Yes,Mr Knight

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CHAPTER 9: What do you see in that Guy??

Ryan and I were walking in the direction to my apartment after another amazing date.
It was December weather but we were bundled up and enjoying the late night walk home.

I looked over at Ryan and smiled."Thank you for yet another amazing date,Ryan. I really enjoyed myself."

"Well I should be the one thanking you,Jamie. You did pay the bill after all."

"Well it took some time to persuade you."I chuckled."You paid the first couple of times so it was my turn to treat you."

He laced his fingers with mine as we walked side by side."So you're leaving for that business trip early in the morning?"

"I have to meet my boss at the airport at 8am,but I'll be back Sunday evening."

"Mason Knight. You know I've heard quite a few things about him."
He looked over at me."About the way he is with women."

Heard a few things,I'm sure he looked into him just to see what type of man I was working for.
Could Ryan be the type of guy that would be threatened by Mason's good looks."What did you hear?"

He shrugged his shoulders lightly."Eh, just basically that he doesn't have any respect for woman.
Even the women that work for him aren't off limits."

I chuckled."You don't need to worry,Ryan. I have no intention of sleeping with Mason Knight."

He smirked."Good to know. I hope the man keeps his hands to himself this weekend."

We stopped outside my apartment building, it was the end of the date and there was a little bit of shyness between us.Neither of us knew what to do next.

Just do it,Jamie. Just ask him."Do you want to come up?"

He grinned,moving his fingers through his hair."Yeah, Okay. I'd love too."

I opened the door to the building and we walked inside. I can't believe I just asked him to come up.
I don't even have a plan for what to do when we get upstairs so I'm just going to wing it.

We walked in the front door."Carmen and Ethan are probably in the living room."
We walked towards the living room and I was feeling a little tense about how the others are going to react to him. I hope they'll be nice.

"You're home!!"Carmen said,then looked up and realised that I had brought Ryan back."And you brought a guest."

I looked at Ryan."Ryan,These are my friends Carmen and Ethan.
Carmen and I live together and Ethan's just staying with us for a few days."

Carmen smiled at him from the couch."Nice to finally meet the famous,Ryan. Jamie has been talking about you."

Ryan smirked at me and then looked back at her."Good things I hope?"

"If she had anything bad to say you wouldn't be here,Trust me.Jamie is picky about the men she dates."Ethan said.

Well thank you for that,I had a feeling one of them would say something embarrassing."I think that's our queue to leave,Ryan. Let's go to my room."

"Oh your room, Should we wear our earplugs?"Carmen shouted.

We were walking out of the living room and I looked back to see Carmen making kissy faces at us,like a little child.
Does she know what's going to happen when we walk into that room because I sure don't.

Ryan and I walked into my room and he looked around with a smirk.
Honestly it was a surprise to have a man in my room and in my space, it's been awhile.

"You have a nice place,Jamie."He looked at the collage on the far wall, it was full of pictures of Me,Carmen and Ethan throughout the years.
"You've got some great friends,you're lucky to have each other."

I chuckled."They have their moments."

Ryan turned around and smiled at me as we stood opposite sides of the room. It felt like he was just as shy about this as I was.

"Sooo.."Ryan said, and then crossed the room towards me. He tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and smiled before leaning in for a kiss.

He kissed me softly whilst moving his hands down my sides and placing them on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck as the kiss deepened.

"Do you mind?"He asked, as his fingers gripped the zip of my dress at the back.

At least he's decent enough to ask for my permission. He wants to see more of me,am I okay with that?"Sure."

Ryan moved the zip of my dress down and I let it slip from my shoulder.
The next few minutes were of us both removing our clothes and making our way to the bed.
He was over me, kissing me and touching me in ways I haven't been touched in quite awhile. It was nice.

I could feel his hardness press against my thigh as he moved between my legs. Ryan's lips were against my neck and his fingers were making their way into my panties.

I expected to feel different with the moment in front of me, like I was ready to sleep with him just like I thought I was.
But maybe I'm not..Maybe I'm leading this towards sleeping with him just to prove to the rest of them that I was serious about him.

