Yes,Mr Knight

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I groaned,hearing the creaking of my bedroom door opening. I didn't lift my head from the comfort of my luxurious silk stripped pillow that smelled like Lavender. I didn't even open my eyes.I knew it was Carmen coming in for the details of last night's dinner. Such a little Gossip.

I didn't see her when I got home last night,but from the few messages that I had sent her on my car ride home with Jake, she knew the night wasn't a good one. I'm sure the bottle of wine missing from the fridge was a big tell.

I needed it!!

"Ugh,Carmen! Can we do this later?"I was lying on my tummy, with both arms placed under the pillow that my head was resting on."I'm not ready to talk just yet."

"I'd rather do this now."

I heard his gruff manly voice and my eyes snapped open in surprise.The morning light shining in through my blinds hit me,instantly making my hangover headache 10 times worse.I'm never drinking again.

I sat up in bed and held the Rose Gold sheets against my body. Mason was standing by the end of my bed,all sexy suit and tie. His hair was perfectly dark and shinning and his face was neatly shaven into a short stubble. I could smell him from here,the aftershave that I had grown familiar to these past few weeks.

"Mason,You're here."I smoothed my nest of bed hair back from my face.I'm sure I look totally ridiculous right now.Rough sums it up!"I'm guessing Carmen let you in?"

"She was happy too."He removed his navy check suit jacket from his body, showing me just how tightly fitted his shirt was.I've always admired the man's style.He's never boring with his outfit choices.

"I didn't know you were coming by."I reached across the bed to my dresser and picked up my phone. Pressing the side button my screen lit up,I saw that there was no message from him."You didn't call or text."

"I didn't want to text.I wanted to talk."Mason hung his suit jacket over the back of the crushed Grey fabric chair in the corner of my room."You didn't come by last night."

"Well after everything that happened at the restaurant, I wasn't sure if you even wanted me to."I leaned my back against the Grey headboard of my bed, with my legs bent at the knees."So did you want me to come by?"

"I waited up for you."Mason crossed the room towards my bed and planted his gorgeous ass down at the edge.It wasn't long before he noticed the empty wine glass and bottle on my bedside dresser."Were you drinking alone last night, Jamie?"

The corners of my lips quirked up."Yes, Just me. I guess I was having my own little pity party."After coming back last night I was feeling mighty sorry for myself. I spend my night drinking alone and watching soppy romantic movies that made me feel 10 times worse.

This woman is her own worst nightmare!! The guilt of hurting Ryan the way I did is what I should he feeling,he acted the way he did last night because of me.Because of the way I treated him.

"Pity Party."He raised a perfectly dark eyebrow at me."You're still feeling pity over the Guy,despite the way he acted Last Night."

"Ryan..His name is Ryan,Mason. He acted the way he did because of me.Bringing him back to his apartment last night was something I needed to do."I crossed my arms over my chest,pushing my little rack up ever more.

I didn't have a full chest of meaty breasts,like I'm sure most women that he has bedded has had. Like Office Bitch Jen for an example..Humongous Tits on that one! But mine were a good enough size. Perky enough for Mason Knight's big manly hands..and Boy!! Did that man like a pair of tits.

He was tense as he sat in front of me,it was obvious that he hated that I brought Ryan home last night.When he opened his mouth I expected something far worse to come out,than what actually did.I expected a war..But I didn't get one."Okay,I guess if you felt like you had to then who am I to stand in your way."

Well I'll be dammed!!

The man has given up some control to me,allowing me to make that decision alone and not putting up a fight about it.We are supposed to he casual after all,yet it seems more than that.It's always seemed more than that.

"I appreciate that."Pressing the button on the phone again,the screen lit up showing me the time."That meeting with Mr Blair is soon,He didn't cancel it after last night?"

"An hour,It gives us plenty of time."He smirked mischievous,moving the duvet down slowly and revealing my cute pyjama shorts set underneath.

"Plenty of time,For what exactly?"I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth as I waited for his reply. I wanted to hear him say it..I wanted to hear the words.

