Yes,Mr Knight

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I pulled my Check button down blazer from the hanger and slipped it on over my silk red blouse. I looked in the mirror,wondering if tonight's outfit choice was sophisticated enough for the business dinner with Mr Blair and Joshua.

I was wearing a pair of tight fitted ankle length trousers that hugged my ass and a classy pair of black heels that made my toned legs look long. My blouse was red with no cleavage in sight,only the tanned skin above my breasts. The check jacket was what completed the whole outfit. The finishing piece.

"If it wasn't for Mason Knight,I wouldn't let you away with missing Friday Night Drinks again."Carmen lay flat on my bed,her dark hair tousled over her face slightly.

I looked in her direction and chuckled."It's work,So I have no choice but to be there either way."I walked towards the bed lay down next to her,and smoothed down my clothes incase of creasing."I don't mind going,I'm looking forward to seeing Joshua again."

She glanced over at me."Is he hot?"

I knew she would ask that!! Even despite knowing the fact that he's Gay!

After a couple of weeks of messaging back and forth with Joshua,I was looking forward to seeing him again.Hopefully he'll be in town long enough for us to have a proper catch up.If not maybe I could visit him in Seattle.I wouldn't mind going there again.

I rolled my eyes."He's Gay! Remember, I told you he's not into women.He is very cute though and he's so easy to talk to.No conversation is off limits with him."

I sighed,knowing Mason Knight wasn't at all like Joshua. He's a closed book. A man that doesn't want people to know what's on the inside..A lot of Guilt going by what Harry had to say about him.

"A lot of personal topics are off limits with Mason Knight I'm guessing..That Man is as guarded as they come.Carmen turned on her side,resting her elbow on the bed and holding her head in her hand."What are you going to do about it,Hon?"

"Wait..I'm going to wait for him to open up, when he's ready he'll tell me about himself. There's something about his Mother,Harry told me that Mason holds a lot of Guilt over her death.I thought it was kind of weird at the time,and I haven't been able to shake it since."

Carmen's brows snapped together."He feels Guilt over her death,I guess that is a little weird. He didn't kill her or anything?Maybe you're NEXT!!"She joked,then released a light chuckle.

"I'm pretty sure he would be paying the price for it if he had.Mason can be a sweet man when he wants to be,no one gets to see that side of him but me."

She grinned."Lucky You! I know what he said last night but I really think that this is more than just casual sex to him.It might take the guy some time to realise that."

As long as he's just seeing me,time is something that I can give him.I don't know what I'm going to do about my Dad though.He's not happy about Mason being in my life at all,usually if he's angry about something he would have calmed down some and apologised within the 24hrs. But Nothing!!

My phone vibrated on the bed beside me and I picked it up and looked at the screen."He's parked out front, I should get going."I stood from the bed and smoothed down my outfit in front the mirror."What are your plans with Ethan tonight?"

Carmen tilted her head to the side,and folded her arms across her chest."Lacey's,Ethan and I are going to try get each other laid,so I guess we'll see how that goes.Don't forget speed dating tomorrow night,you're not getting out of it!!"

I was hoping she would forget about that!!

I slung my Black clutch bag over my shoulder."I didn't think I was getting out of that one,I'll be there."I circled my arms around Carmen and hugged her."Good Luck with getting laid."

"See you in the Morning.Don't get too drunk."

I chuckled on my way out the door.Drinking too much and doing business isn't a good thing,I've learned from my mistakes in seattle.I'm going to be professional about this,regardless of my relationship with the boss.

I took the elevator downstairs,as I walked towards the front entrance Mason's car came into view.Sebastian the driver stepped out of the car,and opened up the passenger door when he saw me walk their way.

The corners of my lips quirked up."Thank you,Sebastian."I slipped into the car and moved across the comfort of the leather seating.I looked at Mason,dressed up and looking Hot."Hi!"

"Jamie,Don't you look Gorgeous."Mason moved across the seat and kissed me,while he kissed me he extended his hands up and removed the pins from my hair letting it flow down in soft silky curls.