"Ryan.."I whispered.

He stopped what he was doing and looked up at me, he had messy bed hair and I liked it."Is everything okay?"

"Um..Well.."I paused unsure of what to say to him. I got him all excited and now I'm going to turn him down.

"You're not ready go go quite as far as this,Are you?"He asked,and smiled to reassure me.
"It's only been a couple of dates,Jamie.
We're still getting to know each another."

"I know,But I should have realised before we both started to get undressed."

He smirked,then looked me up and down as I lay in front of him."Well I'm liking the view so I'm okay with it."
I'm willing to wait until you are ready."

I was relieved that he was a gentleman and wasn't trying to push me into it. He didn't even get annoyed that I had got him into my bed and turned him down.
I'll be ready..Just not yet.

Ryan leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my lips."I should probably go."

I stopped him from moving."No..Stay!!"

Ryan lay down beside me extending his arm out and I rested my head on his chest.
It felt comfortable laying with him, it has to be enough for now.


Ryan spent the night in my bed but nothing happened, except for some heavy kissing before we fell asleep. First thing this morning he insisted on driving me to the airport to catch my flight.

Ryan placed his arms around me."Last night was fun,I'm glad you asked me to stay over."

"Me too.Thank you for taking me to the airport.
Are you sure you don't mind dropping my car back at the apartment?"

"Positive."Ryan pulled me close and kissed me. As my face arched up to kiss him I held my hat so it stayed in one place.
It was a usual wet and cold December morning. I wish I could say Thank God it's Friday, but it's pointless when I'm working all weekend.

I pulled back from the kiss once I heard a continuous beeping of a horn.
I turned around and looked in the direction of the noise.

"Is that your boss?"Ryan asked,even though he already knew that it was.
He's met Mason before and honestly I think he feels threatened by him.

I looked over at Mason as he sat in the backseat of his black BMW that was parked at the curb.
The window was down and he was glaring at me.

"Time is of the essence,Jamie."Mason snapped, and opened the door from the inside.

I looked at Ryan."I should probably get going."

"Yeah,He doesn't look happy. I'll leave your keys in with Carmen."
Ryan placed his finger under my chin and lifted my face up before kissing me one final time."Call me when you land."

"I'll see you when I get back."I walked towards the car, looked back at him and smiled before stepping inside.

As I sat beside Mason I noticed he was his usual self, dressed in an expensive suit with a pissed off expression on his face as he looked at his phone.

"I don't understand why I'm in your car,Mr Knight. We're already at the airport."

"There's a private jet waiting, my driver will take us to the runway."He replied,not even taking his eyes off the screen.

A private jet, that doesn't surprise me at all. He's Mason Knight and he's going to travel in style, no matter what the cost.

"So you and that Guy."Mason shook his head."I just don't see it, you and him together."

I looked out the window as the car pulled away from the curb."Ryan is a nice Guy. I like him.
I don't understand your issue with him."

He chuckled."Thats what Jamie Harris is into, Nice Guys!!
I assume the only sexual position you know is missionary."

I snapped my head around and looked at him.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about him bringing up the topic, he is Mason Knight. There's a driver sitting in the front seat, I'm sure he's heard and seen it all.

"Before you try to say some smart remark back, let me ask you this..
Have you even been pleasured..I mean pleasured so much that your toes curl and as much as you fight it you just can't hold back your screams?"

I paused,trying to think of a smart reply."I have a vibrator,Mr Knight. I know how to take care of buisness."

He smirked, resting back against the leather seating looking pleased at my reply."Fair enough.
But if you ever need that business taken care of, I'd be happy to help.
After a night with me, you wouldn't be getting out of bed."

He's very cocky,I wonder if he lives up to his words. I'll never go there so I'll never know.
He's right about the missionary thing though, I've only slept with a few people but it's never been crazy passionate sex. I'm definitely not as experienced as he is.

Spending the next two days with Mason Knight, I have a feeling it's going to be a very long and eventful weekend.

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