Yes,Mr Knight

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Standing on the terrace of the Beach House,I held a warm mug of coffee between my hands and watched the gently movement of the sea waves.It wasn't as cold of a day compared to yesterday,there was even some walkers on the beach with their pets.

Maybe I would like a dog someday, to run around the Garden full of lilies I've always wanted. I know at 23 it might seem stupid of me to crave a House of my own that I shared with my Husband and a dog-I might be a little too young for all that.

It's what I crave though!!

Last night's sex with Mason was weird- not in a bad way. It was just different than what I'm used to with him..Very different!!

I was turned around on all fours on the bed expecting him to take me hard and fast from behind just like he always does-Only this time he didn't!! Mason had turned me around and looked at me,moving my hair gently back from my face before moving over me and pressing his naked skin against mine.

Missionary!! That was the type of sex we had. The man that made fun of people that had sex in the missionary position,gave me exactly that last night. It was so intimate-soft-and definitely unexpected.

Mason Knight likes me-But I'm so in Love with him!! Could the sex that we experienced last night mean that he feels more than that,but maybe he's just scared.

I don't know!

A blanket was placed around me and I turned around. So very Handsome that man!! Mason was dressed casual taking me by surprise yet again.Just seeing him in his tightly fitted jeans and t-shirt that hugged his muscles was making my fanny flutter.

My lips curved into a smile,because I was appreciating the fact that he cared enough about me to bring me a blanket for warmth."Good Morning!"

"Yes it is!"He covered my lips with his,in a kiss that was sweet and left me wanting so much more."I wish you would have woken me when the work men arrived."

"You look like you needed the extra hour,I let them in it was no trouble."I drank from my coffee cup,drinking that morning fuel that I needed.

Mason turned his head in the direction of the glass that had a view of the work men in the kitchen area."Those workers are too distracted by the sight of you in those Jean shorts,to do any work."

I chuckled lightly"Oh,So that's the reason why you covered me up with a blanket?I was under the impression that you were showing me your sweet side,Mason."

He grabbed my hands as I swatted at him playfully and he pulled me towards him."You called me Mason.You don't usually call me anything but Mr Knight."

"Things change I guess."Like the way I feel about him.I just feel like letting it out and telling him exactly how I feel- like right this second.I also feel like I'm totally going to puke up the eggs I had for Breakfast this morning."Oh God, No!!"I ran towards the double glass doors and through the kitchen area full of working men.

"Jamie-What's wrong?"He shouted,and followed behind me,up the stairs and towards the on-suite bathroom in the Master Bedroom that we were sleeping in.

I closed the door shut behind me,not wanting him to see me puke up everything I ate this morning. It's not very attractive to see a woman puke.I crouched over the toilet,puking until I couldn't puke anymore and finally feeling the ease of the nausea.

Ugh-So gross!! It must have been those eyes I ate for breakfast this morning.It came on so suddenly.

I washed up at the sink,before opening the bathroom door. Mason had been leaning against the wall,arms folded and waiting for me. I was embarrassed of course-he's been standing right there listening to me puke.

He turned towards me."Are you okay?Maybe you ate something that was off,that sounded like a lot of puke."

"I'm fine-I'm good now. It could of been those Eggs."I grabbed my bag from the window seat and took out my toothbrush and toothpaste.

"Well I order you to spend the day in bed,you should rest."He smirked."If you're feeling better later,I'll make us both dinner."

I like his orders."Are you planning on staying with me,I don't want to make you sick.I might be contagious."If this is a stomach bug-I don't want to make him sick too.It is nice how affectionate he's being though.

Mason walked towards me and pressed his lips against my forehead."I don't care about that.I'll go grab you a water-Get settled in bed."

Well isn't that sweet of him?I thought he was going to run a mile at the sound of me throwing up-but obviously I was wrong.He wants to take care of me!!

It was after 6 and the workers had left after a busy day,but thankfully everything that needed to be fixed was accomplished.Since I was feeling better,Mason had left to get some take out in a nearby restaurant.I was so famished after fasting the entire day.

