Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 8: Bring that Red dress of yours.



I grasped her hair with both hands and pushed her head closer to my cock.
She took me into her mouth with a moan, her luscious Red lips moved from base to tip.

"Keep going..Harder!!"I moaned.

She sucked me harder,every inch of my rock hard cock was being devoured by this sexy blonde I met five minutes previous.

A quick lunch meeting with clients and this is what happens.
The waitress that couldn't take her eyes off me had no need for words, she wanted a taste of the powerful man sitting at the best table in the restaurant.

And here I stood, my palm was flat against the door as she kneeled in front of me.
My hand was in her hair, pushing her harder and harder as the pleasure built and it became unbearable to hold off any longer.

"Fuck!!"I moaned, as I exploded into her mouth and all over her smeared red lips.
The blonde wiped the cum from her chin and licked it off her index finger.

I didn't bother me that I was pants down and receiving a blowjob from a waitress in a restaurant bathroom, I didn't care.
I don't care about anything besides the company and getting my cock wet.



I was standing outside Knight and Son, chatting with Ethan while on my lunch break from work.He called over to get a key to my apartment since he's staying with Carmen and I for the next couple of days.
Ethan's getting new flooring put down in his apartment so he needs to be out of the way.

"I can't believe that!!"He chuckled.

"It's so not funny,I've been mortified about it ever since.I mean who the hell does he think he is,some desirable man that I wouldn't be able to resist."

Ethan smirked."Well technically you didn't actually say No to him,you just got interrupted mid mistletoe kiss."

I rolled my eyes."Not helping!!"

"Obviously the man is trying his luck with you..The question is are you going to be the only woman to turn him down?"

I know what Mason Knight is after and it isn't polite conversation.
I'm not falling for his games, he uses women for one time and one time only.
I'm certainly not willing to be added to his collection.

"Of course I'm going to turn him down,I'm not stupid enough to fall for his games"
Like I wasn't stupid enough already to fall for the mistletoe kiss.

"Well you already.."

"No No.."I interrupted."It was mistletoe and as they say, don't kiss under it and you'll have bad luck.
I think I've had enough of that, now it's time for the good parts of life."

"Like Ryan?"He smirked mischievously.

"Maybe!!"I smiled."Spending time with him this weekend was fun.We've been out three times now and things are going well."

Ethan pulled up the collar of his coat as the snow started to fall."So you're thinking about sleeping with him then?"

I giggled."I think that's a possibility. There's no reason to hold back so why not."I pulled my cardigan over,keeping out the cold."I should get back to work."

He chuckled."Yeah,I'm freezing."

I pulled my keys out of my pocket and handed them to Ethan."I hope you'll have a glass of wine waiting for me when I get home."

"Text me when you're on your way and I'll order take out."

"Oh,Take out!! You're too good to me."
I placed my arms around him and gave him a friendly hug.

"Well you are putting me up for a couple of nights so I owe you one."
He pulled back from the hug."See you when you get back."

I watched him walk away before turning around to walk back into the building, as I did I saw Mr Knight standing behind me with his eyebrows raised.
I'm guessing he overheard my conversation.

Mason held the door open and I walked past him into the building.
This was the first I've seen of him since what happened in his office Friday night, Mason and his Father were in meetings all day yesterday so the awkwardness was avoided.

"You're seeing that guy too."He asked, as he followed me towards the elevator.

"No,I'm not seeing him too. That was a friend of mine."I cleared my throat feeling awkward.

Mason stood in front of me as he pressed the button for the elevator to come down."Friend,That looked pretty cosy from where I was standing.What happened to that other Guy?"

I sighed."Please don't make this awkward,Mr Knight.
What happened the other night was a mistake,I don't just go around kissing people..Especially not my Boss."

He smirked."It was Mistletoe,Jamie. Relax."

The doors to the elevator opened and we stepped inside, a crowd of Co workers came in after us and the elevator was full.
That was a first but I didn't mind it, I wasn't alone with him in an elevator again.

We stood alongside each other as we made our way up, floor by floor.
Suddenly I felt a hand gripping my ass over the short grey pleated skirt I was wearing.
My eyes were wide as I glanced over at him and Mason did the casual thing of shrugging his shoulders with a smirk on his face like it was no big deal.

"Stop it!!"I whispered,moving his hand away.I didn't want him touching me, especially in a crowded elevator. What happened to The kiss being just Mistletoe?

