Yes,Mr Knight

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Pleasuring women has always been something that has given me a thrill. I liked watching the expressions on their faces,mouth open and gasping for breath because the pleasure that I was causing them was that intense.I've never had any complaints,more like women coming back for more but more wasn't something that I could give them..It wasn't how I did things.

I'm more of a Taker than I am a Giver!! I have no problem admitting the fact.No strings attached,having a woman on her knees in front of me and sucking on my throbbing cock. It was prefect to me. It was perfect right now!!

"Jamie.."I whispered her name,as I watched her mouth wrap around my cock. I moaned with pleasure and fisted her brunette hair in my hand.

She was kneeled in front of me,on the hardwood floor in my bedroom.Absolutely butt naked and looking irresistible,as she sucked my cock like it's never been sucked before.I wanted to make the moment last,to enjoy the pleasure as long as I could..But Fuck she was making it difficult!

What is it about her?

What is it about this women that makes me want to break every fucking one of my Rules? Rules that I've abided by for years just to keep people out.I broke them all for her,because one Fuck just wasn't enough. What will be enough?

There's no denying that she's different from the rest..Jamie is a brunette for a start. She has self respect,which let's be honest isn't exactly what I'm used to in a woman. I like her enough to only see her,No one else. Honestly I think that's the only way I would of had her anyway. It took me long enough to get between her legs.

"I'm there."I released her hair from my grasp and pulled on my throbbing cock.

Jamie was kneeling in front of me with her breasts perky and her nipples hard,just ready and waiting for me to explode onto.I looked down at her face as I released my load all over her,not just her breasts but her face too.She enjoyed watching and being apart of me finishing,I could tell.

"Jesus Christ!!"I groaned."That was hot,you're so good at that."

She chuckled,getting to her knees with my cum all over her."Is it okay if I take a shower?"

"Yeah,Go ahead."I crossed the room, picked up my phone off the dresser and saw that I had a couple of missed calls."I have some work calls to make, Jamie. I might be awhile."

"I should leave then."she stated,like that's what I was asking of her. She was assuming that I wanted her to leave,but I wasn't done with her yet.

"No,Stay! I don't want you to leave."

Those perfect lips of hers quirked up into a smile."Okay,I'll stay."She turned around, giving me a view of her ass as she made her way to the bathroom.

That woman is something else!!


After finishing up business that didn't take as long as I thought it would,I stood in the kitchen cooking breakfast for two. After the mouthful of cock I had given her this morning, I figured she deserved a threat.

I poured the pancake batter onto the hot pan and placed the silver ladle back in the mixing bowl. As I stood watching the perfect circle of batter sizzle,my mind was on her.

I was already thinking about the next time I was going to have her,where I was going to Fuck her and in what position. Despite Jamie knowing how much I like to be in control,she has tried to take it from me a couple of times and failed. The control is there,it's me. It's not something I'm going to give up.

The buzzer rang by the elevator,I turned the hob off before walking towards the elevator. Patrick from the front desk was on the screen of my fancy state of the art intercom system."Yes?"

"Mr Knight,there's a Mr Brent Miller here to see you. Shall I send him up?"

Brent,Of course. I've been distracted with Jamie,that it slipped my mind that he was dropping by with some work that needed attending too."Yes,Let him up. Thank You,Patrick."

I stood by the elevator and waited for it to come up,the doors opened seconds later and Brent and Patrick were inside.

"Mason,How's things?"Brent stepped out of the elevator and handed me the binder of paperwork.

"Thanks for this."I gave Patrick the nod and he pressed the button for the elevator to go down.The doors closed and I crossed the room towards the island with Brent behind me."Is this everything?"

"Yes,That's everything."He was stood beside me,looking down at me as I looked through the paperwork."How's your day looking?"

"Work,Work and more Work."I turned another page and continued reading.

"Take a break tonight and come out with us,Toni and I are going to that new club."

I sighed."I can't,I have plans later." Well at least I hope i do,i didn't ask Jamie to stick around for nothing."I can get these done today and have them back by Monday Morning."