Mason's hand moved up my thigh, causing me to shiver at the movement of his hand getting close to my spot.He pulled my frilly little shorts and panties to the side and rubbed my wet slit,before pushing two fingers inside of me.

Oh God,There it is! That feeling that I get when he touches me. That amazing feeling of pure pleasure,that causes me to loose control. All control is lost.

Mason moved closer to me on the bed,right between my legs while he continued to move his fingers inside of me."Do you like that,Jamie? You like being pleasured first thing in the morning don't you?"

All he got in reply was a very panty."Yes."When that man fucked me with his fingers he didn't hold back,there was no stopping If the pleasure was too much.Not even if I asked him too.

He wanted to see my expressions midst pure ecstasy,he wanted to watch on as I loose control. Scream aloud because the pleasure was so good it was unbearable!!

Mason removed his fingers and rubbed the juices of me along the folds of my opening. He leaned forward,his body over mine and his lips pressed against mine firmly. I could feel every bit of his rock hard cock that was bulging against the seams of his tightly fitted suit trousers.

His hands moved down my toned legs that were on show. He gripped my ass firmly in his "Have you ever had a cock up that tight little ass of yours?"

As much as I tried I couldn't stop the look of shock from spreading across my face. A cock up the Ass,I shook my head in reply.

He smirked,as he undid the buttons of his perfectly ironed shirt. Mason's sculpture of a body came into sight. Nice and tanned, toned to absolute perfection. His shirt made it's way down his arms and he threw it to the floor before he was leaned over me again."I'll go slow..Since you're a virgin to Anal."

Just like that..This was going to happen. Without me even saying a word.He's already made so many exceptions for me..It's my turn to make one for him. Besides,If any dick was going to be going up my ass..I wanted it to be his.

I was turned around on all fours,bare assed and ready for what was coming next.In front of me was the tall Grey headboard of my bed,and behind me was him. Hard and ready,with lashing on lube on his cock. Please be Gently!

I've heard some horror stories about anal sex,Mostly from Carmen!That's why I have avoided it at all costs,with any man I've been involved with.But there's no avoiding Mason Knight when he has a sexual idea in mind.

Mason placed a hands on my lower back. He moved one down to my ass and squeezed a handful of flesh."Trust me,Jamie.You're going to enjoy this."

His tip pressed against my anal hole and I instantly felt the cold sensation of the lube.The anticipation was killing me. I wanted to feel the pain already,that's what I imagine I'll be feeling a lot of. His hand was on my lower back as I took his cock into my ass,nice and slow just like he told me.

"Does it hurt?"He asked,as he moved his large dick in and out of me. My anus had stretched itself out enough to accommodate him,but I was still feeling the sting.

"A little! I can take it."So far I could. The hardest part I imagined was getting it in there and I've already accomplished that. I would rather be looking at him when he's Fucking me.The beads of sweat on his forehead, the face he makes in the midst of pleasure. That's what turns me on,but knowing that his cock was in was ass my giving me a trill.

"It feels fucking amazing for me."He thrusted his cock in and out,hitting my A spot and giving me the pleasure that I didn't expect. Mind Blowing Pleasure!!Mason released a deep grunt."Your Asshole is so fucking tight,just like that perfect little pussy of yours."

Oh,God!!His dirty sexy talk was Turing me on big time. He was in the zone just like he always is."Oh,God! Mason.."

"Tell me how much you like it,Jamie. I want to hear it."He reached a hand around,cupping a perky breast in one hand and squeezed."Tell me how much you like my cock in your ass?"

"I Love it..I Love having you inside of me."I gasped,the pleasure was so much that I could barely form the words to speak..But I wanted him to keep going..I needed him to keep going."MORE!!"

MORE is what I asked for and MORE is exactly what he gave me. MORE of him and MORE of his delicious Cock!!I fell down onto the mattress, my head resting on my pillow and smelling the lavender.My cheeks were flushed and I was breathless.Breathless after the fucking of my life.

I am so in LOVE with that man!!

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