Yes,Mr Knight

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I was smiling,as I sat across the table from the gorgeous Mr Knight. He was enjoying his meal while I was enjoying watching him. He's so Hot!! After spending yet another week held up in his apartment in a sexual haze,Mason insisted on treating me to a nice dinner at a restaurant called Le'Artusi. It's a nice way to spend a Thursday.

Mason glanced up at me and smiled."Jamie,What are you smiling at?"

"Well I was just admiring how cute you look when you eat."I smiled in return."You look like you're enjoying that."

"Yet again we've worked up an appetite, you've been keeping me busy lately."He winked at me."And I think we both know that I'm a lot more than just cute."

"All the other women might not have seen the softer side to you..But I have.You Mason Knight can be very cute, charming and kind when you want to be."

He rested back in his chair with a mischievous smirk."I try..For you and no one else. For the exception to my Rule."

For the exception to his Rule,how far would he go out of his comfort zone?This is more than just sex,it's obvious.We've been spending every night together,it's like we're in a relationship without using the actual word.

I rested my elbow on the table,resting my chin on my palm."What's your favourite colour,Mr Knight?"

He chuckled."What? Are you serious?"

"I'm completely serious. I want to know more about you,especially since we're doing what we're doing."I sighed."It's just simple questions and answers,Relax!"

"I like Red..On You!"

Isn't he smooth??"I like Blue,like a navy.My favourite flowers are Lilies.I hope to have a garden full of them someday."I picked up my wine glass and drank."What's yours?"

He chuckled."I'm a man,I don't like flowers. It's not very masculine of me to have a favourite flower."

Just as I thought. Asking a man about flowers is like threatening to chop his balls off."Oh,Come on!! You might not like them,but there must be one that you appreciate because of it's beauty."

He sighed."Alright..Um a Rose I guess.It was always a favourite of my Mother's."He refrained from eye contact and glanced around the room at all the other couples eating and chatting at their tables.

I extended my hand across the table and placed it on his."You can talk to me about her,about anything you want."

He looked at me,before moving forward in his chair."Jamie..I'm not.."

"Sweetheart.."My Mother's voice called as she made her way over to our table.

My heart started to pound in my chest as I watched the disaster waiting to happen,walk towards me and my boss that I've been screwing. Shit!! What the hell are they doing,here in this restaurant of all places?

"Mom..Dad.."I stood from my chair feeling a little uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable as Mason I'm sure."What are you two doing here?"

My Mother pulled back from the hug."Well you weren't the only one that cancelled on Family dinner.Something came up with your Brother so I persuaded your Father to take me out instead."

My Father hugged me,but his eyes were on Mason sitting behind me at the table. I know how he feels about Mason,being here in the same restaurant is only going to make it worse.

"I can see your reason for cancelling family dinner."My Dad looked at me and then back at Mason."This must be your Boss."

Of course he's making it completely embarrassing. How else am I going to introduce him? I can't bloody well say this is my Boss that I'm Fucking..Or this is my Boyfriend.It hasn't been that long,but I don't think Mason Knight would be comfortable with the term Boyfriend.
Even if that's what we're acting like.

"Yes,This is Mason Knight."I looked in Mason's direction and I was pleased to see that he was already standing for introductions.

"It's nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Harris. You've raised a wonderful daughter."Mason extended his hand out and shook my Mother's before moving onto my Father.

"Well since you have a table already set for four people,we might as well join you for dinner."My mother looked at Mason."You don't mind,Do you?"

"No,No at all. Join us."Mason replied, before sitting back down in his chair. He looked at me and I could tell how uncomfortable he was.

Everyone was seated back at the table when the waiter came by with menus for my parents. Mason and I were mostly finished our meal. He seemed to be eating his at a faster pace now that my parents had joined us.

"Sweetheart,I talked to Ryan's Mother yesterday and she mentioned that he's not doing very well."My Mother picked up her wine glass and took a few sips of her Chardonnay.

"What do you mean he's not doing very well..What's wrong with him?"

"He got fired his Job last week,supposedly he was showing up late and smelling of alcohol."She tilted her head to the side."Honestly I think he's still torn up about what happened between you two.

I glanced at Mason before looking back at her."Well I'm sorry about that, but things just weren't working out between us. Ryan and I weren't right for each other."

"And you and your Boss are the perfect match?"My Dad interrupted.

