Yes,Mr Knight

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Speed Dating,Ugh!!

I'm so relieved that I'm only here for moral support because there would be no way I would put myself out there like this.Getting to know 10 or more guys over the space of an hour,I don't think I could take that.Way too much pressure.

"I'm not doing it!"Ethan said,with a cross look on his face.He was shaking his head as he watched all the singles getting name tagged.The minute I saw him earlier I knew he wasn't keen.

I had a feeling he would get cold feet.

I spotted Carmen in the distance making her way towards us,confident as can be in her skinny ripped jeans and plunging red neckline top."Well Carmen is coming over here so I don't think you really have a choice in the matter."

"Fuck Sake!"He sighed,just before she reached us.She was just about to open her mouth and say something when Ethan got there before her."Carmen,I'm not doing it. There's no way!"

She groaned."Don't be a Baby!!There's so many Hot Girls here that I know are your type."She looked to where I was sitting on a stool beside him at the bar,turned sideways to face her."Tell him,Jamie."

Now she's getting me involved!!

I'm always stuck in between these two when it comes to something that they disagree on,which happens to be most things if I'm being honest.I've always been stuck in the middle.

"I really don't want to get involved in this. "I turned my back to them both,picked up my wine glass and had a drink.I was hoping to ignore them completely and leave them to it.I did my part by being here for moral support.

"You're already here,Ethan.You might as well take part."She pressed a sticky name tag to his chest."If you're not going then I'm not! You wouldn't do that to me,Would you?"

"I would!"Ethan chuckled,as he picked up his bottle of Corona and took a couple of swigs. "Help me here,Jamie."

In the middle!!

I swung around on my stool and looked at him."Well you're already here,i think you're missing out if you don't."I looked behind him to the woman that were name tagged and waiting for the bell to the ring."Those girls are very cute."

He turned his head and looked."The blonde one-Maybe."

The tall woman in yellow that looked to be in her early 40s rang the bell to get everyone's attention.Men and Women gathered around with drinks in hand.I turned around in my stool again and pulled my phone from my black clutch bag.

A text from Mason-and I wasn't at all surprised.This is the usual time we would be together after all.I assume he's still at the office working hard,it didn't matter to him that it was late on a Saturday Night.That man loves to work!!I was just about to open the text when the sound of the women shuffling into their seats distracted me.It must be time.

"Come on,Ethan!"Carmen pleaded,before walking ahead towards her assigned table of 2 chairs.Carmen sat down in her chair,flicked her brown and honey streaked hair back off her shoulder and fixed her cleavage in the plunging neckline top that she was wearing.She was raring to go!

"She owes me one for this."Ethan shook his head and crossed the room to join the other waiting men.I don't envy him, that being said I think it would be good for him to actually get to know a Girl.

I watched on as the speed dating got started,men moving from table to table while the women stayed in their seats.I wasn't the only one at the bar watching-there was a couple of others here too.

I turned around in my chair again and looked down at my phone with a smile,as I read the message from Mason.It's weird-How little time it has been but I couldn't imagine having this feeling towards anyone else.I've fallen too deep and now there's no way out.My only choice is to patiently wait for him to realise that I'm more than just the woman he sleeps with.

An hour later and the bell was rang to signal the end of speed dating,I had a small view of the tables from where I was sitting. I didn't do much looking though-I spent most of the hour on the phone to my Mom taking about my Dad.

We still haven't spoken!!

"Jamie-I thought that was you!"A man's voice said,causing me to turn around on my stool.The man's voice wasn't one that was familiar to me but when I turned around I knew exactly who it was.

It was that Asshole that grabbed me in a conference room full of men.He does business with Mason but I think it's more than that.When I saw him in the apartment that time the two of them were discussing plans of a night out so I'm guessing they're friends.

"Hi-Um.."I paused,hoping that he would take the hint and remind me of his name.Faces I remember-but names I do not.After his come on that day he wasn't someone I wanted to remember.

"It's Brent,I probably never introduced myself properly."His lips curved into a smile."I didn't see you out there,Are you accompanying a friend?"

"I'm just here for moral support,my friends wanted to try speed dating at least once in their lives."I looked behind him in hopes that I would spot Carmen and Ethan close by to come and save me.

No sign of them of course-Isn't that just my luck!!

"And you're not giving it a try because of Mason I take it."He turned towards the bar as the bartender approached."Whisky Neat and whatever the lady is having." Brent pulled his black leather wallet from his suit jacket and threw some cash down on the bar.

"No-I'm okay.."

