Yes,Mr Knight

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My eyes fluttered opened as the morning light had me extending my hand up to block the brightness away. The three glasses of wine I had last night left me feeling a little groggy and the multiple times I was put in a sexual position that Mason Knight pleased left me a little sore.

I turned around in bed not surprised to see that he was gone,exactly what I expected of him. I wonder does he regret last night? Everything he said and everything we done,it felt like more than just two people having sex. He was jealous of Ryan. It has to be more!!

As I sat up in bed,bringing the sheet along with me and covering my naked body, that's when I noticed the piece of paper on the nightstand. On it five words were written."Call me when you wake."My lips curved into a smile.He left me a note,I guess that's a good sign. I only just woke so there's no time like the present.

I dialled Mason's number and waited for him to pick up. Feeling a little anxious as I waited,thankfully it didn't take long before I heard his voice.

"Good Morning,Jamie."

"Mason."I chuckled,like a teenage girl with a crush.My stomach had that butterfly feeling,which could be from all that wine I drank last night or it could be because I'm talking to him."You left a note for me to call,i wish you would have woken me this morning."

"I didn't want to,You looked like you needed it after last night.Since it's after 10am and you only just woke up,it seems like I made the right decision."

My lips curved into a smile."Where are you right now? I thought after last night you would at least stick around to say Goodbye."

He sighed."At the office,it looks like I'm going to be here awhile. But I want to see you tonight."

He's at the office on New Year's Day,the man is a workaholic."You're at work on New Year's. You don't have plans with family?"

"Not important ones. I don't do Christmas,Remember?I have work that can't be put off for another day,I have responsibilities."

I lay back on my bed."Well I have plans today,Mr Grinch,so I'm afraid I'm unavailable.But maybe some other time."I teased.

"Make yourself available,cancel your plans and spend the day with me.I want to have you on every surface of my apartment,I'll even make you dinner."

I was tempted,extremely tempted to have him again. Like right now if I could. He's offered to cook for me after a day full of sexual pleasure in his massive Penthouse. How could I turn down that offer?

Dinner with my Family..

I could call my Mom and pretend that I'm sick,that's the only way I can think of getting out of New Year's dinner. Ugh,Feeling the Guilt!! My Dad certainly wouldn't like this one bit,luckily he's not going to find out.

"What do you say,Jamie?"

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth as I debated what to do."Okay,What time do you want me?"

He chuckled,over my choice of words."4pm,Don't be late. I'll be waiting on you."

"I'll see you then."I looked up when my bedroom door opened and Carmen walked into my room. She had a smirk on her face knowing damn well that I was naked underneath the sheets.


"Goodbye,Mr Knight."I hung up the phone with Mason and tried my best not to grin like a huge idiot. I sat up in bed,holding the sheet against my body."So um,How was your night?"

"Nice Dinner,Let down in the bedroom. "Carmen grinned,as she sat down on the end of my bed."Enough about me,I want to talk about you and Mr Knight. All details are needed."

I chuckled."Well I'm sitting in bed naked so it's pretty obvious we slept together again.
I guess he's just breaking his rules for me,I'm seeing him again tonight."

She squealed."This is such a thrill,I can't believe you're dating Mason Fucking Knight.I so called this..I knew he was going to come back for more of again and again,until he realised that you were more than just a fling."

"Well I don't know what's going on between us,I wouldn't call it dating."

"If there's food involved,it's a date.
D A T I N G!!"She put the emphasis on the word. Carmen rested her elbow on the bed,holding her head up in her hand."So you're going back to work for him again?"

I rolled my eyes."Well it's not as if he gave me much of a choice,that's partly why he came by last night.I just hope it's not awkward in the office."

"Only if you let it. You could have some fun with it,make working a little less boring and a lot more fun."She winked."Riding the boss in his office is pretty kinky."

I crossed my arms over my chest."Nothing will be going on in that office besides work,I can promise you that. I don't want to be like all the other women in his life."
At least this is the one thing that I can hold firm on.I've already crossed the line by sleeping with him,I won't do it in his office.

"So what's happening with Ryan?"

I rested with head back against the headboard,with a groan."Well he knows what's going on,Mason made sure of that last night when Ryan called by unannounced."
I sighed."He put 2 and 2 together when he saw Mason and then he left."

Carmen frowned."Poor Guy!! Is that it between you two then?"

I shrugged my shoulders."I guess it is.
I feel guilty over the way things ended between us."I looked over at Carmen."I think I should meet him,I need to apologise."

"You're a better person than I am."She rested down on the bed beside me, despite the fact that I wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing."So tell me about Mason Knight's Cock?"

I chuckled,at her attempt to lighten the moment. All details are needed, just like she said.


I stepped out of the elevator and into the warmth of Mason's Penthouse Apartment. He had told Security at the front desk to use the security key in the elevator to let me up,even the security guy seemed surprised that I was back again..

Like a boomerang!!

Mason was standing by the tall window in his apartment,one of his hands in the pocket of his trousers and the other holding the phone to his ear.He turned around and looked at me,I smiled and walked his way.

[PHONE CALL]: I can't,I have work to do."Mason said,as he removed my bobble hat from my head and threw it to the couch.

I stood silent,in front of him as he listened to the person on the other end of the phone. I undid the zip of my coat and placed it over the chair,he came towards me again and started to undo the buttons on my button down cardigan.

[PHONE CALL]: I know what day it is.
Work is more important,you've taught me that."He said,harshly.Mason sighed."I have to go,I'll see you tomorrow in the office."

He hung up the phone and threw it on the couch. I could tell by the look on him that he was tense after the phone conversation.
"Work is more important,You taught me that."Is what he said. I wonder who it was on the phone? His Dad,I'm guessing.

I looked up at him"Was that your Dad?"

He sighed."Yes."

"I don't want to be the reason you cancel your plans,Mason.Obviously you're not working right now,you could spend the day with him since it's New Year's."

He shook his head."I don't do Christmas,he knows that.My Father puts on an act,pretending he cares but he doesn't."He moved my cardigan down my arms and let it fall to the floor.

I furrowed my brows."An act,Why would you say that?"

From what I've seen,Harry is very good to his son. Clearly he doesn't agree with his behaviour of having his cock in every beautiful blonde in New York..But he seems like a a loving Father all the same.
Why would he call his son,begging to see him on New Years if he felt otherwise?

"Enough talking."Mason lifted me up and carried me to the kitchen table,he lay me back as he moved all clothing that was on my bottom half.The he sat me up so I was right in front of him."I want you,Jamie. Exactly like I told you,on every surface."

I looked into his dark eyes."What are you so afraid of?"

Something is holding him back,there's something that's making him into this person that he's not.He's good..Isn't he? His womaniser persona is all just an act to hide how he really feels.

His pants were undone,he pulled them and his boxers down his legs. Mason pushed himself inside of me roughly, knowing that I liked it like that.
He smashed his lips against mine and then pulled back and looked at me."Don't ask me questions that you know I don't want to answer. You're my exception,Jamie. Don't push your luck with me!"

I guess that's me told!!

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