Yes,Mr Knight

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"Ryan..Hi!"Really?They're the only words that I could form after breaking the Guys heart. That's just great! Say something else, Quick!"Um,It's good to see you."

It sure doesn't look like the feeling is mutual!!

Mason was sitting alongside me with those fierce looking eyes of his.He was looking at Ryan like he wanted to snap him in two. I was all too familiar with Mason's dark eyes from before I started allowing the man take me into his bed and have me how he pleased.Those were the eyes of the Big Bad Boss!!I haven't seen much of them lately though, it's been mostly the.."I want to Fuck You Eyes."

"Well I'm here drunk and Alone on a Friday night,so take a guess."Ryan took a swig from the bottled beer that he was holding.A Desperados I think.By the way he was swaying and slurring,I'm guessing it's not his first.

Joshua leaned into me slightly from his seat beside mine."That's Ryan?"He whispered,while Ryan was distracted swigging his beer.

I nodded my head in reply without turning to look at him.I couldn't take my eyes off Ryan,I didn't want too.I was worried that something might kick off if the wrong thing was said. It was clear that Mason was already bitting his tongue.

"How is it..Banging the Boss?"Ryan smirked, bracing his pam flat on the crisp white table cloth."You never struck me as the type,You know that. I thought you were one of the Good ones. But Boy wasn't I wrong!!"

Jesus! Just hearing him say it like that and talking to me the way he was,was creating an intense pit in my stomach.I wasn't used to hate..I was never one to hurt someone. Having it come back in my face was 10 times worse.

Mason stood from his seat,his muscles visibly tense in his tight fitted long sleeve shirt and his jaw clenched in anger.It was clear that Ryan's presence was enough to piss him off,let alone the words he spoke."You need to leave this table,before I make you leave."

Ryan took his hands off the dinner table and stood up straighter. As straight as he could without staggering due to intoxication. He stood shoulder to shoulder height with Mason,with a devilish smirk on his face."Oh,You're going to make me leave. I doubt that! Who are you to tell me what to do.You might be able to control her and every other woman around you..But not me."

My eyes scanned the room, to the faces that had already become aware to the scene that was unfolding at our table.Not everyone in the restaurant was looking in our direction,just them seated in close proximity and the few passing waiters with silver serving trays in hand.No,Not everyone had noticed.Not yet at least!!

Mason stepped closer,close enough to Ryan's face that had me panicking even more. Mr Blair and I stood from the table at the same time,both of us with the same idea in mind to help defuse the situation.

"Alright,I think that's enough."Mr Blair stood in between the two men,trying to keep them separated."This restaurant is not the place to do this."

"Mason,Please."I held his arm gently, hoping that he would back away.Thankfully he took a step back and avoided the confrontation.Going by what I've heard about Mason's behaviour in the past,I was pleasantly surprised that he did.

"Me and Jamie were perfectly fine before you got yourself involved."Ryan pointed his finger at Mason."You've got your hooks in her..But it won't take long before you break her heart.I know all about you. You're a murd.."

Before Ryan could even finish his sentence, Mason had stopped him with a whopper of a punch to the face. The sound of gasps from the other diners filled the restaurant. Now everyone was looking in our direction..Just as I had feared.

Ryan had fallen to the floor with no luck of getting a punch back in return. He lay on the cherry hardwood flooring,wiping the blood from his cut and already swollen lip. Beside him lay a wooden chair that he had taken down with him as he fell.

"Ryan!"I rushed towards him,and crouched down in my five inch heels and tight ankle length trousers."Are you okay?"

Of course I'm not just going to stand back while he lies on the restaurant floor bleeding.I'm a decent Human Being..Most of the time..Expect for the obvious sleeping with my Boss behind the man's back.(Feeling that Guilt Forever).

"Sir,We're going to have to ask you to pay your Bill and leave. Please."The Manager looked between all of us, he was obviously not pleased about the situation and the stir that we've caused.

"Right,Fine."Mason pulled out his wallet and placed a couple of notes down on the table, double the amount that was needed to cover the cost of our meal for four."Jamie,We're leaving.Grab your things."

Grab your things,He said.Yet he was already grabbing my coat and purse from my chair and getting me ready to leave. Mr Blair didn't look impressed nor Happy as he picked up his suit jacket from the chair and moved it up his arms.(But of course why would he after witnessing the man he's doing business with use his fists in the middle of a dinner meeting.)Joshua clearly seemed awkward about the whole thing like he was unsure what to even say. I wouldn't blame him!!