The doors opened and I couldn't get out of there fast enough
I walked back to my desk and sat down in my chair, breathing a sigh of relief.
I watched Mason as he walked past my desk, those dark eyes of his stared back at me as he walked causally into his office.


I was hard at work, looking forward to getting home to a relaxing evening and a bottle of wine.
It was only Tuesday but I felt like I needed it, I have a feeling this is going to be a long week.

"Jamie.."Mason was standing by his office door,his hands in the pockets of his trousers."My Office."He walked in ahead and left the door opened for me to follow.

I followed him inside and closed the door slightly. I turned around and looked at him."Is everything okay?"

He sat back in his leather chair and looked at me as I stood in front of his desk."Sit."

I did as he asked and sat down in the chair feeling a little anxious, I crossed my legs and fixed my skirt so more of me wasn't on show.I was wearing tights,but still.

"I have business in Seattle this weekend,I need you to come with me to help out.
We will be flying out Friday morning and coming back Sunday night."

Go to Seattle with him,No!! Even on business there's a good chance I'll be alone with him most of the time and I can't do that."No,Mr Knight. I can't go.."

He leaned forward bracing his arms on the desk, his muscles were bulging in his fitted white shirt."It wasn't a question,it's your job so you're going."

Working here the last couple of months I've never been asked to travel for work, but it's something that's always been a possibility.
I can't turn him down..When it comes to work the man owns me and he knows it.

Mason stood from his chair and walked around his desk,he sat on the edge in front of me.
"We leave Friday morning,I'll pick you up at your apartment and we can leave for the airport."

"No I'll make my own way there."

He released a frustrated exhale."Right,so be it. We'll only be going for two nights so don't pack a suitcase full of shoes."

He was completely serious,not trying to be funny at all. Next thing I know he'll be telling me what to wear and how I should do my hair.

"Is that all, Mr Knight?"I asked,hoping that he would say Yes so I could leave.

He looked me up and down, his eyes travelling my legs that were covered in a pair of dark tights."Yes,You can go!"

His eyes were on me as I stood from my chair,I moved to walk away and he grabbed my arm.
I turned around and looked at him,we were standing so close his legs were touching off mine.

"We have a dinner in Seattle, Make sure to bring that red dress of yours."

I felt like asking him what way should I do my hair,just to be smart.
Of all the things that are going in my suitcase, that red dress won't be one of them.


I immediately smelled Chinese spices
when I walked in my front door.
It was just one of those very long days and it wasn't the glass of wine I needed anymore it was my bed.
I walked into the living room/kitchen, Carmen and Ethan were sitting on the couch in front of the TV.

"Look who it is.We were expecting you home an hour ago."Carmen said.

I sighed, as I set my things down on the island."I know,I ran out of Gas so I had to walk most of the way."

Ethan was laughing at my expense."That seems to be a habit with you.
Anyway, we saved you some dinner it's in the microwave."

"Thanks."I opened the door of the microwave and took the plate out,without even heating it up.
Too much time and effort and I wasn't in the mood."So I'm going to Seattle on Friday?"

Carmen took her eyes off the TV and looked at me."With Ryan?"

I shook my head."With Mason Knight on business."

Ethan smirked."Business trip..That man is definitely trying his luck with you.When will you be back?"

I braced my arms on the table as I played with the food on my plate."He said Sunday night.
I tried to get out of it but I guess since I'm his assistant I have to go."

"Oh My God!! You're totally going to sleep with him, Aren't you?"Carmen asked.
I know her, this is literally the highlight of her week.

"No,Of course not! You know that I wouldn't go there.Besides, I'm dating Ryan now."

"Please,The man kissed you the other night and it wasn't because of Mistletoe."
Carmen stood from the couch and walked towards me with a cheeky little smirk on her face."Are you in separate hotel rooms?"

"I assume we are,he's taking care of all that. If I don't have my own room I'm coming home."
I brought a fork full of vegetarian Chinese food to my mouth.

"I bet he's going to try and sleep with you, it's Mason Knight we're talking about."
Carmen pulled a bottle of wine from the fridge and filled up three glasses.
"One of us should have our chance with him,Hun."

"But I'm not.."

"Take one for the team and ride that monster cock."
Carmen handed me a glass of wine and winked at me."Let me know how he is."

There's no way I'm sleeping with that guy, No way!!
She wants him like a lot of women I'm sure, but I won't be like them. I need a man who respects me.
Just thinking of a respectful man had me thinking of Ryan, I'm going to sleep with him just to show them all how serious I am.

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