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CHAPTER 7: Under The Mistletoe

I walked into Knight & Son feeling very uncomfortable in my little red dress,that showed more cleavage than I was comfortable with.
I know..I didn't go with the sexy holiday outfit in the end. Instead I settled for this daring red number that Carmen picked out.It was one or the other and in the end I chose the dress.In my opinion Carmen won either way because I still look like a slut!!

Harry went all out with decorating the whole building, catering and even a bar set up with free drinks for everyone.
The music was loud and things were pretty wild,exactly the reason why I hate things like this.Reminds me of being in a nightclub and I really hate nightclubs.

"Jamie..You came!!"Harry walked towards me with his coat over his arm."I didn't think you were going to come tonight."

I smiled."I changed my mind. You look very festive,Mr Knight."

His suit was black but he was rocking a red shirt,not his usual choice of colour.
Harry also had a santa hat on his head and some tinsel around his neck.

He chuckled."The girls did that to me, they're quite persistent.
I was just about to leave for the night actually."

"Oh, Already?"That's a shame, he's literally the only person here that I like.

"I've been here for a couple of hours and I'm too old to party.You look stunning, stay and enjoy yourself."

I smiled."Okay!!"I'll last an hour and then I'll leave.
I'm sure I stand out like a sore thumb and not in a good way, more like an awkward way.

"I left a little something on your desk, just a happy holiday gift for my favourite employee."He leaned in and whispered,so no one else would hear."Enjoy your night, Darling."

Harry left the party and I was alone with people I don't really know, some of which I don't like.I guess when you don't really make conversation with the people you work with, then you don't really get to know them.

I walked through the crowd of Co workers dancing and having a good time, I grabbed a tall glass of red at the bar just to loosen myself up. Lord knows I need it if I'm going to stay awhile.

"Oh, You came!!"

I turned around and there she was. Tall, Blonde with Humongous Fake Tits. Office Bitch Jen was practically spilling out of the same slutty little costume that I had decided against wearing. I'm so glad I did now.

Be polite,Jamie!! Be the nice girl your parents raised you to be.
I smiled politely."Jen..Hi!!"

"You must have decided to come last minute,you don't look very festive."
She looked me up and down,showing how much she disapproved of my outfit.
"Nice to see you showing a little more skin than usual."

"Um,Thanks i guess."I looked away feeling a little awkward.

"Well I spent the whole day at the salon preparing for tonight, nails, tan, hair and makeup."
Jen moved her hands down her skinny frame."This costume cost an absolute fortune,it's designer."

Designer my Ass!! She bought that in the costume shop and it definitely wasn't a fortune."Hmm, It looks like the one I had seen in that new costume shop on.."

"It must be similar.."She interrupted me mid sentence.Her face was Turing red,now that she knew I was on to her.
"I'm going to go have a look for Mr Knight."

I smiled smugly."You do that."

Jen walked away in her 6inch heels of death and I was left feeling a little happy with myself that I had caught her out.
Such a Bad Girl Jamie!!
Coming here tonight was worth it to see the look on her face though.

I drank the last of my wine and I was ready to leave, I've lasted almost an hour and that was long enough for me.
It was still early so I could still meet Carmen and Ethan for Friday night drinks at Lacey's.

I walked through the crowd when I remembered the present that Harry had left on my desk, I didn't want to leave it behind so I walked towards the elevator where security were standing by the doors.

"No one is allowed up, Miss."The man in the fitted black suit was standing looking sharp.
Damn the night shift security are so cute and well attired.

"Harry..I mean Mr Knight left something on my desk.He said I could go up and get it before I leave..I'm his assistant."

He shook his head."I don't think so."

"Well why don't you give him a call and he'll tell you?
I'll literally be up and back in five minutes, you can even mind my bag until I get back. It has everything I need in their, make up, credit card, money, phone, car keys.."

He smirked."Alright, Go ahead. Five minutes or I'll be coming after you."
He pressed the button for the elevator and the doors opened.

I stepped inside and turned around and smiled at him."Thank you."

When the elevator doors opened again I walked towards my desk, enjoying the quite from all music and noises of people chatting loudly.
Just like Harry had said there was a little gift bag on my desk looking pretty, I don't really like taking gifts from anyone but since it's Harry I didn't want to say no.

I looked in the bag and pulled out what was inside. A cute tiffany box and I knew then that there was jewelry inside.
I opened up the box and saw a very expensive looking pearl bracelet. It was gorgeous of course but it was too much. I would feel bad taking this from him.

"You didn't wear the costume."

