Yes,Mr Knight

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I was watching him from the bed-watching the way he moved his spotless white shirt up his arms and began to button it up.Seeing how it hugged the muscles on his arms,had me gnawing my bottom lip in sexual want for him.

Already..I know! Just 20 minutes after the most incredible sex.But the man is gorgeous and I just can't get enough of him.Mason Knight certainly knows how to blow my mind!

I'm so in Love with him,Aren't I?

Damn it! I told myself not to fall in Love with him,that this thing between us was just casual and that's as far as it goes.He told me that himself!But I just couldn't help myself.You can't just pick and choose who you love..It doesn't work like that.

What the hell am I going to do?

Definitely not tell him that's for sure,that's just emotional suicide and it wouldn't end well at all. He's still scared..He's still holding back from me.I can brake through those walls of his-I just need time.

"Jamie.."Mason called,snapping me out the thoughts that I was having about him."I recognise that thinking face,Are you okay?"

I grinned."Sure,I'm fine."

In some sense of the word I am fine,It wasn't a total lie! I feel like an idiot for wanting more of him,for wanting this to mean more TO HIM.I'm gotten more of him than anyone else has had.

"I didn't hurt you did I?"Mason glanced in my Direction. He was sat on the Grey fabric chair in the corner of the room,doing up the laces of his expensive shoes."I know I can be a little rough during sex,Jamie.But you asked me to go harder."

A little Rough?

Little being the understatement of the century.I don't mind him being rough,it's what I expect from him and it's what I like. ROUGH SEX IS WHAT HE'S USED TO!!I'm sure he's never known different.

"You didn't hurt me."I chuckled."But thanks for your concern,Mr Knight."I got up from the bed,bringing the bed sheet with me and wrapping it around my body.

"I should get going,Mr Blaire will be at the office in fifteen."Mason pulled my body over to his and removed the sheet from my grasp."I want to see you one more time before I leave."

His hands moved up my body,before cupping my tits with both hands.They were tender now after the rough encounter that we had,in the midst of it all he didn't exactly handle them with care.He kissed me again,giving himself another hard on to deal with on the way out the door.

"You're going to be late if you don't get going."I kissed him one last time before pulling away,as hard as it was.

Mason smirked mischievously."You're a good girl,Jamie Harris. I have every intention of changing that."He picked up his suit jacket from the chair and placed it over his arm."You have plans tonight,Right?"

"Speed dating with friends."I turned around and opened the doors to my closet,that was totally packed full of clothes.Carmen's fault for dragging me on way too many shopping sprees.

"Speed dating-I don't like that."He admitted,so casually like his opinion was supposed to change my mind.I was finding it pretty hilarious actually,he's quite possessive this man.

"Relax,I'm just there for support.I'm not actually participating."I moved a pair of Red lace underwear up my legs and turned around to face him while I clasped the matching bra."You don't like the thought do you,Mr Knight?"

"Not one bit!"He replied,and folded his arms across his chest.Even calling him Mr Knight didn't stop that sulk.

I walked towards Mason in Red Lace that was clearly teasing him enough to forget about his meeting and do me again.I got up on my tippy toes,placed my hands on his shoulders and kissed him."Tough!Remember,I'm the type of women who likes to make decisions for herself.Please,Don't try to make them for me."

"You're quite a handful,You know that!"Mason shook his head with a smirk. I'm sure he was hating that I was going out amongst other men but at the same time liking the fact that I was challenging him.

"Somehow I think you like that."I turned around and walked towards my closet again,pulling out some comfortable clothing since I wasn't planning on going anywhere until tonight.

"I should get going."He pulled his pair of sunglasses from his pocket and put them on. Adding even more to his Hotness.Mason walked over to me,giving me yet another parting kiss that left me wanting more."See you later,Beautiful!"

My lips quirked up into a smile."Bye,Mason."I stood in lingerie and watched him leave my room,leaving me already missing him.I really hope he doesn't break my heart..I don't think I could take it.

