Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 5:The Fucking Bradford

I was smiling as I looked across the dinner table at Ryan.Things were going well between us-At least in my opinion they were. He seems to be enjoying himself too. He's such a nice guy-He was actually making an effort to get to know me.That usually isn't the case with a man.

Normally they're only interested in one thing!!

"I had no idea that you were a Vegetarian, Jamie. I've always wanted to be one but I've never had the willpower to turn down a good steak."He chuckled lightly.

"Well for me it wasn't hard,I've been a vegetarian since I was 15. It all started with a bet actually."I found myself opening up to him naturally-I didn't even have to think about what to say next. The conversation just flowed.

He raised an eyebrow at me."A bet? This I have to hear-I'm sure this is going to be an interesting story."He sat arms folded on the table and waiting for me to start.

"Well It actually started with my Dad thinking that he was smart,making a bet with me that I couldn't last a week without eating meat."I picked up my wine glass."Obviously he didn't think that I would last,especially not seven years."

"I'm impressed-You sure showed him."Ryan extended his bottled beer forward and tapped it off my glass."Cheers to you for holding strong on that one!"

"I was 15 and I wanted to prove him wrong.I think he knows not to mess with me now."I sipped from my glass and set it back down.I eyed up both desserts as the waitress placed them down in front of us."Do you want to try some?"

"If you don't mind-That brownie looks too fantastic to pass up.I've always been a sucker for the plain cheesecake,it's the only thing I order."Ryan leaned forward and took some brownie off my fork and moaned in delight with how good it tasted.

"It's good right?"I asked him,and then chuckled seeing the look of satisfaction on his face. He's so cute!

Some women might find a predictable guy to be boring-But not me! I like that he's predictable-It means that I'm not in for any surprises along the way.If this goes further than one date that is.

"That chocolate sauce and whipped cream just topped it off!"Ryan moved his plate across the table towards me."Try mine."

Try the strawberry cheesecake. I placed my fork into the cheesecake just taking a little bit. It tasted good but it just wasn't my cup of tea-It isn't a chocolate brownie that's for sure.

"Jamie.."Mr Knight called my name,sending a panic through me. He was walking towards my table-Looking very surprised to see me at the same restaurant.

I stood from my chair,I don't know why but I just did."Mr Knight,Hi!"My cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. I was really hoping that I could have dinner and leave without him seeing me.

"I'm surprised to see you here-At the same restaurant that I'm having my dinner meeting in."He glanced down at the half eaten desert on out table.

"I didn't know that we were coming here." He already knows that we're on a date,yet he decided to approach our table anyway."Um-Ryan,This is my Boss,Mr Knight."

Ryan being the mannerly guy that he is,stood from his chair and shook Mr Knight's hand."It's nice to meet you,Mr Knight."

"There's no need for formalities,Call me Mason.Jamie likes to be professional and call me Mr Knight,I think she just likes the name."He smirked.

What the hell is wrong with that man? He is unbelievably arrogant!!I only call him Mr Knight because that's what he wanted, that's what he insisted I call him.

I looked over in Ryan's direction as he started to cough-Like really cough.His face was very red and blotchy and he was wheezing.What the hell is going on?"Ryan-Are you okay?"

"Nuts-Was there nuts in that brownie?" He asked,whilst opening the top two buttons of his plaid shirt.

Oh My God-He has a nut allergy!

I panicked,thinking the worst possible outcome."Um-I don't know.You have nut allergies?"Stupid question going by the state he was in but I asked anyway. I've never had allergies but I know the signs like most people do.

Ryan scratched his face aggressively"I need you to take me to the emergency room,Jamie. Now..Please!!"

Crap-I've been drinking!

"I've already had a full glass of wine. Um-We could get a taxi."I was trying to be responsible and not drive when I've had a drink..But at the same time I didn't want the man to keel over before he even had a chance to give me a kiss goodnight.

"I can give you a lift.Mr Henderson hasn't shown up yet,I can call him and tell him something came up."Mason said.

I didn't want to take a lift off him but I didn't really have a choice.It was nice of him to offer."Thank you,Mr Knight."I grabbed our things in a hurry and we got ready to leave.

An hour had passed and I was pacing the waiting room floor,worried sick about Ryan. When we arrived here at the hospital he was wheezy and red faced.Swollen like he had been stung by a bee.Ive never witnessed anything like that in my life.

It was so scary!!

"Stop pacing,Jamie.It's not going to help the situation."Mason ordered,from his plastic chair by the wall. I didn't understand why he was still here and why he didn't just leave after his driver dropped us off here.

"I can't help it-It's my fault he's here in the first place.I'm the one that gave him that brownie."I paced some more,in my five inch ankle strap heels.That's one way of getting my steps in.

Mr Knight released an audible sigh."How could it be your fault-you didn't even know he was allergic.If anything it's his fault for not knowing the ingredients of the food he was eating.He has a pretty severe allergy to nuts,he should really be more carful."

I guess he's right but I was still beating myself up over it,I couldn't help it.Yes,Maybe Ryan should have said something before he ate it..But it was still my brownie.

I gave in and decided to rest in the chair right beside Mr Knight-It was a little weird being around him and not being in an office setting."You don't have to wait with me-You can leave if you want to. I'm sure you have important things to do."

Like pick up a stray before midnight!

"You work for me,Jamie.I just wanted to make sure you had a way home after here."Speaking of,I thought it was pretty strange that he wasn't driving himself.
He has a car service,someone that drives him everywhere he needs to go.

"There's nothing like an allergy to ruin a first date."I chuckled lightly."I'm surprised that I wasn't the one to ruin the first date since I'm so accident prone."

He smirked."Yeah,I'm starting to see that."Mr Knight looked up as a nurse walked into the room.

"The patient is doing well,he's asking for you Miss Harris."The nurse smiled and glanced in Mason's direction before turning around and leaving the room. Does that man go anywhere without getting an admirer.

I stood from my chair thinking about my next words carefully as I walked towards the door. I turned around and looked at him."Thank you,Mr Knight.You didn't have to help us like you did.We can find our own way back."

I walked towards Ryan's room feeling a little anxious about seeing him. What if he blames me for the brownie? I stood at the blue curtain to his cubicle,looked at him and smiled as he rested back against the pillow."Hi,You!"

Ryan popped his head up looking a lot less blotchy than he did the last time I saw him."Jamie,Come in. It's good to see my hero!"

I walked over to him and rested down beside him."Hero-I don't know about that.I was the one that let you eat that brownie."

If anyone is a Hero it's Mr Knight,he's the one with the car that brought us here. It was nice of him!!

"Well I should have checked it didn't have nuts-That's my responsibility.I guess I just get caught up in the moment. Things got a little nutty back there didn't they."He smirked.

I raised my eyebrows at his joke."Oh, you can joke about this? My heart rate has just gotten to a normal pace and you're joking."I chuckled,clearly messing with him.

"Sorry-I'm sorry I scared you,Jamie. I was really hoping that our first date would end with a kiss."Ryan extended his hand towards me and took my hand in his.

I shrugged my shoulders."Who says it can't?"I really like this guy-enough to let him kiss me and enough to go on a second date.

"Well alright then!"Ryan sat up on his bed and leaned towards me. His hand was placed on my cheek as he pressed his lips against mine.Sweet and Light.There was no tongue involved just a very sweet innocent kiss.

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