last Christmas. I threw my things into it and started getting ready to leave.

"Hurry-Carmen has only had one drink and she's already being a huge pain in my ass."He chuckled,over the phone. I could hear Carmen's cheery voice in the background giving out.

Those Two!!

"Alright,I'm leaving soon. You're not going to believe the nightmare of a day I've had. I have so much to.."I was interrupted mid way through my sentence by the clearing of a throat from behind me.

Oh Crap-It's him!!

I turned around and saw him standing by my desk,arms folded across his chest and the most pissed off expression on his face. My heart was racing in my chest and my cheeks were scorching with embarrassment.

"I have to go-See you soon."I hung up the phone before Ethan even had the chance to reply. I stood on shaky legs not knowing what to say or do."Um,Is everything okay,Mr Knight?"

He glared at me for a few seconds before parting his lips to speak."I'm going to need you to work a late one tonight, Jamie. There's some work that needs doing for Monday morning.

"But I.."

"But you what?"He interrupted."Have better things to do than to save your job? Don't make the mistake of getting on my bad side twice in one day,Jamie. It won't end well for you."

Prick!! He's punishing me big time!

I have plans that I have no choice but to cancel them now. I really need this job and I think he knows it. I'm under his thumb in this office."Okay-Um,Sure. I can stay."

He handed me a small binder of pages that he was holding in one hand."Fifty copies-But I'm sure you're okay with that."He smirked."Make it snappy would you? I have appointments that I need you to set up after that.

I mustered a smile under his gaze. I was trying to show him that I wasn't bothered by him,which of course I was. I'm going to have to text the others and tell them that I'm running late. Mason Knight can't keep me here that long.

Mason turned around and walked towards his office. He turned around and looked at me before he reached his door."By the way-No personal phone calls during office hours,Jamie.
I hope I won't have to warn you again about that."

Of course Mr Knight made sure to say it loud enough so that everyone in the office heard him. Adding on the extra embarrassment. New Girl in the office is in trouble with the BIG BAD BOSS!!


Hours later I walked across the office with a huge stack of papers in my arms-A stack so high that I had to look around them to see where I was going. But I did notice Office Bitch Jen walking out of Mr Knight's office and she didn't look happy.

"Jen-Can you hold that door please?"I asked in desperation,feeling the weight of a 1,000 pages in my arms.

Instead of holding the door opened like I asked,she just glared at me instead. Glared at me and stormed her five inch heels towards the elevator like a scorned woman. What the hell is her problem?

"Bitch!!"I mumbled,as I watched her step into the elevator. That woman has had it in for me from the second I walked into this building-shes not one to hide her feelings. Juggling the stack of papers I knocked on Mr Knight's door. I don't want to face his rath again today.

"Come in!"He shouted.

I'm sure he knows that i have a stack of files but decided not to get up and open the door to help me. Couldn't he tell by my knock?

I fiddled with the handle of the door until I eventually got it open,I pushed it the rest of the way with my bum. I turned around with a sweat on and walked towards his office in a black pencil skirt.

"I see you've learned your lesson."He leaned forward in his chair with a smirk,finding my struggle amusing."I guess there's hope for you after all, Jamie."

"Well I'm not one to make the same mistake twice."I set the files down in front of him on the dark wooden desk."I made fifty five copies just incase."It was taking all the willpower that I had in me just to be nice to him.

His eyes scanned the stack of papers in front of him."I thought it looked like a lot-Your little arms must be tired after some hard work."Really?? Couldn't I report him for the way he's treating me. That didn't work out well for me the first time around though. I mean with my last Boss!

I took a booklet from the top and leaned forward slightly,placing it down in front of him on the desk."So this bit here-I did it in bold to draw more attention."

"Well you're certainly drawing my attention."When I looked up at Mr Knight i saw that he was smirking."Did you mean to leave that button open?"He pointed to my blouse with the pen he was holding.

I looked down and noticed that the white blouse that I was wearing,was gaping at the chest area. My tanned chest in my Baby blue bra was on show for him to see. I mean it's not as if it was avoidable since I was right in front of him.

"Oh!"I straightened myself up and did up the button of my blouse,completely embarrassed and red faced yet again.

"Did you do that-For my benefit?"He asked,resting back in his chair with his eyes scanning my body."They're just breasts,I've seen plenty of them. I'm a man!"

I'm sure he has-of all different shapes and sizes. The last pair he saw were Jen's and he looked like he was getting a right handful. A big handful of fakeness!!

I folded my arms over my chest."Do you need anything else from me-Or is it okay that I leave?"Please,Tell me that I can leave-I beg you!!

"I don't need you for anything else- you can consider this the end of your punishment for what you did.Now you know not to cross me again."

Don't rise to him,Jamie."I'll see you on Monday morning then."I turned around and walked out of his office. I grabbed my things from behind my desk and left the office in a hurry,just incase he changes his mind.

"I'm so sorry I'm late,Forgive me!"I pleaded,as I sat down in our usual booth in Lacey's. Carmen was sitting neck to me,sipping her Jack&Coke through a straw

Ethan moved a wine glass across the table towards me."You're an hour an half late,but we're used to it.What kept you so long?"

"Mason Knight,He kept me behind to do some photocopying all because I caught him banging Jen from finance in his office."I picked up my wine glass,taking a well deserved drink after a long day.

A long,hard,draining day!!

"Office Bitch Jen?"Carmen asked,and I nodded my head in reply."That Lucky Bitch! Why does she have that I don't?"

"A huge pair of Tits!"I chuckled."Trust me,you don't want that Man. Mason Knight is a Prick with zero respect for women."Carmen's crazy about the Heartthrob Billionaire,just like all the other women of New York.

"I don't need him to respect me-I just need him to pleasure me. I want to see what that man is like without a stitch of clothing on."She winked at me."Maybe you can bring me to that Christmas party?"

"I'm not allowed to bring anyone,it's just staff."I set my wine glass back down on the table."I don't think I'm going to go anyway,not even for the free wine and buffet."An office Christmas party-It's just not my kind of thing.

"You have to go,Jamie."Ethan chimed in."You can't miss the opportunity of attending an office Christmas Party at Knight&Son,I'm sure there's going to be strippers on poles and wades of cash given to everyone that shows up."He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes,with attitude."Uh,I don't know. I guess I'll think about it and decide next week."I wasn't really interested in going to the office party- but I know that I need to make more of an effort to get to know the people I work with.Besides the fact that I want to stay on Harry's good side.

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