Yes,Mr Knight

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Ethan and I were walking out of the coffee shop after a quick catch up lunch.It's been almost two weeks since the Speed dating event and I hadn't seen Ethan for our usual Friday night drinks last weekend,so a catch up was much needed.

"Okay-So maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought.At least I got something out of it."Ethan smirked.

"Yes,The Date!"I replied,excited that my best friend had put himself out there and it had paid off."When are you seeing this new girl?"

Speed dating for Ethan wasn't so bad in the end,there was a mutual interest between him and another woman and now they're going on a date.So excited for him!

"Maybe Saturday,I'm not sure yet.It's going to happen-we just have to work out when's good for both of us."Ethan crossed the road to the other side and so did I.

"Something good came out of Carmen pushing you to do things you didn't want to do."I chuckled."Carmen is so taking responsibility for this set up,you know that right?"

He glanced at me sideways."Oh,I know!

"Jamie!"A familiar voice called my name and I turned around and looked behind me."I thought that was you,I recognised the hat."He pointed to the Grey cable knit hat that I was wearing.

Sure,He would recognise it.I don't go anywhere without a hat and woollen scarf in this weather.The gloves were necessary in the January cold as well,but I like to wear the ones without the finger tips.

"Ryan-How are you?"He looked really well, definitely better than he did the last time I saw him at least."You look great!"

"Better than the last time you saw me I'm sure."He winced,at the thought of it.I'm sure that night will be one that will haunt him,it would me if I acted the way he did."I'm sorry again about that,I did text you the following evening to apologise but you never replied.I figured you were too angry to talk to me."

He texted me-I don't remember that!!

"You texted me-I never got a text from you."I pulled my phone from my Red bag that was hanging from my shoulder,scrolled through it but didn't see any recent text from Ryan."I don't have a text from you."

Ethan shrugged his shoulders"Maybe it didn't send."

That's the only reasonable explanation I can think of! Ryan removed his phone from his pocket and showed me the text himself,it was sent the evening when we were at speed dating. I don't understand!

"That's weird-I never recieved that."I was feeling guilty since the guy had thought that I was ignoring him when that wasn't the case."I would have replied if I had of gotten your text."

He smiled."It's fine,Jamie. Honestly don't worry about it-I'm just glad that I ran into you so I could apologise for the way I acted. I also wanted to thank you for taking me home, it wasn't your responsibility but you did it anyway."

"Of course."My lips curved into a smile.We ended things on a bad note but it's nice to see that the anger that he was feeling towards me was gone."It was the right thing to do."

Ryan looked between Ethan and I."Well I should get going,I have a work thing to get to. It was nice seeing you again,Jamie.Maybe I'll see you again soon."

"Sure,You too."I watched him as he turned around and walk in the opposite direction. I wonder if I'll ever see him again?I know he implied that he wanted to see me again soon-but seeing Ryan in a social setting will just make things awkward.

"That was weird."Ethan said,with a raised eyebrow as we turned around and walked together."He seems a lot better than what you described him to be at that restaurant anyway."

I shrugged my shoulders"Maybe he's moved on now. After what happened in the restaurant he knew he was out of line and he's pulled himself together."I slipped my gloved hands into the pockets of my grey button down coat.

"Moved on-Na! The man is still in Love with you,it's obvious."Ethan glanced over at me."What's up with you not getting his text message that night?"

Again I just shrugged my shoulders in reply since I didn't have an answer to that question.I know my phone was working okay since I was chatting with my Mom.

Ethan sighed a breath of cold air."You're not going to like this-But what if Mason deleted it?I remember him showing up at the bar that night,he could have seen the message and deleted it when you weren't looking.

Mason-No! Would he do that?

"No-He wouldn't."I shook my head in disbelief. "He wouldn't do that-Why would Mason do something like that?"

"Well he wasn't too happy about Ryan showing up at dinner-as well as the fact that you went home with him."Ethan folded his arms over his chest to keep out the cold."Maybe he deleted the messages because he felt like Ryan was getting in the way."

Is he right?

