Yes,Mr Knight

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It was weird,the atmosphere between Mason and I this morning. It's pretty much like we're a couple that had a spat over something totally ridiculous.Neither of us wanted to discuss the huge elephant in the room,the huge elephant being his Jealously over my meeting with Ryan.

He didn't want to admit it,I don't think it's an emotion he's used to feeling.If Mason admits his Jealously,it makes this thing between us more than just a fling. He's hesitant..He's scared..He's already attached more than he's comfortable with.

I was sitting behind my desk thinking back over my conversation with Ryan and how we ended things.The Guilt was so overwhelming,that after he left Lacey's bar last night I stayed awhile and drank alone. Today I have the hangover from hell,but it's far from what I deserve.

An email appeared on my screen from the boss himself,asking me to drop files into his office.This wasn't unfamiliar to me, usually if he's busy an email is how Mason would get my attention.

I stood from my desk,smoothing down my knee length pencil skirt before picking the files up in my arms. The buttons of my shirt were undone for his benefit,just to tease him into conversation. Hopefully!!
I walked towards his office door and knocked.

"Come in,Jamie."He shouted.

I opened the door and walked in,closing it behind me.He didn't look up from his work,not at first,not until I leaned over and placed the files down in front of him.
He was getting an eyeful of my breasts that were practically spilling out of my blouse.

"Here's the files."I stood in front of him hoping that he would say something but he didn't."Do you need anything else..I can grab you a coffee if you need one?"I asked, trying to at least make some type of conversation.

"No..Thanks."He sighed."Will you forward me the schedule for the next fourthnight. Mr Blair is coming into town and I want to make sure I'm wide open."

"Okay,I can do that."I pursed my lips together as I turned around and walked towards the door.He's such a stubborn man,acting like everything is just business when it's clear that it's not.

"How did last night go?"He asked,right before I made my exit.

I turned around and looked at him,folding my arms over my chest."Well I didn't enjoy myself,If that's what you're wondering.
We talked..He left..That was about it."

He leaned back in his chair."You didn't come by last night. I thought you decided to spend the night in his bed after all."

"No,Of course not."I walked closer to his desk."I told you I was going there to make things right and that's what I did..Or at least tried to do."

"He wasn't happy?"

I shook my head."He told me he Loved me and then he asked me to choose. To make a choice between you and him.I stayed at the bar after he left,I got drunk and it got late. That's why I didn't come by."

"You got drunk at a bar alone?"Mason stood from his chair and walked around his desk."That's not very responsible of you now is it,Jamie?"

I shrugged my shoulders."I'm a regular at Lacey's,It's fine.I just wanted some time to myself,i was feeling guilty and I thought the drink would help..But it didn't."

He placed his hands in the pockets of his trousers and sat on the edge of his desk. "You don't need to feel guilty. He told you he loves you,but it's only been a few weeks.He'll get over it,Jamie. He has no choice but too."

I walked closer to him,with a question in mind that I was scared to get the answer to."What did you do last night?"

"Work..I spent the night preparing for Mr Blair coming into town.I guess it's a good thing you didn't come by after all,you would have been bored watching me work."

I figured he would of had some random blonde over, but would he really tell me if he had? It's not really any of my business anyway. We're casual..This thing between us in Casual.

"Guess so. I better get back to work."I turned towards the door yet again,my hand gripped the steel handle.


He called my name causing me to turn around and look at him."Yes?"

"You're the only women I'm Fucking,I just thought you should know."He smirked, mischievously as he told me exactly what I needed to hear.

I grinned."Good to know."Very good to know,it was a relief to me that he wasn't seeing someone else.If he was sleeping with other women,I don't think I'd be able to continue this thing between us.

I'm the exception to his Rule,the rules that he keeps breaking for me.I'm changing him..He's seeing me and only me. No one else.


Since it was Friday Night,Carmen,Ethan and I were sitting in our usual booth at Lacey's bar. After spending most of last night here drowning my sorrows I wasn't really feeling it,but it's usually only every Friday i have time to catch up with these two so I was determined to stay awhile.

"Aww,I feel bad for him. Poor Guy.
I really think Mason Knight is by far the better choice for you.That man is so fucking Hot!!"Carmen smiled.

"Of course you think that,you just love how hot he is."I chuckled."I'll have to let him know what you think of him."

"You wouldn't dare."She warned."I'm living life carelessly through you and all those dirty details.He doesn't need to know how much of a spinster I am."

