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CHAPTER 6: Family Dinner

It was the usual Thursday family dinner, kind of a thing we do once or twice a week so we still spend quality time together.
My Mom is the big cook of the family and the rest of us devour everything she puts on the table.
Coming over for dinner at my parents house I always know my jeans are going to be bursting when I leave.

I had gotten off work earlier than usual today with plans to have dinner quickly before meeting Carmen for some late night shopping.
I desperately need an outfit for the Christmas party tomorrow night, the Christmas party that Carmen is forcing me to go to might I add.

I was hiding in my parent's hallway as I chatted on the phone with Ryan.
Given how the date went the other night he was checking up on me funnily enough.



"So you're doing okay?"I asked.

He chuckled."I'm doing good,Jamie. I don't want you worrying.
You know, I would be doing even better if I could see you again?"

He's such a charmer. I leaned against the wall with a smirk."Hmm, Is that so?"

"Yes!! I've been thinking about you."

One half date and it's left him thinking about me, I'd say that's a job well done. He seems quite invested in getting to know me more."Likewise."

"So I'm free for that second date tomorrow night if you're up for it?"

I sighed."I have my work Christmas party tomorrow,Ryan.
But I could do Saturday if that works for you?"

"I'm free Saturday. I'll arrange something and I'll let you know."

The door to the kitchen opened and my Mom popped her head out and smiled.
She then mouthed the word dinner and I nodded my head in reply.
"I should go..But I'll see you Saturday, Okay?"




I sat down at the dinner table with my parents, my Mom had a big spread set out and I took everything vegetarian.

I spooned some vegetables onto my plate."This looks amazing,Mom."

"As always she's been in here cooking all day, there's even a cheesecake in the fridge."My Dad said.

"Oh nice!!"I looked across the table at my Mom."What kind?"


I smiled because it made me think of Ryan, simple and sweet just like strawberry cheesecakes. He's exactly the type of guy I need in my life.

I glanced over at my Dad as he sat at the head of the table just like he always does."How's work,Dad?"

"Work is good. At this point in my life I'm just sitting back and thinking of my retirement.
Then your Mother and I can travel just like we always planned."

My Mom smiled at him."Just a couple of more years, Clay."

My parents have always had such a sweet relationship that I've admired as I grew up.
My Mom and Dad met in high school, of course he was the jock with dreams of making it big. My Mom got pregnant with my brother Jake and they decided to elope, My Dads dreams of playing football in college were pretty much over.
With a family to support he decided to be responsible and become a Lawyer just like his Father was. Their plan was to travel the world when my Father retires, it's just a couple of years out from that happening so the excitement is there.

The front door opened."Hellooo!!"My brother shouted, as he walked the hallway towards the kitchen.
Jake is the other Lawyer of the family.

Jake walked into the kitchen, still wearing his suit from a long day at the office."You started dinner without me."

"I made you up a plate,Sweetheart. Sit down and I'll bring it over."
My Mom was right to it and grabbing his meal from the kitchen area.
Being a housewife her whole life she's become used to fussing over everyone.

My Mom sat back at the table to enjoy family dinner."So how was your date with Ryan, Jamie?"

She knows every detail of my Date with Ryan,she called me that night just to find out."You know how it went, Mom."

"Yes, But only over the phone. I want the details in person."She set her wine glass back down on the table and waited for me to reply. My Mom is a relentless woman.

"Well we had dinner at the Bradford, it was really nice.
Ryan is a really sweet guy and we've already plans to go out again on Saturday."

Jake chuckled."He was Wining and Dining his way into your pants."

I glared at him from the other side of the table."Shut up,Jake. Maybe that's the way you think."

He chuckled again."That's the way every man thinks, Jamie.
You're surely not that naive are you?"

That little shit!! He always gets me so riled up. Jake and I have always fought like cats and dogs.
As we've gotten older it's become more like bickering and him taunting me.

I rolled my eyes."At least I have a dating life. It's more than I can say for you."

"Wasn't it just last weekend you went to the movies alone because you had no one to go with.
This dating thing is only recent..Let's not pretend here."

I turned to my Mom,knowing that she was the one that told Jake that I was at the movies alone.
To some that might not be embarrassing but to me it is. "Mom..You told him."

She winced."Sorry! I was just worried about you and I only mentioned it to your brother because I felt bad that I didn't offer to go with."

I sighed."It's okay!!"I looked down at my plate,hoping to finish the remainder of my dinner in silence.

"Mom told me that Guy of yours ate a nut and had some type of reaction that made him swell up like a balloon."My brother chuckled.



Carmen and I were doing some late night Christmas Shopping before the shops close.
I just love this time of year,the decorations,the food, the smells. It's my favourite holiday.

"That's what siblings do best, annoy the crap out of you.
Especially the older ones that think they get to boss you around because they've been alive longer."

"He makes me so mad."I groaned."Jake just really loves to push my buttons."

Carmen chuckled."I think Jake likes to push everyone's buttons. That's just who he is."

"Well maybe it's time for a new and improved version. Especially if he wants to settle down anytime soon, he is almost 30."

"Settle down,I don't see that happening!!"
Carmen linked her arm with mine and dragged my across the pathway towards a costume shop."This is the new place I've been looking at online."

"A costume, No!!"I shook my head in disagreement.
"Can't I just wear something red and be done with it."

"Everyone will be dressing up and you're way too hot not to.
What's that bimbos name that works in your building..The one that's always mean to you?"She asked.

I chuckled."You mean Jen?"

"Office Bitch Jen, That's her. You need to show up to this party looking hot as fuck and put that whore in her place."

Without any further discussion, Carmen dragged me into the store and we started to browse.
There's no point in saying no to her, she won't accept it anyway.

She held up a cute little costume."Oh this.."She held up another."Oh,Try this on too."

I took the costumes from her hand."I'll be back."
I walked to a dressing room in the back of the store and pulled the fabric curtain over for some privacy.
I changed into the costume. A sexy little dress with a white fur trim and a matching Hat.

I walked out of the dressing room and got a squeal of approval from Carmen.
It's a Christmas party so I know everyone is going to be in dress up but I still felt a little uncomfortable about it.

Carmen clapped her hands together."Yes, That's Hot!! You should definitely wear that."

"Hmm,I don't know."I crossed the room towards the window where the mirror was placed in the corner.
I looked at myself, surprised that the costume looked as good as it did.Carmen was right..It did look hot.

I glanced out the window as the sudden fall of snow caught my eye, that's when I saw him walking past.
Mason Fucking Knight, what the hell are the chances. As he walked he glanced over and did a double take when I saw me.

How weird is that!!

Mason stood a few foot away, his expensive button down coat had the collar turned up to cover his neck and face.
I gave him a small wave just to be polite and he winked at me before going on his way.

Carmen walked towards the window."Who were we waving at?"

I shrugged my shoulders."No one."

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