Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 4: I like a Challenge

After a quick Lunch in the coffee shop close to the office,Carmen and I walked towards Knight&Son.Usually we would try to meet for lunch at least twice a week,even though we live together we like having the extra time to gossip.

"Are you excited about meeting him?"Carmen asked,with a muffled voice because the scarf she was wearing mostly covered her face.That girl just hates the winter with a passion.

"Sure,I'm excited to meet him.A little nervous too I guess,you know it's been awhile for me."It's definitely been awhile for me-I just don't want him to expected too much too soon.

Sex-I don't want him to expect that!!

"Ryan is cute,Jamie. I think he will be good for you."We stopped at the door to Knight&Son and Carmen looked at me."Just be yourself and he's going to love you."

My lips quirked up into a smile."I guess we'll see."I noticed the expression on Carmen's face change. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were round.What the hell is wrong with her. "Carmen-Are you.."

She turned me around before I had a chance to finish my sentence and I realised what it was that had her so speechless.Mason Knight was walking our way in one of his perfectly fitted armani suits,over that he was wearing an expensive woolen coat that had the collar up to keep out the cold.

Can't deny the man's got style!!

"That guy is so HOT!!"Carmen gushed, staring at him like a starving woman eyeing up a piece of meat."I would so give anything to bed him."

"Honestly,I don't know what you see in him."I don't know what she sees in him at all. Muscles-Chiseled Jaw-Dark eyes and a perfect light stubble.

No idea at all!!

Mason arrived at the entrance and noticed us straight away,I think it was because of the look on Carmen's face.He gripped the handle of the door and opened it."You should get in out of the cold,Jamie.I have no cover for you if you get sick."

Hmm-Of course he wouldn't. I turned my head in Carmen's direction."I'll see you at home later."

"Sure,I'll text you."She gave me a sly wink so Mr Knight wouldn't see. I'm surprised she hasn't asked me to put in a good word for her yet.

I walked into the building ahead of Mr Knight,straight towards the elevator but he wasn't far behind me. I hope this is not going to be another elevator ride alone. The elevator doors opened and we stepped in.

Just the two of us-Again!!

He stood alongside me,smelling good just like the last time I was stuck in a confined space with him."Who was that girl you were with?"

I was so trying my best to bite my tongue and be nice."Um-Carmen-She's a friend."I looked at him,unable to hold back any longer."Please,Don't try to sleep with her. Carmen will hope for something more and you can't give her that."

So I know that Carmen had said different to me,but I know her. I know that one time won't be enough and she'll just get attached and expect more from him.

Mr Knight smirked,and raised an eyebrow at my forwardness."Relax, Jamie!Brunettes aren't my type."

Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth,I looked forward folding my arms over my chest. He doesn't like Brunettes,I was surprised by that given his comment about the glasses.

"You have a little something there."He moved towards me,extending his right hand up and I flinched away from him."Relax,It's just snow from outside."

He was close to me again-So close that I noticed how tired he looked. Most likely from trying to fit in a quickie on his lunch break. That man is so sex crazed.

Mr Knight was holding a shinny curl of my brunette hair between his thumb and forefinger,looking down at me."Brunette."

Brunette-Has he only just realised that?

The doors to the elevator opened and he didn't move,he was still close to me-still holding my lock of hair between his fingers. It was weird the feeling that was between us-I couldn't describe it.

"There you are."Harry's said,as he stood by the elevator doors dressed in a fancy suit just like his son."Is everything okay here?"

I had already created some distance between Mr Knight and I at this point, but my cheeks were flushed bright red."Sure,Everything is fine. I should get to work."

Harry looked at his son,as we both stepped out of the elevator."Our 2 o'clock is the conference room,Mason.You're already late so don't keep them any longer."

"I'm going!"He answered,in a hard tone like he was agitated with his Father."Jamie,Will you check in with Mr Henderson and make sure we're still on for dinner tonight?"

"Sure,Mr Knight. I'll give him a call."I walked ahead towards my desk,set my things down and rested back in my swivel chair. It's only a couple of hours before Ryan picks me up for our date. The nerves were setting in.



I was standing by the door to my office watching her,watching her bent over her desk clearing away her files. I was getting a great view of her tight little ass,in a cute little mini she was wearing.

Was she wearing that earlier?

That skirt is one that I would definitely remember,Which means that she changed during the work day. But why? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, women can be like that.

I don't go for brunettes-Never!! But I was tempting by her ever since I saw that gaping shirt-Ever since she called me Mr Knight. I wanted her!! One time bent over my desk and fucking her roughly. Just the way I like to have them!! It's clear that she's not going to make it easy for me..

But that made me want her even more!


Brent stood beside me at my office door,smirking when he noticed what I was looking at."You look like you're enjoying the view!"

"Well it's quite a view."I smirked back. My father and I do business with the company that Brent works for,so he's around the office a bit. We get on quite well since we're into the same things. Money-Power-Woman.

Brent folded his arms over his chest. "She's got a firm little ass on her, I can tell you're already thinking about tapping that!!"

"Well she hates me-But you know that I like a challenge. The quite ones are always the best in bed."I have a feeling that Jamie Harris is full of surprises.

"Well it looks like you have some competition-Which is a first for you."Brent pointed in Jamie's direction and I looked over. The date was here and he brought flowers."You said you liked a challenge,there's one for you."



Ryan definitely looks way more handsome in person,I'll give him that.He had that whole rugged look going on with a fair amount of facial hair, but his eyes were gentle and blue.The eyes of a kind man-It was obvious that's what he was.

I was nervous about this date before, but I'm even more nervous about it now that he was standing in front of me. LI don't want to screw this up and say something totally ridiculous.

"I hope it's okay that I came up?"Ryan asked."When you didn't come down I thought maybe you had to work late or something."

My nude coloured lips curved into a smile of reassurance."No,It's fine. I was just running a little behind but I'm ready to go now."I grabbed the last of my things and we walked towards the elevator."So,Ryan-Where are we going for dinner?"

He pressed the button for the elevator to come up."The Bradford."


The bloody Bradford-Exactly where Mr Knight is going for his dinner meeting.
That's not going to be awkward at all, let's just hope he's not sitting anywhere near us.

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