I walked around the kitchen,cleaning every dusty surface down after the work men. The door bell rang all of a sudden giving me a fright. Who the hell could that be? I walked towards it and looked out the side panel of glass.Of course I'm doing the smart thing and not just opening the door to anyone.

A man was on the other side-A man with dark hair and in casual wear.He looked at me and smiled."Hi,I'm guessing you're Jamie?"

He knows who I am?

"Um-Who are you?"My heart was in my throat.There was a man at the door and I didn't have a clue who he was but somehow he knew who I was.

"I'm Eoin-Mason's cousin."He smiled.I didn't know of any cousins-but then again why would I since family is something that we don't discuss."Harry told me that you two were here for the weekend,he said that I could come by and pick up some boxes for my Dad."

"Um-Mason is not here right now."I stood hesitant at the long glass window.He knows Harry and Mason by name and I did happen to see a box sitting on the sideboard."But I'll let you in."

I opened the door up and let the man I didn't know into the house.He was taller now that he was in front of me.Mason better hurry on and get back here.

"Thank you for letting me in,Jamie.It's been quite a long time since I've been here."His eyes scanned the downstairs of the beach house."It still looks the same though,except there's a little less pictures on the walls."

"You mean there was a lot more than this before."There was many family pictures on the walls,more than I've ever seen on any other.I walked towards the kitchen counter and stood there.

"A few-family ones.I remember ones of Mason and I on the beach when we were younger.We pretty much spent every summer here as Kids."Eoin walked over to the sideboard and looked at the box."Is this the one?"

"I think so-It's the only one that I've noticed."I glanced out the window but still didn't see any sign of Mason.I'm sure that he will be surprised to see that his cousin is here.

Eoin carried the brown box towards the kitchen island and set it down on the countertop.He opened it up and pulled out a stack of family pictures, some framed and some not."These are great,My Father will love these."

"Mason's Mom-She's your Dad's sister?" I picked up my water glass,to feed the hunger that was making me nauseous I wasn't sure if it was Eoin's Mother or Father that was a relation to Mason's Mother so I had to ask.

"My Father's."He looked on the framed photos and smiled,before looking back up at me."You look a little pale-Are you okay?"

Maybe some make up would have been a good idea,Jamie.

I tucked my hair behind my ear in awkwardness."I've been feeling sick,I think I must have eaten something that was bad or maybe I have a bug or something."

"Or maybe that cousin of mine has gotten you Pregnant."He chuckled,before glancing back down at the photos and shaking his head with a smirk.

"No-Definitely not."Instead of being pale,now I could feel the heat in my cheeks so I'm sure I was totally red."Not pregnant,I just ate a bad egg.That's all it was."

The front door opened and Mason walked in carrying take out bags in his hands."I probably got way more than I should have,but after puking all morning you might need it."He turned around and looked between Eoin and I."Eoin-What are you doing here?"

"I'm just picking up this box of Photos for my Dad,Your Dad said that it was okay that I stopped by."Eoin smiled."It's been awhile-It's nice to see you,Cousin.

"It has been awhile,you've grown some facial hair since the last time I saw you."Mason set the take out bags down on the island and looked at me."You okay?"

"Sure,I'm fine."I folded my arms over my chest and smiled at him.The smell of the take out food was making my stomach rumble like crazy.

"Well I should get going and let you two enjoy your night."Eoin packed the pictures back into the box."It was nice seeing you both."

I was feeling guilty-with so much food here I should ask him to stay."No,Eoin you should stay. There's plenty of food here for the three of us,you should stay and have dinner."

His lips curved into a smile."I-Um really wouldn't want to impose on your night."

"You're not imposing,Eoin. It's just dinner. You and Mason should catch up since you're already here."I removed some take out containers from the bags and glanced in Mason's direction in hopes that he would say something.

Like anything!!

Eoin looked at Mason."Is that okay?"

"You should stay. I got enough food so I don't see why not."Mason walked to the kitchen press and took down some plates. I guess it's dinner for three,I really hope he's not angry that I put him on the spot.

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