Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 3: Elevator Frustration

After a 45 minute catch up lunch with Ethan,I walked the cold street towards Knight&Son. The December weather was absolutely bitter,so bitter that was covered head to toe just to keep out the cold.

I was holding my phone against my ear,chatting to my Mom that was overly worried about my single life. She was doing her usual Julia thing of trying to set me up on a date.I really hate it when she does this!!The woman is on a mission to get me married off before I reach my mid 20s.

"I don't know-I don't really like the idea of going out on a date with a man I've never seen before,Mom. What if I don't like what he looks like?"I don't mean to sound shallow,but I'm going to need some encouragement if she wants me to do this.

My Mom clicked her tongue off the roof of her mouth."Ryan is a very good looking man,I think you would like him. He seems very eager to go on this date with you,Jamie."

I caught a glimpse of Mason Knight as I got closer to the office door,his arms were wrapped around a different Blonde women and he was squeezing her ass over a tight black mini. The blonde was whispering in his ear and by the look on his face it was something rather raunchy.

He's such a whore!!

Mason glanced in my direction as I opened the door to the office building, before focusing his attention back to the blonde. He wasn't worried about looking inappropriate in front of staff, but I guess why would he when he's screwed half of them already.

"Jamie-Jamie-Are you there?"My Mom called,over the phone reminding me that she was still there.

"Sorry,Mom-I was distracted. What was it that you were you saying?"I asked,as I pressed the button continuously for the elevator to come down.It was quite in reception,which was a change from the usual rush.

"I was just asking would you give Ryan a chance-One Date? I can even send you a picture of him so you can see for yourself."

Give in,Jamie! You know she won't.

I sighed,as I pressed the button for the elevator again."Alright,I'll go on the date. But I swear,Mom-If this guy is a weirdo I'm so out of there."I heard a chuckled beside me and I looked over.


Mason Knight's muscular frame was standing right next to me,looking at the elevator doors with a huge smirk on his face. I assume by the smirk-he's overheard my conversation.

"I have to go-I'll call you back."I hung up the phone whilst my Mom was still chatting away. I placed my phone back in my bag and looked towards the elevator doors willing them to open so I wouldn't have to stand next to him in awkward silence.

"So your Mother is setting you up on a date-That's a bit weird. You can't find a date for yourself?"Mr Knight turned his head,in my direction waiting for an answer.

I was biting my tongue! I want to tell him to keep his opinions and his rude comments to himself."It's a blind date, I'm just going to humor. It's worth it to keep my Mom off my back about my dating life."

"Or you mean lack of."He chuckled."I'm guessing that you don't do much dating. A word of advice, wear something a little revealing and try not to do too much talking. A man is only interested in looks after all."

Of course he would. He doesn't care if a women is sensitive and sweet-Just as long as she's hot enough to bang then that's all he cares about.

The elevator doors opened an no one was inside and no one was waiting to get in but us. Just me and Mr Knight to ride the 48 floors of the building alone. What are the chances of the elevator being empty for just me and him in a confined space?

"Are you coming or what?"Mr Knight asked,as he held the elevator doors opened for me."I'd advise that you get in-Unless you want to stay late again."

"Um,Yes! Thank you!"I think I would rather a confined space with him for a couple of minutes,than I would staying late again. I stepped into the elevator and stood next to him. Mason pressed the button for the 48th floor and up we went.

"I'm going to need you to set up that meeting with Mr Henderson for sometime this week,Jamie."He was tapping his screen lightly."Make sure it's at the Bradford-And make sure it's not too late."

"Sure,Mr Knight."I was trying my best to be professional and polite. All of a sudden the elevator jumped and came to a halt,causing my heart to jump up into my throat. The doors didn't opened and it was quite clear that it wasn't just stopping at another floor.

No fucking way!!

"Fuck Sake!!"Mr Knight exhaled sharply, whilst pressing the buttons on the elevator wall over and over again."I can't believe this is happening."

I sighed."We're stuck!"

He rolled his eyes."You don't say! Of all the elevators in the building to get in, we got into this one. I have a meeting in the conference room at two o'clock."He glanced down at his expensive watch and released a sigh of frustration.

Unless we get out of here in 8 minutes, which I really hope we do,he isn't going to make that 2pm meeting. The thought of being along with this asshole was bad enough-Now it seems that it's going to be a lot longer than that.

{EMERGENCY INTERCOM}:"Hi,You're speaking with Adam from the security office.We've been alerted that there is a fault with the elevator you're in.If you two could sit tight,help is on the way."

Mason pressed the button for the speaker."How long of a wait are we talking about here?"He asked,with a tone.

{EMERGENCY INTERCOM}:"We're looking at about 45 minutes to an hours wait,but hopefully we can get you sorted a lot sooner than that.Just sit tight and try to remain calm."

