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I felt a light touch of his fingers on my skin and his voice whispering in my ear."Jamie-Jamie."He's waking me up from the most wonderful dream,but at least he was doing it in a nice way.I was dreaming about him-Him butt ass naked of course despite the fact that I was still so incredibly angry at him.

He knows it!!He knew it from the second I slipped into the car to leave for the beach house.The driver was behind the wheel and Mason and I were in the back-But we didn't speak.Not one word was shared between us-He knew better not to.

My eyes fluttered opened and I sat up straighter in my seat.I yawned,feeling like the sleep that I had gotten just wasn't enough.At least I have the entire weekend to relax and sleep late if I want to-since I have no obligations.

Sleeping with Mason Knight is wearing me out-I've lost count of the amount of times we've had sex over these past few weeks. It's definitely not the type of sex that's quick-No he likes to take his time.

A perfectly modern beach house stood right in front of the water,the home of the Knight's. It was stunning-Well what I could see of it from behind.We are certainly not going to get use of that beach in this January weather.

Mason leaned over the space between us and undid my seatbelt."We're here, Jamie. You slept the entire way-I guess you were tired. Either that or you're getting bored with the silent treatment."

"It's been a long day. Sitting in a car for hours isn't making it any better."I glanced out the window again,that alone frustrated him even more. He's used to getting what he wants and he's used to getting away with things.

"Let's get inside. You're in quite a mood today,maybe a drink will cheer you up." Mason opened the door of the car and stepped out. The driver steeped out too and opened the door up for me.

Pilling my coat over as a barrier against the cold weather,I followed Mason around to the front of the beach house. The waves were crashing against the rocks harshly and the clouds above us were grey and gloomy. It looks like it's going to be one of those stormy nights.

I followed Mason into the beach house and he turned on the lights just by simply saying "Lights On!!"That's some high tech rich person's shit right there. Excuse my language.The first thing I noticed were the photos on the walls,the ones of Mason's Mother Penelope. I remember her face from the photo I had seen in his Apartment.

Such a beautiful woman!

"So this is it.What do you think?"He slipped his suit jacket down his arms and threw it onto the long fabric corner sofa that was light grey in colour."There's some work that needs doing in the kitchen-but I think it's good enough to cook in?"

I turned my head in his direction."We don't have food. What do you plan on cooking,Mr Knight?"I'm famished,I'm certainly not skipping a meal. I'll just get HANGRY and he'll be the first victim.

He shrugged his shoulders."I don't mind ordering in if you don't,if I remember correctly there's some good places in the area."

Says the man who watches everything he puts into his mouth,even going out to dinner he's careful with his order. Not to mention the fact that he works out religiously. Can't have a body like his by eating potato chips and drinking beer.

I walked the open concept living space and picked up a framed photo on the side table by the sofa. A photo of Penelope holding Mason when he was just a young boy."Was this taken here in the Beach House?"

"Yes!"With his hands in the pockets of his trousers,Mason walked towards me. "That was a long time ago."He took the photo from my hands gently and placed it back down on the table. Just like before,he placed it face down-Like it was hurting to even look at it."So you're still upset with me?"

"How could I not be after what you did,Mason."I sighed,folding my arms over my chest."Not only did you invade my privacy by going through my phone-But you deleted a message from Ryan because you were Jealous."

He released a frustrated exhale,and crossed the room towards the kitchen. Once there-He pulled a bottle of Rum from the press and poured himself a glass. I walked towards the kitchen and stood before him,watching him as he drank away his frustration.

Mason filled up his glass again."I'm jealous,Jamie. I've never been Jealous before but I was jealous over another man getting close to you.The thought of it alone."He clenched his fists on the island.

"I'm not Interested in him-I think I've made that quite clear."I walked closer to him again placing my hands down on the island. I took his glass and moved it towards me. He doesn't need to drink quite so much.

He braced his palms flat on the countertop and looked down,mulling his thoughts."I like you,Jamie."He lifted his head up and looked at me."But I'm fucked up and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing."

He likes me-But I Love him!! But he's fucked up and he doesn't know what he's doing. I assume he means with me!

"What do you mean fucked up-What's in there.."I pointed to his head."That has you so closed off? You know that you can tell me anything."

Come on,Mason. Just give me this-tell me what's going on in that crazy head of yours.

"I-I can't."He sighed,turning around and rubbing his short length of hair.What the hell is so bad that he can't tell me,I'm confused-I'm curious.This has something to do with his mother's death I'm sure of it.

"Mason-I just.."

He turned around and faced me."No, Jamie. Don't push this! It's not something that I want to discuss-not with you."

Not with me?Why not me?The driver walked into the house carrying our weekend bags and set them down in the living room.Mason walked past me towards him and the two chatted as they walked to the door.

A few seconds later,the door was closed and Mason walked back to me."So-Take out?"He asked,acting like the conversation that we just had was a distant memory. Mason walked towards the kitchen and opened drawers. In search of take out menus I presume.

"Actually-I'm going to go look for a store that's close by."I grabbed my bag and got ready to leave."We're going to need some things in for breakfast in the morning,it's better to get it now."

He gave me a stern look."You're going to walk?"

He looked at me like I was crazy because I was walking somewhere instead of driving or being driven."Yes, I'm going to walk.I'm not afraid of some fresh air and a little exercise."

"You can't just go walking alone at night by yourself,it's not safe."He sighed,in frustration."You're not going alone-I'll ring a car service to take us back afterwards."

He had given me my way and that was something. A couple of weeks ago it was what Mason said goes-Now he's making some room for my opinions and he's giving me some control whether he likes it or not!!

I was pushing a shopping cart down the Isle alongside him,grabbing random things and throwing them in as we went.I glanced at Mason,noticing how out of place he was in a supermarket shopping for groceries. He's had to have done this before?

I opened the door of the fridge and took out a carton of milk.I placed it in the basket and looked at him again."You've shopped before,Right?"

"Here and there.I have a chef so I don't ever feel the need to shop."He picked up a tin of instant coffee and looked at it."Is this good?"

The man is a stranger to instant-Well supermarket types at least.He's used to drinking from the huge expensive coffee machine that he has back at his penthouse-if he's drinking instant coffee it's most likely the rich kind that's shipped from abroad.

I shook my head in disagreement."You won't like that one."I scanned the shelf for my usual and thankfully it was there."This one is one that you will like."

I threw it in the cart and we continued walking through the Isles.Do you know what the weird thing is about being here in a supermarket with him-Shopping for groceries?The weird thing is-Is that it felt so natural. At least to me-I wasn't sure about him.

In the expensive looking suit that he was wearing Mason looked out of place.My eyes were on him as he walked ahead,browsing the refrigerated section in search of butter and juice for the mornings breakfast.

What is going on with him?What is he hiding that's so bad that he can't talk to me about it?Harry once said something that I found strange-He said that Mason holds a lot of Guilt over his mother's death. But why?

Why Guilt??

Mason's lips pressed against mine sweet and affectionately,which was a surprise to me.Sweet isn't his style at all."We're good,Right?"

I smiled at him,hiding the feeling that I had deep inside.So many feelings and so many questions.Question's that I need answers too."Sure,We're good."

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