Would Mason really have done this because of Jealously?I know he can act very possessive over me sometimes-but would he really stoop that low?


I opened the door to Mason's office feeling enraged with the more time that went on. I really hope that Ethan is wrong about this-I need him to be wrong about this. Would Mason even tell me the truth if he did?

Mason was sitting on his leather chair behind his desk looking at the screen in front of him. Dressed in a white shirt and a check style waistcoat over it,he was looking very Hot!! I must not let his hotness cloud my Judgement!!

"Get over here,Jamie."He demanded, without taking his eyes off the screen.
I did as as I was told and walked his way,resting my bum on the desk beside the laptop that was in front of him."How was your lunch?"

"It was-very interesting. I had a catch up with Ethan,he has a date with a woman from speed dating."I know he doesn't care about any of this-he isn't interested in hearing about my friends.That's not part of the deal we made."I ran into Ryan on the way back?"

He glanced up at me."Did you now-and what did he have to say for himself?" Again,being too busy with work a glance was all I got.

"He's doing better,he apologised for the way he acted at the restaurant."An angry exhale is what I got in reply, which is definitely what I expected from Mason."It's so weird,but Ryan said he texted me the next day but I never got that text."

Mason shrugged his shoulders."Well maybe he didn't send it,the guy was most likely too mortified about his behaviour and just told you he texted because you ran into one another."

What a little liar!

I placed my hand on his laptop screen and pushed it closed in absolute frustration."You're lying,Mason. You deleted that message before I seen it, Didn't you?"

He rested back in his chair with a cheeky looking smirk. A fucking smirk!! "I didn't think you needed to hear from him again so I deleted the text. I have no regrets."

No Regrets-Really?

"He texted me to apologise for the way he acted."I folded my arms across my chest in anger."You had no right to delete my messages-You had no right to go through my phone."

"Relax,Beautiful! Don't get yourself into a huff about this!"Mason smirked,while placing his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. His way of solving this problem is giving me the affection he knows I crave.

"No-Stop!"I pulled away from him and stood from his desk."You think this is some kind of joke,you can't just do things like this,Mason. This is your way of trying to control me."I turned around to walk out of the office.

It didn't take long before Mason was up from his seat and stopping me from leaving. He grabbed my arm, turning me around to face him."Don't go-Not like this! You told him how you felt and he's still around,I just felt like he was getting in the way."

"Ryan knows how I feel about him-I stopped seeing him so I could see you and only you. But you're still trying to cut him out of my life."I sighed,placing my hand up to keep him at a distance when he had stepped forward."I can't talk about this."

As I walked towards the door of the office in a huff,it opened suddenly and Harry walked in. He looked between his son and I,sensing the tension in the air. Mostly me to be honest!!

"Is everything okay here?"Harry asked, looking at me and then at his son in hopes that one of us would speek.

Mason released a frustrated sigh."Everything's fine-We were just in the middle of something. Can you give us a minute?"

No-No talking! I'm too angry to talk to him right now."Actually,I should get back to work. There's a lot that needs to be done for the meeting with Mr Rogen on Monday."

"Well I wanted to talk to you both about the beach house."Harry said,drawing our attention."The cleaner had noticed some maintenance issues that need to be attended to sooner rather than later. Since I have that meeting early tomorrow morning I can't get down there,but I was hoping you two could."

Mason rested on the edge of his desk and folded his arms over his chest."You have workers coming in to do what needs doing?"

"Yes-A couple of men will be scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning and they will stay until the job is done. I advise that you both leave this evening instead of travelling early in the morning to let them in."Harry pulled up the sleeve of his shirt and glanced at the time on his expensive watch."You can leave whenever suits."

Mason turned his attention to me, playing it cool and damn well knowing that he wasn't giving me much of a choice."What do you say,Jamie?"

"I hope that's okay with you?"Harry asked,and smiled at me."You don't need to worry about work- I can handle that. Just relax while you're there."

They're both putting me on the spot, Mason more so since he knows exactly the reason why I wouldn't want to be alone with him right now. He knows that I wouldn't want to say no to Harry!

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