I looked at my Father as he sat beside me at the table. Sheer panic was over me,embarrassment too."Dad,Please."

"Somebody had to say it."My Father looked across the table in Mason's direction,not bothering to hide his emotions."My Daughter is a smart young woman with a big heart,Mr Knight. I don't want to see her get hurt. I know what kind of man you are,I know your type well.Hurting her is exactly what you'll do.

Shit,He's just gone and done it!


I followed Mason out of the elevator and into his apartment. The place was in darkness just the way we left it a couple of hours previous.He walked ahead,throwing his suit jacket down on the couch with a sigh of frustration.

Is he pissed about dinner?

I walked towards the kitchen island and watched him as he pulled a bottled beer from the fridge. Mason popped the cap and drank.He hasn't said a word on the whole ride home,I guess why would he after my Father grilled him during dinner.My Father was curious to know what his intentions were..We didn't stick around long enough for him to explain.

"Are you okay?"I asked,from the other side of the island. It's the furthest I've felt from him in days.

"I'm fine,Jamie. I just need a minute."Mason turned around,his back was to me as he placed his palms flat on the counter top in front of him."That dinner.."

"I'm so sorry about the way my Father acted,he should never have treated you the way he did.I didn't know my parents were going to be there tonight."

"I understand his reasons. You're his daughter and he's just trying to do hie job as a father and look out for you."He turned around and looked at me."Everything he said was true.I am going to hurt you,Jamie. I am going to hurt you if you expect more from me than what I can give you.I don't do Parents, I don't do Family dinners. That's not me..It's not who I am. If you need more than that then I'm not your Guy."

"So if I tell you that I want more than that,it means that this thing is over between us?"

He nodded his head in reply,giving me an answer that I was expecting.He's scared..He was just about to open up to me at dinner before my parents interrupted us. He needs time.I'm okay with just seeing him as long as he's just seeing me. If he's afraid of Labels right now then I'm okay with that.

"Okay..I'm okay with that."I walked closer to him,knowing that I was too involved to pull back now. I've had a taste and now I can't stop."As long as you're just seeing me,then I'm okay with it."

"Just you..No one else."He walked towards me and kissed me just as hot and passionate as he always has.I believed him..I believed that there would be no one else and I believed that he would change his mind given the time to do so.

My phone chimed in the pocket of my wool coat and I broke the kiss and pulled it out. Crap!!"It's my Father,He wants to talk.I have to go."

"My driver will take you since you've had a drink. Come back to me after."

"I will. I'll call you."I kissed him again before walking towards the elevator.
My Father wants to talk to me, I already know it's going to be the type of talk that isn't going to end well.


My parents kitchen was a war zone!

My Father was getting all his feeling out in the open after our couples dinner at Le'Artusi. Meanwhile my Mother stands disagreeing with every word he said.My Brother decided to show up for some leftovers after a long day and is now getting some entertainment to go along with his meal. He still manages to put in the odd joke at my expense while stuffing his face.

"You can't be serious about getting involved with a man like that."He shouted yet again."That man isn't the type of man that respects a woman. You know that."

"Dad,Please!! I don't want to hear it. I'm old enough to make these decisions for myself.I know him..I know he's not going to hurt me."

He sighed,moving his hand along his peppered hair."You work for him,Jamie. Your Mother and I have thought you better than to get involved with a man you work for.You've told us yourself what he's like,we've heard what type of man he is."

"He's different than what I thought he was,he's different with me."I folded my arms across my chest.

"He's not,Sweetheart. Open your eyes and realise that this man isn't good enough for you. He's not someone that you can rely on.I don't want you seeing him again."

My Mother looked at him."Clay,You can't do that. You're not happy about this,but you can't stop Her. Jamie is old enough to make these decisions for herself."

"I'm just trying to stop her from making a mistake."My Father glared in my Brothers direction as he started to laugh.

I've had enough..I've heard enough. With anger,I grabbed my coat and bag that was hanging on the kitchen chair."You need to get a grip and realise that I'm an adult that can make decisions for herself.I don't need you to protect me..You can't protect me from everything."I shouted,before turning around and leaving the kitchen.

I was livid as I left my parents house.
He can't tell me what to do,he's never done this to me before and I was angry at him for it. It's my life,spending my time with Mason is my choice to make.

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