After changing into comfortable clothing to lounge around in for the day,I left my bedroom in search of some refuel after the appetite I just worked up. A coffee would be nice,maybe a bagel smothered in cream cheese. Just the thought alone had a little bit of drool on my corner of my mouth.

I walked into the open planned living area/kitchen,feeling on cloud nine.I literally feel like nothing could change the good mood I was feeling. Carmen was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar,shovelling a spoon of Special K Red Berries into her mouth.

I walked past her into the kitchen with a smile."Good Morning!"

"Yes,It is."She chuckled,and set her spoon down in her bowl."I've made coffee,I figured you would need it- because you know,you've been fucking Mason Knight all morning."

My cheeks were a little flushed,I didn't think I was loud enough for her to hear.I knew she was home so I was trying to be quite. I've heard her with a guy plenty of times,but it's something that's a little embarrassing for me.

"Oh My God,I didn't think I was that loud."I reached up into the overhead press and grabbed my favourite coffee cup.It's one that has taken a couple of chips over the years but it's always been my favourite.

"You weren't-But HE was. Jamie,That guy is so fucking hot!!"She chuckled."I could hear the grunts that he made, even the little dirty talk throughout.FUCK ME!!"Carmen squealed."He's the best you've had,Isn't he?"

"Sure he is! I've done things with Mason that I've never done with anyone else."I poured the boiling hot water into my coffee cup,the steam was rising and giving me that little boost that i needed.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning!!

"Oh,You mean Anal?"She was smirking as I turned around to look at her."I know everything about you,Jamie.I'm your best friend,Remember."

I don't know why I didn't expect her not to know. Carmen and I tell each other everything,she knows that anal was something that I've never tried before.

"Okay,We tried Anal."So weird even talking about it,but Carmen is that type of friend that you could talk to about anything."Mason asked and I said Yes. I expected it to be a lot different than what it was."

"Was it good?"She wiggled her perfect eyebrows at me and leaned forward with folded arms on the breakfast bar."It sounded pretty amazing to me,Hon."

"It was amazing,that's what I'm saying.I expected it to be very uncomfortable but it wasn't,only the first few minutes."I've tried it now, Finally.Funnily enough it might be my new thing. I'm partial to a Cock up the Ass!!

"Jamie Harris,What has gotten into you? Oh - Wait - Him! Mr Fucking Knight!" Carmen was giggling,as she made her way around the breakfast bar and threw her arms around my neck."I'm so happy for you,Hon. I'm so happy that you're having Amazing Sex and I'm not!!"

"Thank You!"I pulled back from the hug and grinned at her. Of course I've always been trying not to rub it in her face about me sleeping with a man that everyone Wants. It makes it worse that she's as single as a cucumber as Jake likes to put it."We have speed dating tonight,I think you're going to get lucky."

"I sure hope so. I just want to find someone decent,someone to love me."She shrugged her shoulders,and walked back around the breakfast bar and sat down."I thought Mason would have a problem with you going out tonight,if I'm being honest."

"Oh,He did! I put a stop to that."I picked up my coffee cup,warming my hands as they wrapped around the mug."He has so much control over everything in life,I can't let him have control over the things I do.I love the guy,but come on! A woman needs to have a life."

Carmen's brown eyes went huge,her mouth was hanging open as well."OH MY FUCKING GOD!! YOU LOVE HIM?"

Shit!! Did I just say that out Loud?

"What-No!!"I replied,shrugged it off and pretending that she heard different than what I said."I like him, I said I LIKE HIM!"

"No No! I heard what I heard,you said that you Love him. You can't lie your way out of this."She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye."You're so in Love with him,Aren't you?"

I guess it's too late to pretend now!

I leaned back against the counter and folded my arms across my chest."I'm so in Love with that man!!"The question is,Does that man love me back?

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