I looked down at Ryan,a complete drunken mess with a bloody nose.Yes,He might say he Loves me but the feelings are in no way reciprocated. Saying that,I can't just leave him here like this.

I looked up at Mason,"You go ahead, I'm going to get him home."I was struggling helping Ryan's drunken ass up from the floor,but thankfully Joshua and a waiter gave me a hand and we sat him down at the table."Thank You."

Mason took my arm and pulled me aside,far enough aside so the others couldn't hear."You're fucking kidding me right now, Jamie. You're not staying here with that Guy."

"Look at him..He's a Mess! And I'm not even talking about the swollen lip."I turned my head slightly,looking in Ryan's direction."I can't just leave him here,when it's my fault he's like this in the first place."

"That's exactly what you do. It's not your responsibility to take care of that Guy. He's somebody else's problem."Mason exhaled deeply,and turned me around so that my attention was on him."Are you even going to take anything that I have to say on board?"

"I already feel so much Guilt over this and I want to at least do something to make this right."I took my coat and bag for his arms."I'm going to call my Brother to come pick us up,I'll stop by afterwards."

He looked down on me,showing me the pissed expression on his face."You know I'm not happy about this, Right?"

"Oh,I hadn't noticed."I smirked.

"This is not funny,Jamie.I don't want you going anywhere with him.I don't fucking trust him. Frankly,by going with him now you're making a fool out of me."

"This is not for you to decide. I'm just trying to do what I think is right."I rolled my lips together feeling bad for telling him off. But I know that it's the right thing to do. He can't control me.I'm not that type of woman.


Jake and I carried Ryan in the front door of his apartment.After stepping out of the car he stumbled,so we had no choice but to carry him. Thankfully I could rely on my Brother to help me out..But I'm sure I'm never going to hear the end of it.

Is it worth it? Yet to be determined.

"I'll get the door,Will you take him to his room."I pointed to a bedroom at the end of the hallway,the door was opened and I saw a bed so I'm sure it's his.

Jake shook his head with attitude."You owe me,Jamie."He walked the hallway,carrying a drunk Ryan along with him."You're fucking heavy,Man."

I closed the door and followed behind them towards the bedroom. Jake was carrying Ryan past the opening when he clipped his head off the wooden door frame as he passed it."Oh My God, Jake!!"

My brother winced."Oops,My Bad!He's fine,just a bang. He's suffered worse than that tonight,Am I right?"He chuckled,before throwing Ryan down on the edge of his bed.

"Let's not make it worse..He's going to be feeling all of this tomorrow."I raised my hands in exasperation. "We're going to have to move him in a little so he doesn't fall off."

"Just Rolie Polie him,like we used to do as kids."Jake pushed Ryan and rolled him into the middle of the bed."Now problem solved..Can we go now,Little Sister?"

I covered Ryan over gently with the wool bedspread that was folded neatly on the end of his bed."We can go now. I've already texted his brother on the way here, he's going to come by and stay the night."

Jake and I left Ryan's apartment together and took the elevator down to the underground parking garage. I pulled out my phone,expecting to see a text from Mason..But Nothing!!Obviously he's angry with me,he made it quite clear how he felt.

"Let me guess,The Boss hasn't called?"
My Brother smirked,as he slipped into the car. Taking my silence as a firm yes,he didn't stop there."After what you told me,I'm guessing he's pacing his luxury Penthouse seething with anger."

I pulled my seatbelt across my chest and clicked it into the holster."Anger because I didn't listen to his orders.Mason Knight isn't used to that."I looked across to the drivers side at my Brother."Do you think I did the right thing?"

He raised an eyebrow."By sleeping with your Boss? I'm sure many women have been there..No offence."

I clicked my tongue off the roof of my mouth."No,Not that. I mean by taking Ryan home tonight. Should I have done it?"

"Well you did the Jamie's way of doing things..The Decent Way!"My Brother pulled the car out of the parking garage,into the wet and windy weather."So,Where to?"

After the night I've had,all I wanted to do was sleep. I was both mentally and Physically drained after the events of tonight. I don't even know if Mason is in the mood for company after what happened,so I don't want to take the risk. I released a long drawn sigh."Home,Just take me home."

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