Yes,Mr Knight

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I was standing in the bosses office going through his schedule for the week. Of course after spending most nights in his bed since New Year's,it was hard to keep our feelings out of the workplace.
Well,More like his. I was controlling myself..As hard as it was.

Mason's hand moved up my leg, bringing the pleated skirt of my knee length dress up along with it. Over the past few days I've been used to him trying to cop a feel,but I liked it.

"Stop that."I giggled,moving his wandering hands away."We need to be professional, Someone could come in and catch us."

He clicked his tongue off the roof of his mouth."You're all work and no play,Jamie Harris.I figured you would be up for a little office fun."

"I think we had plenty of playing around last night."My lips curved into a smile."I'm not getting naked in your office.Keep your hands to yourself,Mr Knight."

Just as I said that he pulled me onto his lap,so my legs were across him."Can you feel what you're doing to me in that dress,Jamie? You wore that little number just to tease me,Didn't you?"

"Maybe!"I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth as I looked at him.

God, He's so Hot!! Like irresistible!!

Those dark eyes and that short facial stubble around his perfectly shaped lips.The man had a jaw line for days.
How can I feel this crazy about him when it hasn't even been that long?I've never felt like this about a man before.

Mason's hand was on my cheek as he moved closer and kissed me. His kiss was firm and passionate as his hand glided up my thigh.His fingers grazed my lace panties right before an incoming call came in on his laptop in front of us.

I jumped off his lap with a fright,and he chuckled finding it amusing.I stood by the side of the desk,out of sight of the camera and continued on with the work I came in to do.Mason rested back in his chair and answered the call.

[Video Call]:"Mr Knight,I hope now is a good time to talk?"Joshua's face was on the screen.

[Video Call]:"Joshua,I hope you have good news for me?"Mason sat up,to have a closer look at the screen as he waited for a reply.

[Video Call]:"Good news,Mr Knight.He agreed to your terms. My Boss wants to come to New York to settle the rest,sometime in the coming weeks?"

[Video Call]:"That's great news."Mason looked in my direction."You can discuss the details with Jamie, she knows my schedule."Mason turned the laptop slightly so Joshua could see me.

[Video Call]:"Jamie,Wow!"Joshua looked at me and smiled."It's lovely to see you again.I didn't know that you were there."

[Video Call]:"You too,you look great."

[Video Call]:He chuckled."I got a haircut over the holidays,I'm still trying to warm up to it.Anyway,Back to business..How should we do this?"

[Video Call]:"Okay,so um..How about you email me everything we need and I'll get back to you."I looked down at my watch."It's rather late now,but i could have them looked over by tomorrow."

[Video Call]:"Alright,Sure. I'm on that ASAP,Keep in touch on your end."

[Video Call]:"Sounds good,Talk soon."I turned the laptop back over to Mason and he continued on the conversation with Joshua.

I picked up things to leave the office and give Mason the space he needed to work. I didn't say anything to him,instead I just smiled and waved before walking out. I like how he looks when he's busy,it's very sexy on him.


I was sitting behind my desk,one leg crossed over the other as I worked on my computer. I've been emailing Joshua back and forth since the video chat earlier,not all work related.When we first got back from Seattle I talked to him,but not since then.

"I almost think you'd rather be here than at home,Jamie."Mason stood in front of my desk,pulling his suit jacket up his arms.

I glanced up at him and smiled."I'm almost done. I didn't realise how late it was."

Mason sat down at the edge of my desk."I'm leaving now.Come back with me,stay the night and I'll cook you dinner."

I fixed my black framed glasses,moving them further up my nose."Actually,I have plans tonight. I'm meeting Ryan at Lacey's Bar in 15 minutes."

Yes,I'm already running late. Like I said I lost track of time.I know Ryan,he's always early so I should really be there already.

He furrowed his brows."You're what?"

"Don't act so surprised,Mason.Things didn't end well with Ryan last week and I need to apologise for that.I've been feeling guilty about it ever since."

"You don't need to go out with the Guy to apologise,send him a text..Call him even."He sighed."I don't want you going out with him."

My brows snapped together."Are you Jealous?"

"No!"He answered,abruptly."I had plans for you,I thought you were done with him after New Year.Is there something still going on there?"