I heard Mason's voice and I snapped the box shut and turned around.
He was sitting behind his desk in his office looking straight at me.
The door was open, how did I not even notice he was there.

"Mr Knight,I didn't see you there."My words came out a little panicked after the fright I had gotten.

Mason got up from his chair and walked towards the door of his office."By the look on your face I gave you a fright."

I tucked a lock of hair behind my ear nervously."A little. I didn't know that anyone was up here."

"Then why are you here?"He asked,taking a few steps closer to me."I told security not to let anyone up."

"Uh,I asked nicely. Your Father left me something on my desk and I came up to get it."I placed the cute box back in it's bag.

"A gift,That's a first for an employee. He must like you."

"Well your father is a nice man, I like working for him.
I didn't expect anything off him,this is too much so I plan to give it back."
I worried what he thought of me, I didn't want him to think that I was that type of person who was greedy for other peoples money.

"Don't do that.He wouldn't have given it to you if you didn't deserve it."
He stood with his hands in the pockets of his trousers."So what happened to that costume I saw you in?"

I folded my arms across my chest as a barrier between him and I."I decided not to wear it."

He smirked."That's a shame."He stared me down in thought for a few seconds, like he was trying to figure something out.
"You're not like every other girl, Are you Jamie?"

Is this his way of hitting on me..I'm not sure."I don't know,Mr Knight.What do you think?"

Clearly I wasn't at all like the women he's used to, I'm not going to allow him to use me like he does everyone else. His good looks won't get him anywhere with me.

He was looking at me again, looking me up and down from head to toe and undressing me with those brown eyes of his."Jen was looking for you,Mr Knight."

He chuckled."I don't care about Jen."

No of course he doesn't,because I'm sure it's someone else now.
A woman every hour.I'm surprised there's not a woman half naked in his office actually.

"I um..I thought you would have been at the party."

He smirked again."Were you looking for me, Jamie?I don't really do Christmas,I haven't done in years."

It's a party and so I've heard the man likes to party, I figured this whole office christmas party was his idea in the first place.I wonder why he doesn't do Christmas.

"What are you thinking?"He asked.

"Um,That I should go actually. It's getting late and I'm meeting my friends for drinks."I grabbed my gift bag from my desk.

"Ditching the office Christmas party."
He clicked his tongue off the roof of his mouth to mock me."You're forgetting something."

"What?"I asked, and stood patiently waiting for him to answer.
Just being alone with him was making me nervous and I wanted to leave before he intimidated me anymore.

His eyes darted above us."Mistletoe.You know what that means?"

I looked up and saw the mistletoe hanging over us, then I looked at him and saw that he was finding this totally amusing."I thought you didn't do Christmas?"

"You look good in red,Jamie. Mistletoe is the exception."Mason moved a little closer to my body, moving my hair back off my shoulder revealing more of my rack in my sweetheart neckline dress.

"Mr Knight.."I whispered.

He placed his palm on my cheek,his fingers were fanned out across my neck and his thumb was caressing my cheek gently."Just..One..Sweet..Taste."He whispered back.

Mason's face was moving towards mine for a kiss I wasn't expecting. A kiss that I didn't want but I found myself allured by him and unable to move.
His mouth got closer and I could smell the spices of Rum, he pressed his lips against mine and I could taste them too.

What the hell is going on?

Mr Knight..My Boss!! He was kissing me and I was letting him.The kiss was not a dirty one by any means, it wasn't a kiss of tongue and passion. It was a pressing of lips, very soft lips might I add.
No..No..Jamie!! This is so wrong. You have to end this now.

"There you are,Miss."A voice called.

I pulled back from the kiss with a fright, practically shaking in my red strappy heels.
I looked towards the security man as he walked closer."Five minutes, I know."

"It's alright,Gavin.Miss Harris is okay to be up here."Mason said.

Gavin nodded his head"Sure thing,Mr Knight. Sorry to disturb you both."

Hold on there,Gavin. I'm not another one of Mr Knight's girls. I'm not staying here with him to do god only knows what. Imagine the filthy things he's into, I'm not that girl.
I know it was only a kiss under the mistletoe, but I have a feeling he wanted more from me than that. Just one sweet taste..PLEASE!!

I looked at Mason and he stood cool and collected in his expensive work wear of trousers and a shirt."I should get going, I'm meeting my friends."

"I can give you a ride. You shouldn't be out this late at night alone,Jamie."

"No,That's okay. I'll be fine."I looked at him,feeling so completely mortified that I had let him kiss me.
"Goodnight,Mr Knight."I turned around and walked towards the elevator.

Come Monday morning I know he'll have no professional respect for me whatsoever. That was gone the second I let him kiss me.


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