"I'm buying you a drink,Jamie."Brent interrupted me."Mason is a friend of mine,I think he would want his Lady taken care of."The bartender placed the drinks down on the bar and Brent moved a glass of wine across to me.

His Lady..Really?

"Um-Thank You."I was worried about being rude,so I gave him a weak smile and glanced around the room for Carmen and Ethan again. I didn't touch the glass of wine,it stayed where he left it.

"So you and Mason-Are you guys a proper thing now?"He picked up his Whisky glass and drank half.I guess it's something of a business man's thing to drink Whisky or Scotch,it's rare to see a man of business drinking a bottled beer.

He was putting his nose in my business and it made me uncomfortable.Brent knows Mason-he knows that he's not the relationship type of guy yet he's asking me the question.

"No-It's nothing serious. We're just seeing each other casually."God,I really hate stating that Mason and I are casual,it makes me feel like a bit of a Slut.

Saying that were casual means that I'm okay with this thing between us being just sex.That I'm okay with casually sleeping around with the Heartthrob of New York City.Obviously I don't want it to be JUST THAT-But what can I do.

He chuckled."Yeah,It sounds about right. Mason Knight doesn't do more than sex-but you already know that." Brent put his drink down and stood up straighter."Jamie,I'm sorry about the way I came onto you that day in the conference room."

An apology-That was unexpected."Um, It's fine."It was far from fine but he was apologising and again I didn't want to be rude.

"It's not fine,Jamie.-It was sleazy of me.I thought you were like that,but now it's clear that you're not."He gave me a closed mouth smile,before picking up his Whisky glass for another drink.The women in yellow was center of the room again and Brent turned his head around and looked in her direction."I guess it's time to see if I have a match."



When I walked into the bar the first thing I noticed was Her-and she wasn't alone. Not only was she not alone-but she was talking to Brent of all people.

What the hell is he doing here?

Tonight in this bar of all places.Speed dating isn't his thing,unless he's just here for a drink to see who he could pick up.He isn't one for small talk with woman-Just like I'm not.He seems to be enjoying the small talk right now.

"Mason!"Jamie called my name from her stool at the bar. She looked confused of course,not expecting me to show up here."What are you doing here?"

"I came to pick you up,I'm guessing you were too preoccupied to realise that I called you."I was being an Asshole,A very Jealous Asshole!! I looked in Brent's direction,noticing that he was as surprised to see me here as I was to see him here."I didn't expect to find you here."

He chuckled."Yeah-Well I could say the same thing."Brent glanced over his shoulder,to the men and women that were gathered around the other side of the bar."I should get over there,I'll see you Monday Morning for that meeting."

Brent walked away and joined the others at the other end of the long bar. I sat down in the stool beside Jamie's and noticed the two glasses of wine beside her."Are you planning on getting drunk?"I asked,pointing to the glasses.

"Oh that! Brent bought it,he was rather insistent on buying me a drink."She removed her phone from her bag and lit up the screen."I'm sorry I didn't hear your calls,My phone was silenced."

I sighed,before taking her hand and pulling her close."I figured as much.I came to take you back to mine and I'm not taking no for an answer,Jamie." I'll carry her out of here if I have to-I'm not leaving her in this bar with all these Cock driven men.

Her arms were around my neck as she glanced behind me at the speed daters."You're not taking No for an answer. I guess I better let Carmen and Ethan know that I'm leaving."She pressed her lips against mine before walking away.

Thankfully it didn't take anything to persuade her-frankly I wasn't in the mood to try to convince her.Jamie told me she was spending the night with friends,but I was greedy for her and I showed up anyway.

The bartender walked my way."Scotch on the Rocks."I might as well have a drink while I'm waiting. My drink was placed on the bar seconds later and I picked it up and downed it since it was well deserved after I day I had. It had started with a bang so I'm hoping it will end with one too,that's the only thing that'll get rid of the stress that I was feeling.

Jamie's phone vibrated on the bar in front of me and I glanced her way and saw that she was preoccupied before I opened the message. I know I shouldn't have-But that didn't stop me.When has it ever.

Ryan-Mr Fucking Nice Guy!!

"Sorry about last night,Jamie.I was an idiot and you didn't deserve that.Can we meet to talk about this?"

That guy just doesn't know when to quit. She has ended things with him and told him it's over,I don't understand why that's not getting through to him?HE NEEDS TO LEAVE HER ALONE!! I deleted the message and placed her phone back down on the bar where she left it.I'm jealous and I hated that- the feeling of Jealously over a woman made me feel weak. But the feeling of rage of any man having her was far worse.

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