Remain Calm-It's easy for Adam to say with he's not stuck in here with Mason Knight.

Mr Knight turned around and looked at me,agitated over the situation that we found ourselves in."Looks like we're stuck,Jamie."

I felt like rolling my eyes at him just like he did me-But of course I couldn't."Guess so!"I just hope that elevator starts up soon I would literally rather be caught in here with anyone else.

Forty five minutes later and we were still stuck in a confined space. Stuck in the elevator from hell and feeling Hot, clothes had been shed-just the outer layers. I was trying to last as long as I could with my extra layers-until it got to the point where I couldn't take the heat any longer.

I didn't want to sweat in front of him!

I was rested against the wall of the elevator,turned to the side so I wasn't facing him. I wasn't trying to be rude, I just figured it would be awkward if we were facing each other in silence.

"I've never seen you wearing those before."Mr Knight pointed to the pair of glasses that I was wearing. The black framed ones I only wear when I'm reading,which I was currently doing to pass the time.

"I try not to wear them-They're just for reading."I looked back down at my romance book,not even reading but just pretending that I was.

"You don't like them?"He asked,moving closer to me and invading my space with his scent. I personally don't like the man-But he does smell rather good-like very good.

I looked up from my page again and gave him a shrug of the shoulder."Well they're not exactly attractive,it isn't very attractive for a woman to be wearing glasses.It's just my opinion."

I can't believe he's actually trying to make conversation with me!!

"What is that you're reading?"Instead of waiting for a reply,he snatched the book from my hands and turned it over to look at the cover."A romance-Why am I not surprised!!"

I furrowed my brows."Because I read romance,I think most women do."Boy I wish I could tell him to mind his own business and shove his opinions up his chauvinistic ass! Obviously he's board since he's making conversation with me.

Mr Knight chuckled lightly."When are you women going to wake up and realise that life isn't a fairytale."He handed me my book and stared at me intensely."There is no such thing as happily ever after,Jamie. No such thing!"

I was looking up at him,seeing how dark his eyes were now that he was so close. The closest I've ever been to him. "That's your opinion I guess! I'm aloud to have mine-Just like you are."

The elevator jolted suddenly and then started to move,climbing the floors of the building and bringing us closer and closer to 48th-closer and closer to Freedom!

"We should grab our things."I said,and he moved out of my way. We both grabbed our jackets that were in a pile on the floor and stood by the doors of the elevator waiting for them to open.

Stuck in an Elevator with a man that hates me-It would happen to me. Carmen is so going to laugh her ass off when I tell her.

Just as we reached our floor,Mr Knight turned his head in my direction."You're wrong about the glasses-They're not unattractive at all!"The elevator doors opened and he walked out,leaving with me furrowed brows in confusion.

After an eventful morning of elevator frustration with The Big Bad Boss,I spent the rest of the work day buried in my work. It was after 6 before I even took my eyes off the screen and realised that people had already started to leave.

I better get going!!

I was packing up my things to leave and tidying up my desk,all OCD since I like to have things perfectly displayed. I could faintly overheard a conversation from Mr Knight's office, one between him and Jen.

"Come on,Mason!"She moaned."You know I can give you anything you want back at mine."Someone is getting needy.

"One time and one time only,Remember what I told you!!"His words came out Harsh."You told me that you were okay with that?"

"I just thought.."

"I know what you thought."He cut over her."You thought you could change me just like everyone does. I am who I am!! I can't be changed!!"

"Well you know where I'll be if you change your mind!!"The door to the office opened and Jen walked out with a scowl on her face. A scowl that I'm sure she didn't show in front of him. I felt sorry for her-Just a little. But she knew what she was getting into.

I shook my head and was packing up my things to leave when my phone vibrated on my desk. I picked it up and rested my bum on the edge of my desk when I saw that it was a text from my Mom. When I opened the message I was pleased to see a picture of a very handsome man on my screen.

That woman works fast!!

My Mom was right,He's very good looking. Ryan had a rugged look about him and it's exactly what i like in a man.

"That isn't the guy that you're going on a date with is it?"Mr Knight's voice came from behind me.

I turned around and saw his smirk as he stood by me desk. He had been peering over my shoulder this whole time."Um-Yes!Why do you ask?"

He screwed up his face."Just doesn't seem like your type-Not the type of guy that I imagined you with."

"Well he is."I shoved the last of my things into my bag in a hurry."Do you need anything else from me-Or is it okay that I leave?"

"You can go. I'll see you tomorrow."He placed his hands in the pockets of his trousers and walked towards his office for another long night.

What is it with him?

Last week he went absolutely ballistic at me and threatened my job..But since the faulty elevator earlier he seems to think he can give his opinions on my Love life.

Fuck that asshole!!

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