"No,It's just like I told you. I want to apologise to him for the way things ended. It's just a drink,I can come by your place afterwards."I stood from my desk and walked closer to him.

"Right,Fine. I'll see you later then."He turned around and walked away, before I had a chance to say anything else. Frankly,It didn't seem like he wanted to hear it.

Is he Jealous??

He doesn't want me to go out with Ryan for a totally platonic drink. It feels like he's Jealous.Mason and I haven't talked about things,I don't know if he's seeing other women. Between work and having me in his bed every night it's not really giving him any spare time.

Harry walked towards my desk."What's wrong with him?"He tilted his head in Mason's direction,as he stepped into the elevator.

I smiled lightly."Um,I don't know. Just work stress I think."

"It's okay,Jamie. I know that something is going on between you and my son.
I just want you to be carful..With your heart I mean.If you're looking for a relationship you won't get that from him.Mason doesn't trust,he doesn't let people in."

"My Mother once told me that any man can change for the right woman,I have faith in him."

"If any woman can change him,it's you,sweetheart."Harry sighed."Did he ever tell you what happened to his Mother? About how she died?"

It's something that I've wondered of course,but I know it's a touchy subject with him."He um..He never told me.
I know he doesn't like to talk about it, about her."

"I'm not surprised,He still holds a lot of Guilt over what happened all those years ago."He sighed."He thinks.."

My phone rang in my bag interrupting our conversation."I'm sorry,that's mine."
I fished my phone from my bag and saw that it was Ryan calling me."Crap, I'm late."

"We can finish this conversation another time."He smiled."Have a good night,sweetheart."Harry turned around and walked towards his office.

I dialled Ryan's number as I walked towards the elevator.I thought about my conversation with Harry and wondered why his son had so much Guilt over his Mother's Death? I figured it was just hard for him to talk about,but there's obviously more to it than just that.


I walked into Lacey's Bar and saw Ryan sitting in a Booth alone,looking down at the half drunken beer bottle in front of him.On a Thursday,Lacey's bar wasn't quite as lively as it usual is on a Friday night..But it's early still.

I walked towards the table and sat down in the booth in front of him."I'm so sorry I'm late,I was caught up at work."

"You were with him you mean?"

Ugh,That's a bad start!!

"No,I just didn't realise how late it was that's all."I removed my coat and set it down on the seat beside me.I could feel the tension between us.

"I got you a drink."He moved it across the table towards me."So you wanted to talk,we should probably do that."

I moved the drink in front of me and looked down at the glass,trying to form the words to speak."I'm sorry..for what happened. Seeing other people is not something that we talked about.
I didn't know if you were seeing an.."

"I wasn't."He cut over me,abruptly."I wasn't seeing anyone else,Jamie.It was just you.I figured it wasn't something that we needed to discuss,things were good between us.As far as I was concerned we were a couple."

"Things were good between us,I've enjoyed all these weeks spending time with you.
I placed my hand out on the table."I'm so sorry,Ryan."

"So how long?"He sat forward,folding his arms on the table."How long have you been screwing your boss behind my back?"

I was a little taken back by his question and the manner in which he asked me. He looked furious."Since Seattle..Since the Business trip."

"Since Seattle."He sighed."You slept with him the night after you turned me down. Jesus Christ!!We were in bed together, Naked and you told me No. You turned me down because of him."

"I'm sorry, I didn't.."

"I Love You,Jamie."He cut across me again."Look,I know it hasn't been that long and I know it sounds crazy but I do.
To me..What we had together was real.
I want you to choose..It's me or it's Him??"

This was a mistake!!

Coming here and seeing him just made things worse..I feel worse.He says he Loves me,but I don't know if that's true. You can't love someone after just a few weeks. That's just crazy.He's asking me to choose but I've already made my choice.I don't want to hurt him anymore than I already have by saying it aloud.

"Ryan I.."I paused,looking down at my glass again."I don't know what to say."

He sighed."I guess that's my answer then,you're choosing him."Ryan stood from the table and picked up his things to leave,He stopped and looked down at me."You're making a mistake,Jamie. That man isn't right for you.He's going to break your heart!!"

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