I pulled back and looked at him."Mason,It took me quite awhile to get that hairstyle right."I clicked my tongue off the roof of my mouth, although I was smiling on the inside.

He smirked."I like it better down."His hand was spread across my cheek as he kissed me again.

It had only been a few hours since I had left him,yet I had missed him.The sex-His touch..Of course I missed that,But just being in his company was what I missed the most.We have only been seeing each other a couple of weeks,but a lot of them we have spent together.

I pulled back from the kiss,my blood red lips curving into a smile just for him."I'm guessing I'll be spending the night at your apartment again?"At this point it was a given,I've been there more than I have been home.

He smirked."Well of course you are,you are ditching me to hang out with friends tomorrow night after all."He rested back in his seat as the car began to move.

"I wouldn't exactly call it ditching."I chuckled."Anyway,I'm sure you have plenty of things to occupy your time."I turned around,gazing out the window at the traffic as we passed it.

Mason placed his hand on my thigh,before smoothly making his way up my tight fitted trousers."You're all I want to occupy my time,Jamie."He whispered.

His fingers touched the buttons of my trousers and I stopped him.He's crazy if he thinks that I'm going to let him touch me in the back of the car,while Sebastian is driving up front.He should know better. Instead of pushing him away completely,I laced my fingers with his.Knowing that hand holding wasn't Mason Knight at all,I expected him to pull away..

But he didn't!!

He held my hand,the entire ride to the restaurant. Both of us sat in silence and I wasn't really sure why. It felt like a good silence,being comfortable in each others presence without saying a word.


We were seated at a round dinner table at Le Bernardin Restaurant with Mr Blair and Joshua,dinner had already been eaten and now we were onto dessert. I had one of those cravings for ice cream so I thought why not!The drinks were flowing nicely,but not for me since I was trying to be a good girl tonight. Mason and Mr Blair have had a couple of scotch on the rocks while they talked business.

It's been a good night so far!

I was looking forward to getting back to Mason's apartment and having him all to myself,it's been hard sitting here all night
not touching him.Especially when he's wearing one of his crisp white shirts,that hugged his broad shoulders.

"I think that about settles it then."Mr Blair smiled."I have to say,I was all in when I had seen you before Christmas but I wanted the excuse to come to New York so I decided to wait."

Mason chuckled."You're welcome in New York anytime,Mr Blair. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

The deserts came to the table, mine a little cute dessert bowl with ice cream and heated chocolate sauce.I scooped some onto my spoon and placed it into my mouth,tasting the rich Belgian chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream.

I was looking down at the notes that I had taken over the course of the evening,but as I placed the silver spoon in my mouth again I could feel Mason's eyes on me.

"I would like to meet your Father while I am in town."Mr Blair,picked up his scotch glass."Maybe tomorrow,if that's okay with you both?"

"Well i'm sure my Father would love to meet you. I'll set it up.You're in town until Sunday,Is that right?"Mason held his scotch glass in his hand and took a swig.

I took my attention off the men as I heard the sound of clattering plates from across the restaurant. I don't understand why people do business dinners in restaurants,there's always so much noise around to even think. I was looking around the room when Ryan caught my eye,and he was walking in the direction of our table.

SHIT!! What the hell is he thinking?

He didn't look like his usual self,that much was clear from across the restaurant. He was staggering a little, so I'm guessing he's drunk. He can't really think that coming over here is a good idea,by the look of him he wasn't in the mood for polite conversation.

Bolting out of the restaurant had crossed my mind I'm not going to lie,because seeing him again means that I have to feel the guilt over what I've done. "Run,Jamie!"I thought.Oh,Crap!It's too late-He's already here.

"Jamie."Ryan spoke my name with a tone,like he wasn't happy to see me again. For obvious reasons of course.I guess he's not really happy about seeing me with Mason Knight either.

Everyone looked up at the man 5ft 10 in height,that was standing in front of our table. I noticed Mason's grip tighten on his Scotch glass and his knuckles whitening as he turned around and looked at me.

Scratch what I said about this being a good night-this could only end one way! Disaster!

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