"I'm pretty sure you're too young to be a spinster,Carmen.You've a small window of opportunity to find a man, you should start looking before it's too late."Ethan joked.

"Trust me,I'm trying. The pickings are slim these days."Carmen groaned."I hate being single. I was considering trying my luck with speed dating."

I raised an eyebrow at her."Speed dating,Really?"

Carmen shrugged her shoulders."Well there's no reason not to. I need to put myself out there if I'm going to find someone..Or at least if I want to get laid anytime soon."

Ethan chuckled."Good Luck with that."He picked up his beer bottle and swigged.

"You mean good luck to us. You're coming with me."Carmen winked at him."You need speed dating just as much as I do."

"I'm not going fucking speed dating, you can get that idea right outa your head."He shook his head with a smirk.

I looked between the two of them. Ethan has never been the relationship type of Guy and it's not because he doesn't want one.He sleeps with women when the opportunity presents itself,but nothing has turned into more than a casual fling for him. He doesn't put himself out there like that.

"I think both of you could benefit from this,you're both single so why not."I voiced my opinion,hoping that the two of them would at least agree on something.

"You're coming with us,Hon. Don't think you're getting out of this."Her lips quirked into a smile.

I'm going too,she can't be serious. I've never been speed dating before,it's not something that I've ever wanted to try. I'm seeing Mason,why would I be interested in going speed dating?

"I'm not going speed dating,you know I'm seeing Mason.It's just pointless for me and frankly a waste of time."

Carmen clicked her tongue off the roof of her mouth."It's just speed dating.I'm sure Mason Knight is seeing other women too,you know what he's like."

"Well actually he kind of made it clear today that I'm the only person he's seeing. He's not seeing anyone else."

Her eyes widened with surprise."No fucking way. Well isn't that something.
So basically you're in a relationship with him."

I picked up my wine glass."Well no,it's not a relationship. We just told me that I'm the only woman he's seeing. At least it's something."

"So it's basically a relationship without actually saying you're in a relationship." Ethan shook his head with a smirk."That's Mason Knight for ya."

"I think he's just scared of making that commitment to someone. It's hard to get close to him,he's secretive about his past.
He doesn't really want me to know anything about him,at least for now."

Carmen sighed."He's a complicated man,you knew that before you got involved. But you're getting somewhere with him so it seems.So speed dating are we in?"

Ethan looked at me and sighed."If you go I'll go?"

"Go on then,I'll take one for the team and tag along. But I'll be observing from the bar,I won't be participating."My phone vibrated on the table and I picked it up and looked at the screen.

"Is that him?"Ethan asked.

I smiled,as I placed my phone back down on the table."He wants me to come over."

"Go!"Carmen urged."Go be with him,let that man pleasure you in every way he can.I don't expect to see you until tomorrow..Maybe Sunday."

I chuckled."Okay,I'm going."I stood from the booth and grabbed my things to leave.
Thankfully I've only had a sip of wine so I'm okay to drive."You two have a good night."

"You too,Hon. Have Fun."

"Trust me,I will."I have no doubt that Mason Knight is going to make sure of that.By his text message I received it was clear that he wanted me,the two days we've spent apart have made him desperate and horny.


The elevator doors opened and I walked into his apartment.It was mostly dark inside,aside from the electric fire that was going in the living room.

Mason crossed the room,shirtless and very much sweaty. Of course my heart was pounding in my chest taking in the sight of him."Jamie,you took your time. I've been waiting on you."

"I was out with friends when I got your message."I turned around,removing my warm button down wool coat and outerwear that protected me from the cold. I hung them up on the coat rack by the door."You are a very impatient man,Mr Knight."

I turned around and noticed that he was behind me. He leaned in and pressed his lips against mine roughly.He was hungry for him,just like I knew he would be.I moved my hands over his damp skin,feeling the firmness of his muscles.He must have been working out.It was noticeable how pumped he was.

"I fucking love it when you call me that. "He smirked,before gripping my blouse with both hands in the middle and pulling it open. The little black buttons fell to the floor."It's been two days,Jamie. Two days of suffering. I want you in my bed.I want to be between those legs of yours."

"Then what are you waiting for."I whispered, against his lips.My hands were on his neck as I kissed him again,causing the tension to build even more.

His fingers were on the zipper of my pencil skirt as we walked towards the hallway towards his bedroom,our lips still locked.Another night of passionate sex. Yet again I knew that he was going to be in control,no matter how much I tried to change that.

He is the Boss after all. Not just in the office but in the Bedroom too!!

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