"Mason,Is it okay that I'm wearing.."Jamie paused mid sentence on the way down the hall when she noticed that I had company. "Oh,Sorry I didn't know that anyone was here."

She was dressed in one of my white shirts that was buttoned up with the sleeves rolled up. Luckily for her it was long enough that it covered her ass. Even still,I could tell that she was a little embarrassed by the situation.

Brent looked at me with raised eyebrows and a smirk on his face."I guess now I know why you're busy tonight."He looked at Jamie."It's nice to see you again."

"Yeah,You too."She replied,trying to be nice. It was clear by the look on her face that she felt otherwise.She folded her arms over her chest in awkwardness.

"So what's going on here then?"Brent asked,

"That's none of your business. Come on,I'll walk you out."We walked towards the elevator together and I pressed the button for the doors to open.Brent and I are close enough,that it didn't bother me telling him to mind his own business.

"I can't believe you're still seeing that Girl."He glanced over towards the kitchen where Jamie was sitting at the island. "Don't get me wrong,she's hot as fuck..But this isn't like you."

"Relax,We're just sleeping together. It's not like we're getting fucking married or anything."The elevator doors opened."I'll see you Monday Morning."

"Let me know if you change your mind about tonight."Brent stepped into the elevator and the doors closed after him.

I walked back to Jamie,she was sitting at on a high stool texting on her phone. I uncrossed her legs and stood between her pulling her body closer to mine."Who's caught your attention?"

"A friend,He wanted to know if I could do lunch."She set her phone on the counter and laced her arms around my neck.

I raised an eyebrow."He?"She sure has a lot of male friend's in her life.

"Ethan.You've met him before outside of work if you remember.He's a nice guy,I think you'd like him if you'd get to know him."

The guy that seemed like a lot more than just friends from where I was standing,I remember him."Yeah,I doubt that."

"Why?"She asked,moving her hands down to my waist. Her legs wrapped around mine,holding my body closer to hers.

"Because he's interested in you."

She chuckled."He's not interested in me,Mr Knight. I told you he's just.."

I captured her lips with mine before she had a chance to finish her sentence. I didn't care that she told me he was just a friend,my opinion was different.I pulled her closer as I drove my tongue deeper. My hand moved up under her shirt and I was pleased to find that she was braless underneath.

She parted her lips from mine,giving me access to her neck."Were you in the middle of making me breakfast?"

"So what?"I replied,still kissing and nibbling her skin.She smelled amazing,just her natural scent was enough to make me hard again.

"So i want to taste it,it smells good and we've worked up an appetite.."She chuckled."You've only just had me,Mr Knight. I'm sure you can wait until after breakfast."

"If I must,But it doesn't mean that I will be happy about it."I kissed her again,before walking around the island and pressing the button on my state of the art cooker.
"You're a tease,you know! Sitting in my kitchen and wearing my shirt."

She grinned."Oh,Do you like it?"She undid two buttons giving me a view.

I shook my head with a smirk."Button that up if you want to eat anytime soon. I'm hanging on by a thread as it is."

"She chuckled."Fair enough,I'll button up since you can't handle the temptation."She buttoned up the shirt and sat watching me as I cooked."So what's your plans for today then?"

"You're my plans..And I've some work that needs attending to.Unfortunately I have a lot on right now that can't be put off for another day."

Jamie fingered her thick brunette hair, moving it back off her shoulders."I have family plans later today,but I can come back after?"

"Patrick will let you up."I set the plate down in front of her and sat beside her at the island.My plan is to sit here trying my best to be patient while she eats,so I can have her again.

She looked over at me,confused as to why I didn't have a plate of homemade Pancakes in front of me. "You're not eating?"

"I'm on a Health Kick. I'll have enough pleasure watching you eat."I smirked.

She cut her pancake into four,before picking up a piece with her fork and placing it into her mouth."Oh,These are so good. You're missing out."

I sat beside her,watching her devour every bite of the breakfast that I had cooked for her. I don't do breakfast with women, never actually. But this I was enjoying.It wasn't just about the sex anymore,I was enjoying having her here.

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