His love(Todobaku)

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This is a story about a broken boy(Bakugou)meeting the love of his life, What will become of this newfound relationship? Includes: Profanity, Depression, Quirks, Lemon, Etc.

Romance / Humor
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The beginning

The cold wind brushed up against her cheeks as she ran towards the burning building. Her hair blew in the wind whipping against her forehead

“STOP!” The man called to her as she ran into the building, the heat hit her first followed by the smoke. She could hardly breathe as she made her way up the stairs.

“STOP!” A raspy voice called out to her. She stopped looking around only to find the voice.

“Don’t….p-please just leave….”The little kid called out to her. The girl ran to the little boy cradling him.

“We have to get out the fires going to get worse”. She mumbled lightly as she searched for an exit.

“Why are you trying to save me, you could die?” The kid asked as tears welled in his eyes.

“Because I want to be there for someone in need because no one was there for me.”She said hoping he would one day understand.

“BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!” The roof collapsed above them causing them to go flying to the ground.

“Mmm.” She groaned, heaving her arms upwards to some-what stop the flow of debris. They regained each other’s connection But were stopped by the uproar of flames.

“GO!” She yelled at the little kid pushing him through the door.

“WAIT!” The kid cried as he went flying into safety. He watched her disappear into the flames as tears started to overflow his eyes.

~Time Warp….12 years later~

Bakugou leans back in his chair and props his feet onto the desk. The kids walk into class mostly avoiding him, The bad kid.

“Hey get your feet off of school property, It’s not yours to destroy.” Iida said the teacher’s pet.

“ Yea, and what are you going to do if I don’t?” Bakugou asked mockingly. He dazed off as Iida began to lecture him, flailing his arms in every which way. What’s his problem? Bakugou thought to himself. Still in that daze, Bakugou lifted his hand to Iida’s face, shushing him. Surprised Iida turned around and walked away quietly mumbling to himself. Bakugou snapped out of his gaze as the teacher walked in- in a hoodie and sweats. That’s typical Aizawa wear. He walks over and slaps Bakugou’s legs from the table. Bakugou normally starts his cursing spree towards the teacher for his actions but today he just sat there. Liveless. Not a care in the world. No one noticed this new behavior Bakugou showed. They were too busy crawling up the new kid. Class started the same today as the past months, Aizawa calls out every kid and they stand up (unlike Katsuki, he just nods) then he starts his lecture talking about things Bakugou is supposed to be listening to. Since this is Bakugou's last class he usually doesn’t sleep in. But today he could help to fall asleep listening to Aizawa monotone voice. He drifted in and out of sleep, his head jerking up and down as if he were listening to rock. Hearing the bell ring he got up slowly following the new kid out.

“Hey”, the new kid said, turning towards him.

“What do you want”. Bakugou spewed to the taller boy.

“ Hey, dude you don’t have to be so mean.” He said rudely.

“F*ck off.” Bakugou said coldly.

“Well f*ck you to”. The new kid yelled back to Bakugou as he walked away.

Bakugou made it out of the school building and away from human contact, everyone knew better than to talk to him. But this D*mn extra couldn’t get it into his head. He took the normal route to his ’house’. He walked to the corner of the apartments and watched the bus pass by, not wanting his classmates to see where he lived. He turned around and began to walk down a trail to get to the beatdown thing that he calls a house. He made his way inside, throwing himself onto the floor of the shed. He instantly regretted doing that as he heard the blankets on the floor across the room move. He quickly got up and crawled to the now awake child lying and a mountain of blankets.

“ Shh.” He murmured to the half conscious adolescence. He knew it was late in the afternoon but with it being this cold outside sleeping was the only way to stop yourself from freezing.

She finally stood still, Bakugou knew she was asleep but continued to caress the blonde hair falling over her forehead. He knew he should be studying or looking for food, or doing stuff a normal teenager would do but with his little sister in his arms he knew what he had to do. To protect her. From this world of two-faced people. And liars. And she absolutely adores him. His stomach started to growl roughly, His body was turning against him. Yet again. He got up and walked out of the shed. Locking the door on the way. He placed his hands into his pockets and tilted his head up deeply inhaling, Letting go of the hardships life threw upon him.

Hoping that moment could last forever. But nothing forever. He began walking. Nowhere, He turned endless streets avoiding eye contact with everyone, He didn’t want anyone to see him crying. Why? Why did she have to save him, he didn’t deserve it? She should have left him. He didn’t even know her but tears threatened at the corners of his eyes. His mind swirled, bottled up emotions pouring out of him at once. He didn’t understand what she meant by being there for someone. He couldn’t. He couldn’t think straight. His footsteps were slow and heavy as if he were walking in quicksand. His breath came short and hard as if he had just run a marathon. His brain was foggy, mixed with anger, fear, and sadness. Why sadness why was he sad? He felt his body gravitating to the side. And he went. He looked down to see the road, And lights what’s happening ” Booooom” , Was the thing he heard before everything went black.

~First person P.O.V~ Bakugou

Hehe cliffhanger

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